Hire Best Android App Developer to Get the Most Downloads & Retention of the App

July 17, 2017 v-xplore Hire Best Android App Developer, Hire Best Android App Developer,

So, you have succeeded in launching your desired mobile application on the global platform. Building a value creating an app is not an easy work. But, retaining the users and keeping your app for a longer period on user’s mobile interface is much tougher. Most of the user’s Smartphone has a crowd of mobile applications. It increases the chance of your app to get lost in the competition. Here comes the importance of being distinctive. Simply investing in building and launching of a mobile application is not enough. If you are looking to stand out in this competitive crowd, then hire best Android App Developer, who will plan the effective strategy to get the most download and retention of your mobile app.

The actual key to retain the users is App Store Optimization. To make the users download your app, your app has to be visible to them. When your app ranks high, it creates an interest about itself to the users. Positive reviews and ratings help an app to rank higher on App Store. To make your app visible to all your targeted audience, you need an App developer now, who can play well with the keywords and can give a proper name to your mobile App. They even use the keywords in the description to pull more traffic to it. The usage of screenshots, graphics and videos, connect well with the users, as they give them a clear idea of the application and its experience. The companies which hire best Android App Developer focus on the performance of the application. The performance of an app is the connector between the company and its users. The application should be able to create value to the users; otherwise the whole investment becomes waste. The experience of the users plays an important role in ranking your app higher. If possible ask your app developer to design a guided tour to introduce your app to the audience. The more it creates value, the more it will retain users for a longer span.

Simple an easy on-boarding process always pull the audience to the application. In most of the mobile applications one needs to login to start using its features. When you hire best Android App Developer for optimizing the mobile application, your users experience different login options like logins thorough social sites, emails and so on, which make the process as fast and seamless as possible. Ask your developer to optimize push notifications to your application, as it keeps reminding the users about the presence of the app.  Offer your users some or the other rewards like coupons, discounts, freebies etc. that not only increases the download rates but also promote brand loyalty and user retention. Keep the sharing option in your mobile application, which acts as a promotional activity on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The most important engagement strategy is to follow the user’s reviews. It engages the user to your app and helps you the better your app in the next version.

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