BigCommerce Customization


Why to prefer BigCommerce?


As an E-commerce platform BigCommerce is slowly growing and allowing the online retailers in creating and building the storefront which is capable of selling your products. It is the 100 percent web-based characteristic of BigCommerce that more and more companies are leaning towards it. It is also believed to be all in one solution which has some distinct advantages. It provides a website, the domain name, a shopping cart, a CRM, email accounts and the catalog for the retailers who have decided to deal online. It is the acclaim which the platform is gaining that is powering over 35000 online stores in more than the 65 countries of the world.


Features of BigCommerce:


As it is a commendable platform it is obvious to find some features of it that make it superb and a must try. Some of it is:

• Has the hosted eCommerce tools which would aid you to get a website, a domain name, a secure shopping cart, the CRM, payment gateway and much more.

• It has the capability of customization. This means that you have access to customized design whereby you could pick up from varied themes or can simply upload the self CSS/HTML code for creating own design.

• Has marketing tools which are superb and built-in. As such it has the features of discount and coupon codes, the integration of social media, the customer lists and much more.

• It also has inbuilt Search engine optimization techniques which would give your site an obvious higher ranking in search results and would attract more and more traffic in the long run.

• It has payment options which are varied and efficient. One can choose from over 60 payment gateways.


Why to choose Vxplore technologies?


We are the BigCommerce experts who are having good hand on the working of BigCommerce. We deliver excellent service and we can customize the big commerce in order to suit your business needs. Contact us for:

• BigCommerce Template Customization services

• Layout amendments

• For modification of colors, fonts and custom graphics

• For background changes

• For product sliders

• For custom forms and other basic changes and fixes