Join the Big Mobile E-commerce Team with BigCommerce

Mobile E-commerce is such a field that will always go upward and introduce more advanced features with time. Marketing plan would remain incomplete without the mobile e-commerce. As the users of the smart phone are growing, mobile search beats others with a giant gap. The impact is so huge that even search engines also include mobile search benefit in their algorithm to check the relevancy of a site. BigCommerce allows you to get what you want for your store. The responsive designs and themes grow the opportunity for your business and increase the visibility of e-store. Hire BigCommerce designers to add unique features tailored to your consumers’ demand.

As a marketer, it is your responsibility to offer an enjoying shopping experience to your consumer. BigCommerce is made of all those things that are necessary to grow bigger. Statistics already revealed that around 75% visitors leave sites which are not mobile-friendly. Though there are many available options at your hand, BigCommerce has a strong imprint on the market because of its genuine tools and functions.

When it comes to hosting and security, visitors choose only those stores that are reliable and trustworthy. BigCommerce has been associated with high-standard security to ensure that every visit is protected in the best way. Your e-store will be protected by the Level 1 PCI compliant and an SSL certificate that guards your customers’ information. BigCommerce security level holds the strong value. When you are backed up with the best BigCommerce Template Development, your store welcomes visitors in an attractive way.

Not only does BigCommerce help you create and design your store, but it also helps you sell your products on other channels such as Amazon. Promote your business with BigCommerce and improve brand value and the sale. Hire Bigcommerce Developers that are expert in the field and know the demand of your target group.

Do you know BigCommerce has an automatic backup update option? It stores everything for your site so that you will never lose any data in any situation. You can easily start with this e-commerce platform with the built-in features. BigCommerce Template Development option helps you set up your store instantly.

As long as mobile e-commerce is concerned, the features are more than beneficial for your e-store. You will get responsive themes and one-page checkout option which increases the conversion rate for your business. Hire BigCommerce Designer and let him add his creativity. Vxplore Technologies is one of the reputed companies that have an eminent team of developers who help you go online with a resounding status. Our team of experts understands your market as good as you do. Design your store today and increase profits.

Which Shopify Plan Will Be the Best for You?

Shopify is the best among available e-commerce platforms which lets you open your store easily. It offers you a completely hosted server where designing and developing needs no expert knowledge. Select your Shopify plan first and choose themes and templates for your store. You will soon open your shop online and start selling products on some big channels. If you are a start-up and do not have in-depth knowledge of hosting and e-store, Shopify is the best option for you. Hire Shopify Experts when you want to add professional Shopify themes to your design and want to make your store indigenous among all. Here we help you with the pricing policy designed by Shopify.

There are mainly four plans that Shopify brings to you – Lite, Basic Shopify, Shopify and Shopify Advanced. Which one will be the best for you depends upon your requirement. The below information discloses the details about various plans of Shopify.

shopify pricing

Everything at Shopify is easy so that anyone can use the platform to start the online selling option. You can pay the subscription charges in two ways – monthly and yearly. The monthly option will be the best if you are starting new. Established names can go for the yearly subscription as they have already a satisfied time with the plan and they know the features and functions very well. You can ask Shopify developers to help you with the right opinion.

You can cancel your Shopify plan anytime you want without paying any extra fees. But, in case of yearly subscription, the amount will not be reimbursed. Let’s describe all plans to make them clear to you.

The Lite plan: Shopify Lite is specially designed for the small companies with a few resources. You can sell on Facebook, accept the credit card payment option, and use buy buttons. Though the store set up on the Shopify Lite is not as efficient as an e-store, it comes up with some useful information.

Basic Shopify plan: Basic Shopify plan offers you the most interesting features which you need to set up your Shopify store. You can add unlimited products, use discount code engines, apply fraud analysis tool, and more. It offers you a fully functional website with blogs and other options.

Shopify plan: It will definitely offer you more than what you get from the basic plan. The added features are gift cards, professional reports, and the abandoned card recovery. You can also get a professional plan for your site. Use the Shopify Theme Development option that makes your store look even more attractive.

Shopify advanced plan: The Advanced Shopify plan option offers you everything in an unlimited tag. You can use unlimitedly the most important features such as product uploading, storage capabilities, unlimited video and image posting, and more. The abandoned cart recovery option will help you increase the sale.

The advanced features are great that help you enlarge your business goal. Use Shopify exchange for buying or selling a store. There are other options that help you make your online presence stronger.

Shopify developers will handle these works consciously. Contact  V-xplore technology if you want to build a store on Shopify. The expert team helps you find out the best plan and add their master skills to make your store consumer-friendly.

Is Shopify Safe for Opening an Online Store?

When there are multiple options available around, we set some basic priorities to pick the one we need. Shopify is the e-commerce platform where you get a fully hosted service for opening your online store. Since many companies are showing interest in Shopify, it has become the leading name in the industry for user-friendly Shopify store. Now merchants are seeking an answer for Is Shopify Safe? With the vast range of features and functions, it successfully convinces people of its worth. As long as the security issue is concerned, it can be said that it is the safest option among all. Hire Shopify Experts who can add the basic protection features you store needs.

Shopify Bug Bounties Program to improve security: Shopify measures every detail you are concerned over. To protect your business from damages or anything, it has started bug bounties program that allows white hat hackers to find out the threats of the site and report the authority. These hackers get rewarded if they do so. This helps Shopify constantly improve their security parts.

Shopify is mainly a 3rd party platform: Shopify is a 3rd party platform as compared to the WooCommerce and Magento which are the open source platforms. You get many benefits for being on the Shopify. When there is an update of the platform, your store will get updated easily, which is not in the case of open source platforms where administers are responsible for updating a store.

If you are on an open source platform with many plug-ins and additional facilities, the security leaks are more likely to cause since every feature needs a separate update. Your store will be running from the threat of the malware issue. Failure in the update will also lower your rank on Google search, harming your business.

Shopify Developers help you build a store online with all essential features needed for your business. The rest of the work will be taken care of Shopify itself.

Shopify comes up with some best of the risk analysis tool: Shopify does not leave a corner to let the security threat enter into your store. It offers some analysis tools that look after your store from every side. Shopify has the feature that checks the fraudulent order and cancels it in case of any suspicion. The fraudulent prevent and chargeback option ensures that you can run your business with ease. Hire Shopify experts who are all aware of the functions existed on Shopify.

Shopify is the best option for you if you are planning to open a store online. The features easily welcome you to the e-commerce industry. Learn Shopify expert’s tips to increase sale or hire Shopify experts to have your store designed brilliantly.

Contact Vxplore Technologies to get the best services for your Shopify store. The team of developers updates their skills and offers you an efficient way to flourish your business.

Why Is Shopify the Best among all?

Shopify is considered to be one of the well-known platforms for designing your online store and start selling products through different ways. What Shopify does is widening the possibility of the online marketing by introducing an array of options. So, you must design your store attractively to gain consumers’ interest more. Hire Shopify developers who are well aware of different feature the e-commerce platform is giving to you. There are many reasons that explain why you need Shopify.

Shopify is the best among all available names because the features it offers are hardly given by others. The built-in options are tailored according to your need. If anything you do not find in the built-in option, you can install other features for free. So, Shopify is made for everyone and for every purpose. Besides this, the dashboard of this e-commerce platform is a complete one allowing you to manage and control your products in an effective way.

The interface and the designs of Shopify keep changing and it includes new themes for you. The review section of the platform welcomes improvements to make it more attractive for the users. The updates of the user profile give you more benefits than you think. It pushes you to adopt more transparency in business. Other than this, the top Shopify templates and themes make a way for the developers to design a user-friendly store.

The best and the most interesting feature is the Shopify section that allows you to change the outlook of the store and make it more dynamic. You can enjoy a story-telling appeal of your store. The large variety of content section has you add the options like a slideshow, product carousel, and more to the homepage. Merchants are going to enjoy these options which turn their online store into an interactive place to visit.

Hire Shopify experts who can simplify the complexity of your dream store. Though Shopify in itself is the easiest platform to work on, the experts will strike the right note while adding features to your online store. They know how to use Shopify to manage your product.

The companies who have Shopify experts on their sites will get most of the benefits offered by the platform. It has a section specially designed for the developers who have knowledge in coding. They test your store first before it goes to the public.

With a great inventory management option, Shopify is more than a place for opening your online store. It also assists you in your offline marketing as well. The opportunities with Shopify are many, and taking advantage of those options needs you to Hire Shopify Experts. Vxplore Technologies gives you the best option to handle your Shopify store. The team of experts will take every responsibility on their shoulder and offer you a store as brilliant as you want.

Shopify Vs. Magento – Which Should You Choose?

It is important to choose the right e-commerce platform for your online e-store. There are many options available near you and they make your job even tougher. The two most and demanded options are Shopify and Magento. Both are good for your online store and both have unique features to offer. To decide which one is good for you, you must consider the requirement of your business. Hire Shopify Experts if you want to design a store without much hassle or opt for Magento if you want to host your site.

If you do not have proper in-house skills and knowledge of hosting, Shopify will be the best option for you. Magento will work in a more controlled way, but it needs a proper maintenance from you. Both are designed to meet a different level of requirement and you must choose the platform according to your business needs.

If you consider hosting and domain perspectives, both Shopify and Magento allow you to have your own domain that is linked to your store. The difference lies in the hosting. While Shopify offers you a fully hosted service that quickens the setup of your store, Magento takes time and needs advanced developers to take care of your store.

As long as the security is concerned, Shopify roped the world-class names for maintaining your store security. Magento leaves you with the decision how you can protect your store and the data of consumers from hacking. You will have a complete control over the security checking.

When it comes to themes and designs, the preference goes to Shopify than Magento. Top Shopify Templates will provide you the best option to design your store attractively. They are device-friendly and allow users to get access to your site from any devices. The quality rich themes of Shopify add more values to it. If you want to make the design one-of-a-kind, hire an expert who is best in the Shopify Theme Development. Magento themes are complex to handle and any kind of modification will take time to be done.

If you consider the product inventory and management, both Shopify and Magento offer the similar functions to you. You can add and edit products, use bulk uploads, manage inventory. Whereas Shopify eases all the functions and is more user-friendly, Magento is a complex platform to handle.

Many prefer Shopify because of its easy features and functions. You do not even require experts to set up your store on this e-commerce platform. But when you want to give it a customized touch, you need to Hire Shopify Experts. Vxplore Technologies is one of the trusted names that help you get your store ready for selling. Contact us and we will assure you to design a store that attracts more traffic.

Why You Must Switch to Shopify for your Online Store

Shopify is the first of this kind of e-commerce platform where you can perform so many things to make your store easily accessible to your consumers. They include new ideas and themes to help a merchant from the beginning. Starting from the marketing and SEO plans to an attractive e-store, Shopify does everything. When all the complex jobs get simplified, you can concentrate more on your business. Hire Shopify Experts who can unlock the advanced features and make your store unique and different from others. Though shifting from other platforms to Shopify will be a hectic job, it is worth considering as long as your business is concerned. Do not forget that Shopify optimizes your store better than others.

Attractive Shopify themes in opulent number will welcome you to the place of a huge opportunity. All themes are device-friendly and allow users to get access to your site from any mobile devices. It includes both free and premium themes according to your need. Hire an expert who is best in the Shopify theme development if you want to add a unique look to your store.

Enjoy the third party shopping integration and control all the channels from one place. Shopify simplifies your marketing rules and broadens your business goal. Hire Shopify Experts who can understand your business strategies and offer you the best way to channelize your products.

Your e-commerce store has all the essential features that will help you to reach a wide consumer network. It allows you to include blogs as the content is the king of the internet marketing. Along with it, some features are designed specifically for tracking and maintaining consumer data.

Your store remains incomplete without SMO (Social Media Optimization). Shopify has the options with which you can manage your SEO and keywords easily. Shopify for SEO works brilliantly to help your consumers find you easily.

What your business needs present in Shopify. Discounts and offers are the conventional way of the marketing, and they still stay on the demand because of their huge potential to increase traffic. Shopify Developers active an option that helps you manage your special offer segment brilliantly.

Hire Shopify experts who can add features to your store more than the basic ones. Some companies need an expert’s advice to design their store. Since Shopify itself holds a segment for the advanced developers, why don’t you use it? Create a customized store with the tailored features and attractive designs to help your visitors discover something new during their visit.

Shopify has the features more than others offer to you. But, you have to manage them properly according to your benefit. Hire Shopify experts who have skills how to make your site SEO-friendly as well as the leader of other e-commerce stores. Contact Vxplore Technologies if you want a help for developing your store on Shopify. Our team of experts designs your store the way you want.

Get a High Conversion Rate with the Mobile App Redesign

When the conversion rate is the main thing for a mobile application, you should not leave a corner for staying ahead of your competitors. Having a mobile application is not enough to tap your business interest rightly. Along with the updates, designs also play a very important role to engage your consumers with your business goal. Reasons why you need app developers have been known to all. So, pay attention to the feedback you get from consumers to improve your application. Hire Android Apps Developers or iOS app developers and check your application to know whether it is still effective to grab users’ interest.

For increasing the user’s response, your applications must be redesigned. After a certain period of time, your app starts dying in the competitive market. So, adding new things or changing designs will help the app retain its position in the app store. The best app development services always include the redesigning process for your application.

Why do you need a redesign of an application? Though the answer is directly linked to getting a higher conversion, the need for designing your application holds a bigger reason.

When you rebrand your company or products, you must redesign your applications that meet your recent business needs. Keep the old functionally same but change the design to reflect the new version of your business. Know how to hire an app developer and hire him for your business interest.

Redesigning your application is an essential factor in this competitive market. When your competitors do some changes in designs, you must not stay behind. Revamp your applications and add new features that give consumers the better users’ interface.

Change is needed to make your presence felt always. To survive in the Google Play Store and Apple App store, consider redesigning your application.

Your old app design may not be as effective as it should be. If you want to grow your consumer network, then hire Android apps developers or iOS app developers for your business.

How it improves the conversion rate? Redesign helps developers include the latest trends that run the application faster and better. Users will get the new features from your applications and it meets the users’ experience also. When you reintroduce your application, it gets an attractive look that encourages the engagement. Moreover, your application improves the performance, and visitors will love to visit the app.

There are more things to do besides designing an application. The success of a mobile app not only depends on the functions and features, but it also depends on how often you update. Contact Vxplore Technologies and hire the best developers’ team to get your job done easily.

Mobile App Development: Native, Cross-platform and Hybrid

Companies have already identified the need for a mobile application to enhance the reach of the business. But, there are many things to consider for an app developer. As the time goes, new approaches are introduced to make an application more user-friendly. Mobile app development platforms have grown from native to cross-platform and hybrid so that developers can serve the business interest in the best way. All these three platforms come up with benefits and disadvantages. Now, it is the app developer responsibility to choose the best one among them. Companies offering the app development services have both Android and iOS developers who work for your business and build applications of your choice.

Native app development meets the requirement of only one operating system. The applications using this development technique are native to the device only. Different platforms need different applications, and the transmission of the coding is not possible. Hire Android Apps Developers if you want to build an application for that platform only. If your business targets global market, iOS platform will be the best. The need for expert app developers is beyond any doubt of you want to enhance your business network.

The benefits of the native mobile app:

• These applications offer you a satisfied user’s experience.

• These applications are highly interactive.

• Users can manage applications in a right way.

The cons of the native apps:

• They do not support multiple devices.

• Code sharing is not supported by the application.

• Development time is slow and complicated.

What are cross-platform mobile apps? Cross-platform applications are designed with a programming language which is not native to any operating system. The applications built on JavaScript allow the developers to share codes for different target platforms such as iOS and Android. If your application is built on the cross platforms, it easily interacts with different devices. But, those who solely target one platform, native apps are better. Hire iOS app developers for designing applications to have a higher conversion rate.

Pros of the cross-platform applications:

• Codes on the cross-platform are sharable.

• The UI performance is also as good as the native applications.

Cons of cross-platform:

• Native codes are needed since all codes are not sharable.

• The device access depends on the framework.

HTML5 Hybrid mobile app: HTML5 hybrid mobile applications use embedded web browser to render the user interface. The applications are suitable for both Android and iOS.

The benefits of hybrid applications:

• All codes are sharable.

• The development time is faster than the other applications.

There are many benefits of hybrid applications, especially for the developers. Companies are also taking advantages of this platform for designing applications.

Contact the best App Development Services who make your application attractive along with user-friendly. The application must promote your business interest. Vxplore Technologies with the team of eminent developers offer you the effective way of designing your applications. We not only build your app but also assist you in taking the best development way.

How Does HTML5 Prove Beneficial for Mobile App development?

The use of mobile devices is spreading like fire among the generation, so much so that companies follow the trend and make them mobile-friendly. Having a business application allows them to interact with consumers and understand their needs in a proficient way. When developments are introducing for both Android and iOS app developers, the introductions like HTML5 deserve a grave attention to pay. Secretes of the successful app developer depend on using the latest technological standard. HTML5 seems to be the solution to the all existing problem. Get the app development services so that you can leave your competitors behind.

HTML5 is the platform to design highly interactive mobile applications for the users. It is a mobile application development technology that works on the single coding system for several mobile application platforms and different web browsers. HTML5 will definitely write the future of a mobile application as there is a tremendous need for an application that supports cross platforms and different web browsers without writing coding many a time.

The technological field is changing every day. The new innovations that now cover the industry are Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and more. Both Android and iOS app developers are looking for such technology that allows them to design high-end applications easily. HTML5 is that solution they must have for designing applications. Hire Android Apps Developers from the trusted companies who are well aware of all technological changes and help you build an application that serves your interest. Things that make android app developers successful are nothing but their skills to adopt innovations.

The rise of different devices makes ways for applications that run smoothly on any platforms. HTML is also based on the same concept and allows developers to design one application for different devices. The growth of this technology is increasingly growing and is overshadowing the reputation of others. If your business needs an iOS platform, hire iOS app developers with the knowledge of HTML5 so that the application performs on different devices also.

For the app developers, HTML5 is the favorite of all because it comes up with an open standard supports. It helps them design and develop an application considering the requirement of platforms, devices, and different operating systems.

HTML5 offers different and effective approaches for designing an application. Contact Vxplore Technologies for getting the advanced support for your application. Our app development team knows what will be the best for you and come up with the ultimate solution your application needs.

How Mobile App Developers Adopt Advanced Technologies

Mobile applications have become an integral part of the digital marketing. No company can imagine having a successful marketing campaign without a business application. But, the world of development involves so many things to consider, the first of which is the change. What had been the definition of mobile app development two years ago has completely changed now. Get the best App Development Services from the experienced firms and develop applications that meet your requirement. The generation of app development for Android and iOS throws a lot of challenges to the developers, and they successfully perform their responsibility.

Both Apple and Google come up with their best technological support to defy their previous innovation. As the advancement widens the perspective, developers are earning the best skill to get the best use of it. For example, when Apple introduced 3D touch, developers using this feature offer an array of functions such as facial recognition. To have the latest developments in your application, hire iOS app developers who are experienced enough to carry out different functions.

Security has been the first on the priority list of developers. To make an application user-friendly, they have to provide an app with a strong protection tool. Continuous updating of an application is the major step to make your application secure from damages. Developers also employ the latest standards of coding, which have their own security patches, to build an unbreakable security gate for an application. They also concentrate on an encryption option also for transmitting data. A mobile app testing gets tougher to provide the best solution to the security problem. Hire Android apps developers who can include the best security standards for your application.

When the IoT has been grabbing the attention of the developers, it is necessary to use IoT in the best possible way for developing your application. Using the voice commands for your application is an example of practicing the IoT for your apps. The reasons why many applications fail have directly connected with these trends developers should concentrate on.

For companies, they must take different approaches for Android and iOS app platforms. Hire Android Apps Developers who are familiar with the latest trends and develop an application that runs as per your expectation.

Vxplore Technologies always give importance to the new and innovative things that come in the way of development. The expert developers here employ the advanced functions to improve the performance of an application. No matter what business niche you belong to, the professional team comes up with the best approaches.

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