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July 14, 2017 v-xplore BigCommerce Custom Design, BigCommerce Services,

Most entrepreneurs enter the digital platform with a motive increase their conversion rates and reduce their exit rates. One of the reasons for low conversion and high exists is poor page load. The users mainly lose their patience with slow pages and exit it. Apart from attracting more traffic, page loading too plays an important role in digital marketing. Thus if you want to make your store as profitable as possible, it is always recommended to hire experienced BigCommerce Services, which not only design your business page the best but also will make sure of the fast loading of the page.

Let’s first discuss about the potential customers. They are new to your platform and visit it with lots of expectations to fulfill their needs. So, if your page takes ages to load, the potential customers can really get frustrated and disillusioned with your site. It is the main reason behind the exit rates. Most of the users expect a website to load within 2 seconds and any longer than that, they may start tapping their watch. In such case if any of your competitors is giving better page load performance, it will certainly take away the vote. A well established BigCommerce Store, like will certainly drive away your page loading problem and give a tough competition to all your rival companies. They guarantee high attention and retention of users to your business website by ensuring that all of the pages of your site load within a maximum of two seconds. Generally the mobile version of the websites uploads slowly than the traditional versions. A professional BigCommerce Services use different codes for these two versions, so that the users get the best uploading performance. Before launching these companies do all the necessary testing of both version of your official website. To verify their work, you can check the page uploading by yourself with the free online tools by Google.

We understand no company will want to compromise with the high quality images on website in order to make your page load performance a little quicker. With professional BigCommerce Services, you no more have to sacrifice the quality of images and the graphics. They use advanced tools like GZIP compression to solve this problem. These companies save your CSS and scripts as external files that help to avoid the style sheets to interfere in page uploading. They also ensure to update the cache file regularly, making the page upload fast.

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