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Conversion is the main thing for any e-commerce site. It counts how a general visitor converts into a loyal buyer. Many factors are responsible for offering you a high-conversion rate, including page loading speed, user experience, search filtering and many more. Why do you switch to BigCommerce? The answer is definitely the conversion. The advanced tools of BigCommerce help companies to target their buyers and earn the sales.

BigCommerce offers you a way with which you can recover at least 15% of the abandoned cart. Leaving a cart without making a purchase has raised many topics for the marketers. To bring back the lost visitors, companies are planning so many strategies. But if you are using BigCommerce, you can easily gain your visitors. It uses a conversion tool that sends a series of emails and information to shoppers so that they can turn their mind to purchase the product.

A custom BigCommerce design also brings to you conversion growth. You can increase purchase rate by 12%. The platform gives you some of the popular options, including mobile optimization, an easy account creation, guest checkout and dedicated SSL to ensure a secure purchase for the shoppers.

A website that has every feature arranged in a right way will score well on the user experience. Your website must have the filter options for size, color, brand, and other fields related to your product. This helps shoppers easily get access to the product they are looking for. It will definitely improve the conversion rate of your company.

BiGcommerce website design comes up with a review segment. Reviews are an effective option when it comes to shopping online. With adding authentic reviews, you boost the confidence of the buyers about a product. They take less time to decide whether this product will serve the needs or not. Even the market shows that reviews can enhance the conversion by 18%. The E-commerce Website Design offered by this shopping cart platform will help you improve your product sale.

BigCommerce has an inbuilt feature with which you can earn new buyers and make your existing shoppers happy. These are the built-in coupons and discount option. You can manage percentage discounts, flash sales, promotional offers like buying one and get one from a single location of your control panel. It makes everything easier for you. These options are made to reward your buyers so that they can choose you over other names to purchase a product.

At Vxplore Technologies, We use the right tool that serves your needs timely. According to the market analysis of your company, we suggest you with some options and assist you in taking the correct decision. Our expert teams are knowledgeable enough to use every feature for your profits.

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