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    Shopify is a great platform. It is today’s time to join the ecommerce market. Smaller businesses are taking advantage of Shopify and already competing with medium to large-sized businesses. Shopify has definitely made the competition in e-commerce significantly intense, but it is definitely for the welfare of businesses. There are stores from over hundred and fifty countries on Shopify, and most of them are linked with some Shopify Website Development Company and are taking the Shopify Ecommerce Store Development services. There are some businesses in India that are not availing the expertise of a Shopify Website Development Company. But there has also been a significant increase in the number of clients of Shopify Expert In India.

    If you are a small business and are looking to establish a name on the Shopify platform, then you must take the help of Shopify Expert In India like the ones at Vxplore Technologies. Our team has been the stars of various ecommerce journeys and has knowledge of several market niches. This is due to the experience gained from providing Shopify Ecommerce Store Development services to various businesses from different markets.

    Our experts believe that there are certain characteristics that all top Shopify stores share. We aim for those characteristics and implement them into our projects.

    Let’s take a look at what are these features that can make a simple store into the Best store on Shopify:

    1. Focusing on the Optimization as well as the Design of the Website
    2. Utilizing the product description section effectively
    3. Products that provide value to the customer
    4. A great overall experience for the customer

    Focusing on the Optimization as well as the Design of the Website:

    It is an important aspect to maintain a balance between the UI and the UX of the website. UI stands for User Interface, and UX stands for User Experience. While the Design of a website can enhance the User Interface, the Optimization of the website can boost the User Experience. It is important for store owners to choose a theme for the store that compliments the business niche and the type of products or services they sell. The website should be optimized enough to have a smooth, lag-free experience. It is also necessary nowadays to optimize the store for mobile screens as well; this is because mobiles are the devices that most people use to surf the internet.

    Utilizing the product description section effectively:

    The product description part is a crucial aspect of the overall development of the store. The successful Shopify stores use this to attract customers and grab their attention. The description generally carries words that capture the pain points of the customer. They also address the problems of the customers, the concerns they face regarding similar products, and what they want from such products. These points can be used to frame answers to their queries. You can form a story about your product and mention the benefits in a way that urges the customers to make the purchase without hesitation.

    Products that provide value to the customer:

    The products you sell must not have sold as the only purpose. The main purpose of the product must be to serve the customer. It should add value to their lives and solve any of their problems. The products should also have a USP or Unique Selling Point that makes them stand out from similar products in the market. Once this is achieved, the products will sell repeatedly and generate a higher conversion rate.

    A great overall experience for the customer:

    If the store is providing value to the customer without sacrificing the eye candy aspect or the smooth functioning of the website, it will give results. It all depends on the experience a store offers. It is the same as the offline outlets; people don’t visit a store which has poor lighting, inferior products, rude staff, etc.

    Closing Words

    Vxplore Technologies is the Best Shopify Website Development Company with great Shopify Expert In India. Thus we are perfect if you want to get positive results from your investment in Shopify Ecommerce Store Development services.

    Ecommerce Web Development Company all over the country have to handle the pressure of their client’s questions regarding their Ecommerce website’s growth. If you have taken Custom Ecommerce Development Servicesfrom a reasonably new company, there might be a chance of getting no answers to your questions, or they give excuses that lead to postponing your questions. If your company is facing a no-motion situation with their growth charts, or worse, the graph is falling; you should reach out to a different Ecommerce Web Development Company. You can also get in touch with a company that provides Shopify Website Development Services.

    Vxplore Technologies is a great alternative in Kolkata, India, and offers excellent Custom Ecommerce Development and Shopify Website Development Services. They have been developing Ecommerce Websites for many companies for years and play a crucial part in the growth of these businesses. You need Vxplore’s team of experts to answer all your question. Instead of delaying them and damaging your growth cycle by a significant margin. There is a common question, “Everything was fine for a while, and now there’s no growth. Why is that?”

    According to Vxplore Technologies Custom Ecommerce Development experts and their in-depth research, there is a growth cycle associated with every ecommerce website. It is a time taking process, and the growth graph gradually changes as per the lifecycle stages.

    They explained the steps something like this:

    1. Rookie Growth Stage
    2. Stagnant Growth Stage
    3. Professional Growth Stage

    Rookie Growth Stage:

    Every business stuck with a no-growth problem misses the Rookie Growth Stage dearly. Suppose you were one of the lucky ones who created a website and launched it successfully, maybe with the help of Vxplore Technologies Shopify Website Development Services. Then you know how exciting the start of your ecommerce business was; if you did everything perfectly. You saw terrific returns in the early lifecycle of your ecommerce business.

    In this stage itself, most business owners reach out to an Ecommerce Web Development Company to avoid the hassle that comes along with it.

    Stagnant Growth Stage:

    This is the stage that companies misunderstand with the “no-growth” stage. The owners worry that this might end their business tenure, as they have witnessed a significant fall in the market shares. This can be blamed on the formidable competition wave that hit those businesses.

    A point to be noted is, if you analyze correctly, this stage experienced growth, but that’s very near to nothing. This is also a phase, and Vxplore Technologies encourages you to stop getting anxious and instead focus on the up-scale of your business. If you need any help to cross this stage with flying colors, reach out to Vxplore Technologies asap.

    Professional Growth Stage:

    This is the stage that only victors from the previous step can enter. They achieve this mark with utmost dedication and detailed analysis of their business statistics. It would be best if you found the mistakes you committed all along, resulting in your growth fall, and solutions to correct them. Vxplore Technologies can assist you in determining all those mistakes and search for their answers as they specialize in ecommerce growth. In this stage, you will see that spark that was once lost return and customers again coming to your website.

    This stage must be sustained for a bright and prosperous future for your ecommerce website. You can add the title of “Professional Ecommerce Business Owner” once you reign on this stage.

    Final Words

    Vxplore Technologies is a Kolkata, India-based Ecommerce Web Development Company. They can facilitate your growth if you face a decline in business returns.

    Custom Ecommerce Development is the process of designing a website from scratch and even handling its maintenance work per the needs and requirements of a specific user or company. Business Owners are demanding this service and are looking for an Ecommerce Web Development Company. They are right in thinking that this will benefit them to establish a towering presence in the Ecommerce Market, said Vxplore Technologies experts.

    Vxplore Technologies is an Ecommerce Web Development Company based in Kolkata, India, that provides Shopify Website Development Services to many clients all around the country. Their team specializes in Custom Ecommerce Development, making them perfect for helping several businesses. They can help them reach many more customers and expanding to different regions with their online shop.

    They mentioned how Custom Ecommerce Development benefits a business:

    1. Change the appearance of your website as you want to make it look and feel. You can customize everything from high-quality images to a snappy yet extravagant-looking user interface of the website.
    2. Increased Conversion Rate chances spike if a website is customized as per preference because it can satisfy and attract more customers.
    3. Improvement in Search Engine Optimization over a generic ecommerce website as it is adjusted and optimized with all the additions according to your business and the industry it belongs to.
    4. Business Integration is possible when opting for Custom Ecommerce Development to get better results. This is not possible with a typical ecommerce website.
    5. Technological Advancement is done to the website to provide the customers with a better experience, efficiency, and functionality.
    6. Can do unique processes during adding to cart and checkout system of the website.

    Vxplore Technologies is an Ecommerce Web Development Company serving clients every day, tirelessly.

    They explain why associating with a Custom Ecommerce Development company is better:

    1. Gain the expertise of professionals who have been working in this industry for years with the best technology to create and maintain a website of your own.
    2. Creates Time Efficiency by saving time in the processes related to website development. You can utilize this time in other business operations.
    3. Cost Efficiency is the main reason behind the popularity of Ecommerce Web Development companies. As it saves the cost of renting a workplace, paying the employees, spending on their training, and paying office bills. You can do other core business activities including expansion with this money.
    4. Focus on other business activities while the company handles everything related to Ecommerce Development. Progress in the other direction for a while, expanding the business further.

    Vxplore Technologies Experts share tips from their experience as a leading Shopify Website Development Services provider:

    1. Communication is the Key when it comes to the smooth progress of the business. Stay connected and solve problems together with the Developer Team.
    2. Don’t over bargain your way through the deal. Respect the price they are offering, get down to the right price, not an over cheap agreement.
    3. Check Feedback and Reviews from their former customers to determine if the company is trustworthy and dedicated to its work or not.
    4. Stay transparent about your goals and, tell them what your plans are after the website development. You can request them to integrate any unique feature to the website.

    Final Words

    Vxplore Technologies is an Ecommerce Web Development Company based in Kolkata, India, providing Shopify Website Development Services to those who require an ecommerce website of their own at reasonable pricing.

    Are you planning to build a Shopify Store? A Shopify Expert in India can give you various advantages that will increase your chances of success in the Ecommerce domain. If you are still worried as to Why you should choose Shopify for your Ecommerce store? then, let us see how Vxplore Technologies, a Shopify Website Development Company in India, explains the key benefits of Shopify.

    1. Easy to use for even the non-developers
    2. A reliable platform because of its security
    3. Highly Customizable with various theme options for the store – both free and paid
    4. Various already integrated Digital Marketing and analytics tools
    5. Secure and Simplified Payment Gateway

    If you want to gain maximum advantages from the above-mentioned Shopify features, you must get help from a Shopify Expert in India. A Shopify Developer can play a crucial role in your journey on the Ecommerce platform. They can take care of various responsibilities that you might be worried about handling or simply not have enough time for. Let’s see some of the responsibilities shared by a Shopify Developer from Vxplore Technologies, a Shopify Website Development Company in India.

    1. Have the necessary specialization
    2. Create attractive Shopify themes
    3. Boost the User Experience of the Website
    4. Run tests and Troubleshoot the store
    5. Communicate with the client

    Have the necessary specialization:

    There are certain skill sets and expertise that a Shopify Expert in India is expected to have. It is not only the Ecommerce Platform that is a big domain; even Ecommerce Development has many intricacies that a Shopify Expert must understand. This expertise ranges from Web Development to Communication Skills; they should be experts in all the facets of Ecommerce platforms.

    Create attractive Shopify themes:

    Shopify Themes are the elements that create the first impression of your store in the visitor’s conscience. This creates the need for attractive and functional themes for the store. Fortunately, Shopify offers a wide range of themes, both free and paid options for us to choose from. But if you want something unique and different from the rest of the crowd, then you will need the specialization of a Shopify Developer from Vxplore Technologies, as they are the best at what they do.

    Boost the User Experience of the Website:

    A visitor hates it if the website is slow, unresponsive, clunky, and not eye-pleasing. This makes them regret their decision to visit the store. That’s the worst thing for an Ecommerce business. Thus, your developers should always look to boost the User Experience on your website. They can optimize your website to become fast and have low loading speeds. They can also make it snappy and responsive. User Experience has many elements and starts from the moment a visitor clicks on your website link until they check out.

    Run tests and Troubleshoot the store:

    An Ecommerce website is hard to maintain because it can be prone to bugs and errors. This requires extensive programming knowledge to fix and will require the help of a Shopify Developer. They can run regular tests and find the errors on your website, and they can also fix them so that it doesn’t bother your customers.

    Communicate with the client:

    This is a crucial responsibility of a Shopify Expert and is often neglected. However, the Vxplore Technologies team provides all necessary information to the client throughout the process, starting from the development and even maintenance of the website. This helps them win the trust of thousands.

    Final Words

    If you are searching for a Shopify Developer for your website, then you can contact Vxplore Technologies, as they are the Best Shopify Website Development Company in India.

    Shopify Ecommerce Store Development is one of the after processes once your online shop is up and running on Shopify. Shopify’s an excellent opportunity for offline startups to expand their business to the Ecommerce front. As we know, online shopping is the go-to method for shopping, especially for residents in the urban region of a country. This is due to the lack of spare time for shopping in people’s lives opines Shopify Expert In India.

    As more businesses join the Ecommerce market through Shopify’s marketplace, there is a need for expertise that can guide them in this journey. This expertise is provided by Shopify Website Development Company like Vxplore Technologies, which has the best Shopify Expert In India. This is a necessary service because newcomers in the Shopify marketplace face many difficulties with their Shopify Ecommerce Store Development.

    Shopify Expert In India can take care of all the operations related to the development, promotion, design, and customer experience of your Shopify store. For instance, experts at Vxplore Technologies, based in Kolkata, India, have served customers on behalf of multiple businesses. This has resulted in their growth on the ecommerce platform and generated much more revenue than their offline counterparts.

    To guide you through the start, specialists from Vxplore have shared a few tips:

    1. Avoiding Plagiarized Content
    2. Focusing on SEO of the website
    3. Utilizing Shopify Themes for Designing
    4. Use Social Media as a tool
    5. Use Media to make your content engaging

    Avoiding Plagiarized Content:

    Plagiarism doesn’t suit a company’s reputation. This is not a significant problem as it can solve easily by writing your own unique content on your website. If you are not familiar with Plagiarism, it means using similar or exact same words or phrases from someone else’s content. A suggestion is to hire experienced content writers or go for an expert Shopify Website Development Company like Vxplore Technologies, which has a team of content writers with a lot of experience.

    Focusing on SEO of the website:

    Search Engine Optimization will ensure that your potential customers find your website before your competitors’ websites. Shopify’s built-in features go well with SEO. Reach out to Vxplore Technologies to enquire more about these built-in features and their benefits in the basic SEO for a business.

    Utilizing Shopify Themes for Designing:

    Shopify has taken care of everything for people who are just starting. They have a catalog of hundreds of beautiful themes to choose from. This makes it easier for someone who doesn’t know design to have still an attractive look for his store from the very first day. It is recommended to contact some expert web designers from Vxplore Technologies. They are well versed in CSS, HTML and other designing tools to make customizations to already existing themes or get a complete makeover for your online store.

    Use Social Media as a tool:

    People are active on social media almost every day. Reading the newspaper is a ritual for many; similarly, checking their social media feed is a part of their daily routine. Businesses can take advantage of this to reach new and existing customers with their social media accounts. This reach can be redirected to the websites acting as traffic. Utilize Social Media Marketing as a tool for targeting customers too.

    Use Media to make your content engaging:

    Integrating infographics and videos with your text content is a great way to gain engagement on your website. Remember to optimize your images and videos before uploading them to the website. Optimization should keep a balance between the quality of the content and the website’s performance, considering the website’s responsiveness.

    Final Words

    Shopify Ecommerce Store Development is an excellent service offered by Vxplore Technologies and their Shopify Expert In India; this can help you grow your business.

    Ecommerce is a modern shopping place. You can find everything online to buy, and this makes online shopping highly convenient to people. Shopify Ecommerce Store Development has experienced many technological upgrades, too, just like the electronics you do online shopping on. Businesses now understand that having an online store gives excellent opportunities for reaching new customers, and one can generate more significant revenue without expanding from one physical location to another.

    Shopify is a big marketplace that gives people opportunities to take their business online by opening their own online store. Shopify is a vast marketplace, and opening a store there is not all; after that comes Shopify Ecommerce Store Development which is a task that requires some knowledge of Shopify. To solve this, people search for Shopify Expert In India and Shopify Website Development Company. These two together can take your business to great heights and make your online store successful.

    Many Shopify Website Development Company have their own Shopify Expert team in India. But are they the ones you are looking for? You are looking for the best Shopify Website Development Company providing Shopify Ecommerce Store Development services. Vxplore Technologies, based in Kolkata, India, is here to help with it. They say you should hire an experienced team of experts because Shopify Ecommerce Store Development is a delicate field prone to mistakes.

    They have mentioned some errors that they avoid:

    1. Not targeting the right customers
    2. Unoptimized images
    3. Not optimizing a website for mobile
    4. Not updating the contact us page
    5. Not focusing on Traffic Generation

    Let’s discuss these mistakes in deep:

    Not targeting the right customers:

    Targeting is like filtering the potential customers from the rest of the crowd. Targeting potential customers according to the customer demographics will increase sales and save you money. How will it save money? If you know your target consumer, why would you spend money on the other people who have fewer chances to convert into a customer? This saves you the money which could have been wasted, opines Vxplore Technologies.

    Unoptimized images:

    Unoptimized images are images that are huge; therefore, when added to a website, it doesn’t load instantly and makes the user experience slow and worse. Compressing the images to size can raise the website’s loading speed.

    Not optimizing a website for mobiles:

    This is no news that people now access shopping websites also on mobile; therefore, it’s a vital need for Shopify Website Development Company to create a mobile-friendly website that can provide a superior user experience.

    Not updating the contact us page:

    This is a common mistake in  Shopify Ecommerce Store Development. Companies completely neglect the contact us and about us page when setting up a Shopify Store. If some customer ends up checking how to contact you and finds nothing, this can be a significant inconvenience for the customer. This also results in a negative ranking from Google.

    Not focusing on Traffic Generation:

    One can confirm from any Shopify Expert In India they will agree that having a strategy in place for traffic generation even after the shops is up and running is necessary. Techniques like SEO, SMM, PPC, etc., should be used to generate leads and high-quality traffic. Without using these techniques might playout fine in the start, but soon, there will not be customer flow if you don’t shift your focus towards traffic generation.

    Final Words

    Vxplore Technologies is a team of Shopify Expert In India who is here to help newcomers on shopify and stop people from committing the mistakes mentioned above.

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