3 Facts that Determine Mobile App Development

Mobile app development is growing like no other. Every day new applications are launched with the hope of helping you. While some see the light of success, some fall down surprisingly. Mobile applications are entering every phase of our lives. We need an application even monitoring our daily chores. So, we can imagine the impact of mobile apps on our lifestyle. App developers are struggling to meet the demand of the market. They even adopt the smart work policy to deliver a project on time. But, this makes ways for the shadow application which may come up with security issues. Hire Android apps developers for designing your application smartly with m maintaining all the guidelines.

Speed up app building process:

Many mobile app development companies still hold the legacy system, and the development time takes more than 12 months. But, the statistics show the reality that around 74% of successful companies take less than 3 months for designing an application. It also reveals that the companies that hold a strong position in the app development industry are relying on the cloud system, reducing the responsibility of maintenance and security on the development team. Get the best app development services that understand your requirement and comes up with the effective options for you.

Democratizing an app development:

The industry updated its rule and offers a more user-friendly approach to the users. These days, app development work is not only limited to coders. With the help of low-code development and no-code app development   options, anyone can design app easily with some basic functions. Though these applications are not same as the app developed by coders, they are enough for some common jobs. These are non-mission, simple applications such as payroll system and order tracking process designed by non-developers. If you want to design a full-fledged application, you must hire Android and iOS app developers.

Maintenance and Governance of Applications:

The IT or developing department works efficiently to take care of every step of app designing. They choose how to build an application simply with all essential features. App developers find out the cost-effective way of designing your application.

After launching an app, they also check the performance of an application and ensure the security and other essential parts of your app. You need the best App Development Services that include all features and options you are seeking.  Know how to choose an app development company and hire the best name for your companies.

Vxplore Technologies is a renowned company and it has been serving in the field for many years. The team of developers builds iOS and Android apps in an effective way.

Developers’ News: Google Introduced Android Go for Low-End Devices

Technology updates every day to provide you with a better service and a faster experience. With the announcement of Android Go by Google, the whole scenario of app development gets a new thing to learn. Android Go is specially designed for the low-end devices with 1GB RAM or less. It is an attempt of Google to offer the digital experience of the internet and different applications for the people of developing countries. It is a scrape down version of Android, the development of which is based on the Android 8.1 Oreo. Android Apps developers are showing interest to take this new version in consideration because the platform will probably serve people at a wider range.

The devices with the Android Go as Google claimed runs 15 percent faster than the same device with Android Oreo. Google develops this platform after many an optimization and improvement. One of the big issues is that low-end device will the storage problem. But, Android Go solves the problem and it will take 50 percent less storage than a regular device. Android apps developers are all set to refine their skill to fit into this new requirement. It is a quite challenging for them to design applications for such devices where the storage is as low as 1 GB.

Android Go offers nearly the same benefit as the regular Android device does. Such device contains the special Go applications including Files Go, YouTube Go and Google Maps Go. These all applications are lightweight and run smoothly on the devices. Google has used the most updated work so far for developing this platform. It has used different applications to limit the usage so that the device runs properly. Google has taken an extra cautious note for designing storage and memory aspects. The storage part of the Android Go will use File Go application for the performance, not the Android system.

Android Apps developers are taking this new development as an opportunity to learn new things. The two key factors that made the project true are Modified Low Memory Killer and dex Optimizers. They both handle the critical pressure brilliantly to avert the low storage problem.

Android is still the most-used platform across the world and developers specialized for Android are working hard to meet the requirement of the clients. If you need an app developer now, you must be clear about your requirement. Though there are many companies offering app developers for your business application, a few have earned the trusted title. Vxplore Technologies Pvt Ltd is one of a few names that handle your project brilliantly. The efficient team successfully conveys the success to you.

How Big Data Proves Beneficial for Android App Development Process

Mobile app developmentsgrow widely as companies want to reach a greater consumer pool. Applications have changed the way marketing plans were implemented. Since consumers use their mobile devices more to search products or information, digital marketing has come into the limelight. Best Android Apps Developers apart from their coding knowledge go an extra mile to ensure the profit from their applications. They learn to apply big data technology for designing an application.

Big data is a way of analyzing information gathered from various data resources. There are tools and technologies which help one gather and organize data and transform them into meaningful, profitable information for an organization. This is a very effective way to understand the market trends, consumers’ preferences, and competitors’ business. Android apps developers are using their best knowledge to include big data resources in their app development process so that the applications serve the best interests of people.

The benefits android apps developers have when they add big data analysis to their development process.

App developers using their technological coding can make an application fast and easy to use. But, the application must be good in the user experience and the user interfaces terms. Here comes big data analysis.

Developers understand users’ expectation through big data
Every android app developer wants to make their applications user-friendly. Big data helps developers analyze different groups of people and their different needs. They get a clear insight of how their application will look like and what the feature will be.

• Android apps developers can tap the global market with the help of the big data: Those offering an international business want an application that interacts well with the global consumers. Since big data provides developers with the information regarding age, location, and gender, they can easily point out the purchase behavior of people.

• Big data improves the performance of an application:
With the help of big data technologies, developers can track the audience record of their application and can implement a specific term to improve the exposure.

• Big data enhances revenue:
It will definitely improve the app revenue. Big data technologies offer developers a wide knowledge about the liking and disliking of consumers. They are well aware of what type of features should be added and which display attracts consumers the most.

Big Data has acquired an important position in the app development. As the users of Android are more than that of other platforms, Android apps developers are working hard to offer the best services. Vxplore Technologies is the top-rated agency for mobile app development. It has a team of developers comprising of Android and iOS. They also work on various projects and know the best how to develop an effective application.

Android App Permissions – A Developer Must know

Android App Permissions is the declaration from an app user that allows an application to read and use information from devices. With the introduction of Marshmallow or Android 6.0 version, the app permission gets stricter. It allows a user to control the access of data by an application for a smooth functioning. It welcomes a much-needed change, and Android Apps Developers must update their development style accordingly.

Google Permission approach compels developers to handle the device information used in a restricted way so that confidential data should not be leaked. This is, no doubt, an important step that ensures a smooth functioning of an application. But it has some shortcomings, as well. The more the permissions, the lesser the download rate will be. Becoming successful app developers includes all the responsibilities that make an application run in an expected way.

Android App developers are confidently showcasing their creative part. They take a less permission approach that also avoids any security breach. Google play revealed a trend that apps with fewer permission declarations have a higher download rate. Developers concentrate more on necessary permissions without which an app cannot survive. When you hire best android apps developers for your applications, they empower your business.

Developers take care of a few approaches while developing an application:

  • They work on the necessary permissions only:

Android app developers today rely on system intent and backgrounding for phone calls to cut down the access to the sensitive data. For Android 4.4, you need not permission for reading and writing external storage as it automatically accesses the directory.

  • Check library Permissions:

Developers use libraries during an application development. There a few permissions that the library needs. You should choose the third-party SDKs that do not use unnecessary information.

  • Maintain Transparency:

App developers must maintain transparency in the declarations of why app application needs permission. Include the information with the permission request. If users are comfortable with the reason, they will download the app no matter how many requests they need to agree.

  • Explicit Access to a system:

What if a user has knowledge when an app accesses the device for data? It is the best idea to include explicit system access. It notifies a user when the application accesses sensitive data.

Android app permission is an important area of study for android app developers. Observing all the updated rules, they design applications for business. The team of developers at Vxplore Technologies keep themselves open for any change. They update their knowledge to offer you with the best solution.

5 Important Things for Android App Developers

Designing an attractive, successful application needs experience and skills of android app developers. An app that runs smoothly and earns a good score on user interface goes through many a test. Developers need to know about app development mistakes and the secrets of success of an application. They also think the marketing perspective that enhances the traffic visit. They are responsible for converting a website to an app and promote it more like a store. 5 things they must include while developing an application for becoming a successful app developer.

1. Target small and count more

An application does not meet everyone’s requirement. With so many features and functions, it does nothing good than bad. Keep your target small and start with a few. You must have a clear idea why you are making the application. Reject a developer’s thought and work on how a user wants this application. This will definitely be helpful for the Android Apps Developers.

2. Revenue from an application:

Designing free apps brings success in terms of the download rate, but they fail when you get nothing in return. Though these free applications run on promotional ads, they make users irritated. At the end, people are likely to uninstall the application. Get revenue from an application by designing smart and making the app different from others.

3. Develop faster:

Android Apps Developers are working at a great length to design one-of-a-kind application. Similar apps lower the download rate. So, design applications faster to give it an undivided exposure. When other applications sharing the same thought hit the play store, your app will already be in a strong position.

4. Conduct a Strict Test:

Testing holds a crucial phase of development. It is a tiring and time-consuming process. So you have to keep your testing panel ready. The panel includes 10 to 15 members of different backgrounds from a target circle.

5. Security:

Android app developers are giving importance to the security of an application. Breaching confidential data and information keeps developers busy to innovate the safest way of designing an application. Developers avoid a direct copying of readymade plug-ins and snippets as they can cause severe problems. Design your application securely is a must-to-do work.

The developers of Vxplore technologies are knowledgeable enough to design applications that serve clients’ interest. They work on various projects from different business fields. This has made them experienced on different target groups and their requirements.

Secrets of successful App Developers

There are many mobile app developers available across the world, but some are indeed cut the right mark in the industry. They may be passionate about learning and tweaking ordinary things into extraordinary. The application of the right programming codes and adaptation of advanced technological method fall short when it comes to offering something innovative to your clients. Whether you hire Android Apps Developers or iOS app developers, you must choose individuals who love to bring changes. A few distinctive approaches distinguish brilliant app developers from others. We do not talk about coding; rather, we bring out some characteristics that successful developers possess.

Developers are passionate about developing and designing applications. Programming modules do not make them bored. They understand your business policy and define their understanding through the applications. The better the understanding is, the more creative the design will be.

They challenge their ability always. Doing the same things repetitively does not hold any credit. iOS app developers upgrade their knowledge with the innovative things. This makes them able to build applications that run smoothly in App Store. Creativity always pushes the Android Apps Developers to enlarge their working area. Adding user-friendly features is their job and they perform it by giving their best.

Developers think to change the world. Mobile applications do more things than we expected in past. From the health to the lifestyle, we need an application to check services and products. App developers indeed think differently. Their hard work brings success when they design applications to change the existing rule. Though Android Apps Developers are working for the clients, they still bring in their creative part to add features not available in others.

Successful Ios Apps Developers always keep their eyes open to innovation. Update version of applications offers you the better feature than previous ones. They add new user-friendly approaches and offer you better performance. If you hire an app developer now, you must ask for the maintenance service also.

In the world of mobile applications, never say no to a new designing challenge. This is what a successful app developer always follows. Though android applications are using huge than the iPhones ones, companies prefer iOS Apps Developers because of the higher conversion rate they bring in. no matter what the platform is, a developer must grow their knowledge by involving in different projects.

Vxplore technologies Pvt Ltd has a team of eminent app developers who are experienced and professionals in the field. They get an ample chance to enhance their skills because our clients belong to different business niche. Hire App Developer Now and get ready to make your business mobile.

Why Hospitality Business Need an App Developer Now?

Today hotel and destination mobile apps play a very important role for travelers who learn more about where they’re going and plan their vacations accordingly. These apps not only ease the life of the travelers but also of the businesses that are into hospitality affair. With the introduction of the mobile apps in this genre of business, the game has changed a lot. Now the hospitality service providers can easily connect with their customers through the mobile channels and are gleaning measurable results.  Thus, if you are into a Hospitality business and want to grow your business through this new end technology, then you need an App Developer now to reach the customer and provide them an extraordinary service.

For a hospitality company to drive growth, the customer experience has to be top of the line. Hotels must invest in mobile apps for the entire journey process. Now let’s find why and how you need an App Developer now for your hotels and other hospitality services.

  • Before the trip:

    Today’s customers are smart and hence go through an extensive research before planning for a trip. There are so many hotels available, then why should he choose yours to your competitors? Deliver an easy, user-friendly app experience for research and booking and you’ll capture them. Hire Best Android App Developer to make their experience smoother. The app must be well optimized and must send push-notifications to the customers about reservation, events and other trips related information.

  • During the trip:

    The app developer must design the app that can remind the customer about the check-in and check-out. Work on other innovative ideas so that your app can make a singular identity. For an example, your app can any day suggest activities to the guests and that will definitely make the difference.

  • After the trip:

    A strong mobile app is truly important not only before and during the trip but also after the trip. Let your app act as a relationship management tool. Ask the Android App Development team to add the function that can thank guests for their stay, collect feedback and easy billing. Now, the app is a great tool that will certainly enhance the customer’s experience and the journey. Remember, customer loyalty leads to referral and that, of course, leads to growth.

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How Android App Development Helps to Convert Website to an App

With the advancement of mobile technology, most of the people have replaced their desktops or laptops with Smartphones for their day to day purposes.  Today people access social media sites like Facebook via Smartphone because of the convenience and mobility. We can’t deny the role of mobile applications in making all the social sites popular. Now put your website in a similar situation. If you are not taking the mobile app platform seriously, you are on the verge of losing a great fortune. Android App Development helps you to involve more audience with your business, which may lead to more conversions. So, let’s talk how to turn website into a successful android application.

Foremost, Hire Best Android App Developer to add all the required functionalities and features in your app. They go with a step by step process of app development which makes the app relevant and user-friendly.

  • Listing functionalities: The Android App Development team lists all the features of your website to include them on the app. After listing all, the experts again list for the new ones which need to be added. Listing of functionalities helps majorly in assuming how the end-product would look like. Accessing an application is completely different from browsing a website and thus the finished app might look somewhat different from the website.
  • Estimating Cost: After noting all the required functions and features to be integrated in the Android application, the developers measure all the complexities and then summarize the total cost of development.
  • Write User’s Story: Today with the growing competition, you need an App Developer now who can design the android app according to the user’s need. Thus writing a story keeping the users in a centre, results in an effective and user-friendly app. This is where the list of features made in the first step helps the project manager to solve the issues with suggested options.
  • Create UI and UX: To engage the audience maximum, Hire Best Android App Developer who can create an interesting and attractive user interface. The UX specialists and designers know the proper placement of graphics to the website and they choose the color spectrum similar to that of the website, so that the users can relate easily.

App Development: In this step, the Android App Development team apply their skills and experience to code the app. They use all the latest technologies to give a strong back-end support to convert the website into an app.


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Hire Best Android App Developer to Get New App Ideas

The number of Smartphone users of the world is increasing day by day. It has become popular amongst the people of all race and creed due to its convenience and functionalities. This smart gadget not only has simplified the life of the users but also plays a crucial role in achieving many business goals too. But for that one need to Hire Best Android App Developer, who can guide the startups with new ideas and strategies to reach their business objectives. The idea must make the app more optimized and user-friendly, so that it can satisfy all the target audiences.
• Focus on Quality: Business applications are meant to draw more customers and revenue to the business. But foremost ask your Android App Development team to create a great app and then think about making money out of it. The team should come up with an idea that will attract many users. Without great user experience, an application cannot sustain in the market for long to earn you more revenue.
• Get Inspiration: Hire Best Android App Developer, who can take inspiration from an existing and hot application without cloning the same. Even the ideas from similar, popular apps must be welcomed. The new ideas, inspired from the old ones many a time turn out to be a hit.
• Brainstorming: Before you start with designing an Android application, go for brainstorming with colleagues, family or friends. Welcome different thoughts and ideas to come up with an innovative app that can actually take your business to success.
• Find Problems: Study your audience before designing and launching of an application. You need an App Developer now, who can match the app according to the need of the market and the audience. Try and find such problems and solve them with an app. Conduct a research along with the hired team to identify the gap. You can also look into existing apps to find those that are under-performing and develop better versions of them.
• Enhance the User Experience: The mobile application must always focus to enhance the Smartphone’s user experience. The Android App Development team should design the application that can truly improve the functionality of the Smartphone.
• Research: Before you think to design an application, research to get fresh and innovative ideas. The research will not only help you get new app ideas but also help you explore the market for your mobile app. It will also help you to choose the right platform for your app. With the increase in competition, a proper research will always helps you to achieve a successful mobile application.

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Hire Best Android App Developer to Avoid Mobile App Launching Mistakes

Today mobile App Development is a strategic business decision adapted by most of the businesses to get connected to their audiences. The main aim of the entrepreneurs behind launching a mobile application is to enhance their customer relationships. But just like development, another factor that plays a key role in the whole process is the launch of the mobile app. Here also you need to hire best Android App Developer to avoid unnecessary app launch mistakes that can affect your relationship with your customers. When an app is launched successfully, it effectively builds and retains customers for long. The responsible developers from committed IT services like www.v-xplore.com never overlook the pitfalls and make sure that your business gets maximum success.

  • Never miss marketing opportunities: We understand, it is very important to make high performing mobile application which is both user-friendly and effective at the same time. But marketing efforts can never be ignored in order to ensure success once your app has hit the app stores. When businesses hire best Android App Developer, they make sure that your app gets maximum exposure at the right time. Marketing procedure should begin simultaneously with the building up of your app.
  • Know your Audience: A good Android App Development team build your business app after recognizing your target audience and their core set. A well defined, customer oriented app always lead to higher conversion and retention rates. Without understanding their needs and requirements, no app can hold traffic for long.
  • App Store Optimization: App store optimization or ASO is great way t boost you app’s visibility in the app store. There are thousands of applications available in the store and thus to be distinctive ASO plays a very important role in marketing an app. You have invested your time and money in an app and thus it should get good downloading rates which Android App Development team handles with precision. Name your app according to its purpose to its potential customers, as it makes the name easier to remember and easier to search for in the app store. Just like SEO contents, the App contents should also be optimized. The description should engage the users and the keywords used in that should be relevant and effective.
  • Reviews and Rating: Users will download you app if it creates value to them. Strong ratings and reviews help in ranking of the app in the store and give an insight to the users. Even if you are getting negative feedbacks, they will certainly help you to upgrade your app in a right way. Thus a good firm like v-xplore.com will never ignore these points.

Release Updates: Just like App development, releasing updated apps too plays important role in retaining the users. So when you hire best Android App Developer they will omit all the previous inconveniences and design them with upgraded features which will create positive brand perception.

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Hire Best Android App Developer to Design Your App in a Right Way

In our previous blogs, we have already discussed about the android applications and iOS applications, their functionality and their role in business development. Today let us discuss why a business should hire Best Android App Developer or iOS App Developer and how do they help in your business growth. The best agencies like www.v-xplore.com build highly functional applications from the scratches, design them with the latest technology, characteristics and make them worthy in the world’s vastly growing mobile platform. The experts do follow all the high standards and never compromise with the quality of the applications.

Developing a quality app is a team work that needs an expertise touch. With the growing mobile application market, a numerous number of apps coming into the Android and iOS market every day. As, the mobile application development is not an easy work, thus before you hire Best Android App Developer or iOS App Developer for your business, you should know all the steps required to develop it perfectly. The whole process starts with visualization or conceptualization where the experts will listen to all your business needs and requirements to frame a goal of the entire process. After setting the objective and drawing the plan, ask the agency for all the functionalities that you want to insert into your app to make it more user-friendly one. In the next stage the mobile interface designers will define the application, recheck it and will ensure that all the bases are covered. Hence all the entrepreneurs need an App Developer now for successful, highly functional and good conceptualized designs that come at affordable budget.

The most important phase in the entire mobile application development process is the developing phase. When you hire Best Android App Developer for your mobile application, the agency will ensure that the application is designed from the user interface. The developers deploy several techniques at the code level to make the app easy and user-friendly. These android app experts include SQLite Database, navigation, list view, use of intents and passing of information in the application that will make it more interactive. Before launching the application, the best agencies always perform testing of the application that lessens the chances of error in the developed mobile application. Even when you Hire iOS app developers or Android App developers like www.v-xplore.com, who are responsible and dedicated enough will manage the account and upload the app onto the app store. The team will ensure that your attractive and user-friendly application gets the right promotion in the right way.

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Hire Best Android App Developer for the Growth and Retention of Your App

In the hyper competitive environment of online business it is very difficult for the entrepreneurs to retain the customers and grow their business apps. People now a day are very selective and use only those mobile applications which meet all their needs. Thus to grow the business and retain the customers one should hire best Android App Developer who can design a very interactive and functional Android App, considering the customer interface. To retain the customers, it is very important for the agencies to follow few strategies. So, let’s discuss those.

When you involve a responsible and dedicated agency like www.v-xplore.com in the mobile app development process, they ensure that you never miss the other aspects like marketing and promotion of your application. Thus, when you hire best Android App Developer they not only bestow your app with high functionality but also with proper launching marketing. These experts never overlook the basic tools of marketing like emails. Emails are used to re-engage the customers and add value to attract them to the app. After the launch, the experts acquire customer feedback that plays an important role in improvement of the mobile application. Always do accept the negative feedback’s too, they make the business strong and motivate to grow the business. The Android Apps by the professional Android App Development team consist of many easy sharing options. This feature helps the app to generate huge amounts of organic traffic without paying a single cent.

The mobile applications that get tested quickly after the Android App Development are mostly free of errors. Your app’s success will depend on how quickly you can learn and make decisions. Always remember, your business application should create a value in the customer’s mind. Downloading an application is never proportional to the retention of it. On-boarding or sign-up is important aspect of retention as with it the traffic gets accustomed with your application and products. One should hire best Android App Developer because the experts insert all the small points like push-notifications and reminders that engage the customers properly with the mobile application. Finally, the app must be informative and there should be proper description of the products or the services. The products or the services are the foundation of your business and focusing on the foundation naturally helps to draw more traffic and grow the business profitability.

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