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    If you are a small business having physical stores, it’s time you jump to the ecommerce market. Shopify, the largest marketplace of online stores, is an excellent opportunity for you to open your online store. Just set up an online store for players who aren’t going to stay for long. Here at Vxplore Technologies, based in Kolkata, India, we believe in entering any market in style. A style that’s unique to oneself should have that mark of one’s identity—the very own flavor from a secret special ingredient to a dish. Now to get that, you will need the help of Shopify Website Developers.

    You can relax because Vxplore Technologies, a team of excellent Shopify Website Designer, are here to handle the designing part for your Shopify Store. It is not a wonder to guess that your store’s first impression comes from how it looks. Customers do see and care a lot about the appearance of the store they are shopping at. It is similar to the ambiance of a shopping mall one goes to, how they have spent vast amounts of money researching and making every corner look perfect. If you want to leave that great first impression and want your customers to come back every time, then reach out to Vxplore Technologies, the best Shopify Website Developers in India.

    Here are a few tips that Vxplore expert Shopify Website Designer consider every time they develop a store:-

    1. Choose a theme for your store
    2. Work on fast loading times
    3. Make it unique

    Choose a theme for your store:

    A store’s theme can be defined as the structure on which everything stands. Specialists from Vxplore Technologies regard themes as the user experience-changing aspect of a Shopify Store. Shopify offers a wide range of themes for starters at an affordable price, but if you want to leave a mark, you should ask Shopify Website Designer from Vxplore to create a custom theme. When deciding on a theme, you want to consider the features of your store, the display and arrangement of your products, and what kind of experience you want to offer your customers.

    Work on fast loading times:

    Do you appreciate it when a shopkeeper from a physical store takes a lot of time to give you your things? The same thing applies to an online store, customers value their time, and you should do the same. Vxplore Technologies and their Shopify Website Developers emphasize the need to improve a store website’s loading times and responsiveness.

    This can be achieved in a few simple ways:

    1. Use fewer resolution images, but they should maintain their clarity
    2. Only use themes created by experienced developers like the ones at Vxplore Technologies
    3. Don’t use unnecessary widgets

    Make it unique:

    Do you want customers to confuse your store with some other store using the same theme? Of Course not! Then make customizations to the Shopify theme with a Shopify Website Designer from Vxplore or get a different customized look for your store that depicts your personality and the feel you want to deliver to your customers. You can make every little thing in your store as you want.

    The best ways to make your store unique are:

    1. Get a customized theme created as per your demands and instructions
    2. Photograph your products and supporting pictures for the store from professionals
    3. Write high-quality content without plagiarism everywhere necessary
    4. Try out different personalization options already in the Shopify marketplace

    And most importantly, get in touch with Vxplore Technologies!

    Final Words

    Vxplore Technologies is a Shopify Agency in Kolkata, India. They have the best  Shopify Website Developers that can assist you in developing a fantastic online store.

    Shopify Online Store is a boon for many businesses. They got an opportunity to open their store online. If doing everything right, this must have been very fruitful for them. They can reach more customers all over the world without expanding their business. Earlier, to cover other regions, one had to open physical store outlets in that region. It was not always possible to find a place. If possible, it would cost a lot of money and human resources for the staff to work there. Solving all these problems came in Shopify, the marketplace to save the day. It becomes even easier with the expertise of Shopify Website Developers.

    With shopify, it’s easy to open an online store. The challenge is performing the operations for the functioning of the shop. The main functions that go alongside an online shop are development, promotion, design, and customer service. These operations require the expertise of someone who is well acquainted with Shopify.

    A person who designs the Shopify website for people is called Shopify Website Designer or Shopify Website Developers.They are experienced at providing expert service to many people on Shopify and have vast knowledge regarding the intricacies of Shopify. Businesses looking forward to designing a Shopify Website for themselves are recommended to reach out to a Shopify Website Designer. They can avoid the mistakes which are very common when developing a store design for Shopify, says expert Shopify Website Developers from Vxplore Technologies.

    Vxplore Technologies is a Shopify Website Development Company based in Kolkata, India. Their Shopify Website Developers have mentioned a few common flaws that a Shopify Store Design can have :

    1. Complicated Navigation
    2. Low-Quality Images
    3. High Page Loading Time
    4. Unresponsive Design

    Complicated Navigation:

    Every Shopify Website Designer should remember that navigation across the website is the feature that needs to be correct. It should be simple and focus on functionality. Navigation’s only motive is to move along the website, from page to page. Complicating with a website with many options is never a good idea. Especially when it’s a shopping website, a visitor is there to buy products. His experience entirely depends on how easy it was for him to get to the checkout page and end with the purchase.

    Low-Quality Images:

    If you sell products on your website, the product must be clearly visible to the customer. The only method through which a customer can interact with a product online and grab an idea is through a picture. So, if the image of the product itself is blurry, the customer will have doubts about buying it and might end up leaving the site entirely out of disappointment. This will reduce sales and also affect the user experience of the website.

    High Page Loading Time:

    Research says people wait a few seconds for any website to load. If the loading time of a website is more than a couple of seconds, visitors will leave out of frustration. Businesses should value their customer’s time and fix the website’s loading time.

    One solution for high loading time is to use low-resolution images. Low-resolution images should be smaller in size, but the image should be clear, and this will reduce the site’s loading time without hampering the user experience.

    Unresponsive Design:

    This is a significant flaw in any website. Every website should be responsive with snappy animations. This adds to smooth navigation. The website design can be tweaked for an overall smoother experience.

    Final Words

    These flaws are not common in the shopping sites developed by Shopify Website Developers from Vxplore Technologies because they carry the experience required to tackle these problems.

    Shopify is a vast marketplace. It allows millions to have an online store of their own and do business through the internet. This is simply an easy entry point to the companies looking to enter the ecommerce market. As attractive as this sounds, it also has a chance of failing if not executed properly. That’s why it’s highly recommended to get in touch with a Shopify Agency to start things in a sorted manner.

    Vxplore Technologies is a team of expert Shopify Web Designer based in Kolkata, India. They ensure that their clients never fail, irrespective of their experience with the Shopify platform. Setting up an online store is comparatively simple to the challenges that fall ahead in the path, and these challenges can only be overcome with sheer expertise. This expertise is gained through years of experience in the Shopify marketplace, which cannot be expected from someone just starting on Shopify. Therefore, a Shopify Agency like Vxplore Technologies shares their expertise and is asked for help.

    You can start setting up an online store; all customizations can be handled by the Shopify Web Designer team at Vxplore Technologies, and they can also cover the other operations for you. There are a few mistakes newcomers are prone to committing. Vxplore specialists avoid these mistakes and suggest you do the same.

    These mistakes are as follows:

    1. Non-optimization of your Shopify Store’s look
    2. Wrong choice of products
    3. Neglecting Customer Service
    4. Not utilizing the benefit of Business Applications

    Non-optimization of your Shopify Store’s look:

    Guess what the customers first notice when they visit your Shopify Store? They see how the store looks. To put on a great first impression, the first thing you do is use an optimized theme for your store. There’s a great collection of themes on the Shopify Themes section itself; however, contact Vxplore Technologies and their Shopify Web Designer if you don’t like those.

    They can create custom Shopify looks for your store. Other than that, always remember to use high-quality pictures for your products to represent what you offer clearly. Rest all falls under User Experience from the User Interface; let experts from Vxplore Technologies handle that for you.

    Wrong choice of products:

    Shopify Agency can do nothing to support your Shopify Store if you offer your customers a terrible range of products. What should you sell? This entirely depends on what your target audience is looking for. To figure this out, it needs a lot of research on your target customer’s buying habits. If you introduce unique products that solve your customers’ problems and fulfill their needs, you will see your sales charts hiking.

    Neglecting Customer Service:

    Selling products is just the first step in satisfying customer needs. What about your Customer Service? Vxplore Technologies, the best Shopify Agency in India, always asks their clients to maintain the customer service part from their side. Else it will result in inconvenience for their customers and downfalls for the Shopify store.

    Things that add to quality customer service are:

    1. Forms to fill out queries
    2. Option of 24/7 support
    3. Offering After Sales Service
    4. Adding FAQ pages

    Not utilizing the benefit of Business Applications:

    Applications are the go-to tools that can benefit your business in ways unimaginable. Companies should be aware that customers nowadays use applications instead of browsers to do shopping as mobiles have almost replaced computers on the browsing front. Considering this, offering customers the option to install an application on their mobile to fulfill all their needs that were once fulfilled on the website is a great idea.

    Final Words

    Vxplore Technologies, based in Kolkata, India, is the Shopify Agency you should reach out to when in need of Shopify Web Designer and their services at affordable prices.

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