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There are many benefits of selling online. An individual can reach people all across the globe and can even increase the sales. Bigcommerce is an excellent platform which is allowing individuals create their store with ease. A Bigcommerce store will have some good features and along Vxplore Technologies you can be assured that the product selling would see a remarkable increase.

What exactly is a Bigcommerce store ?

Bigcommerce store is the one which helps one go online. It is good to know that the shopping cart by the platform is now recognized to be one of the easiest ecommerce software. Today the store is serving more than 8956 stores in the world of internet. There are many reasons for us to do business through it. One of them is that customization with it is quite easy. The designers of the software have full access to the Cascading style sheet. This means that through CSS, html and other tools manipulation of the store gets possible. Any individual if needs to customize the store has to simply pick among the fifty store designs or could also use the drag and drop design mode.

How much advantageous is Bigcommerce ?

Bigcommerce as a platform is really beneficial. As we quote down the advantage we believe that the store owners, who at a point of time found it hard to work with Bigcommerce, are now working excellently along Bigcommerce. With the aid of this software after creation the process of selling products is a lot easier. Any starter can use the ‘Getting Started Wizard’ and after that he/ she can operate the online store along with the cart. Apart from start-up, one can use the intelligence reports that the owners can use without hesitation. If one needs help then the platform can aid in making better business decisions as well. With the store one gets to work less and earn more. Bigcommerce apart from the functional benefits have some other advantages as well. It would not penalize any store which is into selling more. One can make sale as per the occasion and the Bigcommerce store will not come in the way. There are even no transaction fees involved and most of all, there are no hidden costs as well. Bigcommerce store when created by any business is secure. The software boasts of 99.99 percent uptime average track record. One after creation of the store through the platform can be assured that the protection is along same encryption and military grade security like the large and the prominent banks.

What are the features of Bigcommerce ?

There is a classification of the features of the Bigcommerce store. We can divide it into the design, SEO, tax, in-store, marketing, support, hosting and security, payment and shipping, management of content, checkout, search features, inventory and product, import and export and the reporting features. Creation of the Bigcommerce store is free and one can simply start the creation process by filling out a form. One needs to fill in the name, organization, email address, shop address, phone number and other details. After filling details a click on ‘Create my store’ button can do wonders. After sign up, the process of payment acceptance is to be decided and then picking up a domain name is required. Once when all the procedures get completed, the Bigcommerce store gets into being. You can trust the store as its features and reach would surely increase the sales.

Why Vxplore Technologies?

Vxplore Technologies are the hub of bigcommerce experts who know the process of manipulation. We are the best manipulator and we take into consideration the individual needs and then change the e-commerce platform. Our charges are economical and you can trust us for creating an e-commerce store which would be full of functionality. Also, you can trust us for quality work. Contact us today for getting a Bigcommerce store created for your company.
We are very easy to work with, because we simplify communication, establish transparency, and give you full visibility on everything that we do for you.

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