Which Shopify Plan Will Be the Best for You?

Shopify is the best among available e-commerce platforms which lets you open your store easily. It offers you a completely hosted server where designing and developing needs no expert knowledge. Select your Shopify plan first and choose themes and templates for your store. You will soon open your shop online and start selling products on some big channels. If you are a start-up and do not have in-depth knowledge of hosting and e-store, Shopify is the best option for you. Hire Shopify Experts when you want to add professional Shopify themes to your design and want to make your store indigenous among all. Here we help you with the pricing policy designed by Shopify.

There are mainly four plans that Shopify brings to you – Lite, Basic Shopify, Shopify and Shopify Advanced. Which one will be the best for you depends upon your requirement. The below information discloses the details about various plans of Shopify.

shopify pricing

Everything at Shopify is easy so that anyone can use the platform to start the online selling option. You can pay the subscription charges in two ways – monthly and yearly. The monthly option will be the best if you are starting new. Established names can go for the yearly subscription as they have already a satisfied time with the plan and they know the features and functions very well. You can ask Shopify developers to help you with the right opinion.

You can cancel your Shopify plan anytime you want without paying any extra fees. But, in case of yearly subscription, the amount will not be reimbursed. Let’s describe all plans to make them clear to you.

The Lite plan: Shopify Lite is specially designed for the small companies with a few resources. You can sell on Facebook, accept the credit card payment option, and use buy buttons. Though the store set up on the Shopify Lite is not as efficient as an e-store, it comes up with some useful information.

Basic Shopify plan: Basic Shopify plan offers you the most interesting features which you need to set up your Shopify store. You can add unlimited products, use discount code engines, apply fraud analysis tool, and more. It offers you a fully functional website with blogs and other options.

Shopify plan: It will definitely offer you more than what you get from the basic plan. The added features are gift cards, professional reports, and the abandoned card recovery. You can also get a professional plan for your site. Use the Shopify Theme Development option that makes your store look even more attractive.

Shopify advanced plan: The Advanced Shopify plan option offers you everything in an unlimited tag. You can use unlimitedly the most important features such as product uploading, storage capabilities, unlimited video and image posting, and more. The abandoned cart recovery option will help you increase the sale.

The advanced features are great that help you enlarge your business goal. Use Shopify exchange for buying or selling a store. There are other options that help you make your online presence stronger.

Shopify developers will handle these works consciously. Contact  V-xplore technology if you want to build a store on Shopify. The expert team helps you find out the best plan and add their master skills to make your store consumer-friendly.

Is Shopify Safe for Opening an Online Store?

When there are multiple options available around, we set some basic priorities to pick the one we need. Shopify is the e-commerce platform where you get a fully hosted service for opening your online store. Since many companies are showing interest in Shopify, it has become the leading name in the industry for user-friendly Shopify store. Now merchants are seeking an answer for Is Shopify Safe? With the vast range of features and functions, it successfully convinces people of its worth. As long as the security issue is concerned, it can be said that it is the safest option among all. Hire Shopify Experts who can add the basic protection features you store needs.

Shopify Bug Bounties Program to improve security: Shopify measures every detail you are concerned over. To protect your business from damages or anything, it has started bug bounties program that allows white hat hackers to find out the threats of the site and report the authority. These hackers get rewarded if they do so. This helps Shopify constantly improve their security parts.

Shopify is mainly a 3rd party platform: Shopify is a 3rd party platform as compared to the WooCommerce and Magento which are the open source platforms. You get many benefits for being on the Shopify. When there is an update of the platform, your store will get updated easily, which is not in the case of open source platforms where administers are responsible for updating a store.

If you are on an open source platform with many plug-ins and additional facilities, the security leaks are more likely to cause since every feature needs a separate update. Your store will be running from the threat of the malware issue. Failure in the update will also lower your rank on Google search, harming your business.

Shopify Developers help you build a store online with all essential features needed for your business. The rest of the work will be taken care of Shopify itself.

Shopify comes up with some best of the risk analysis tool: Shopify does not leave a corner to let the security threat enter into your store. It offers some analysis tools that look after your store from every side. Shopify has the feature that checks the fraudulent order and cancels it in case of any suspicion. The fraudulent prevent and chargeback option ensures that you can run your business with ease. Hire Shopify experts who are all aware of the functions existed on Shopify.

Shopify is the best option for you if you are planning to open a store online. The features easily welcome you to the e-commerce industry. Learn Shopify expert’s tips to increase sale or hire Shopify experts to have your store designed brilliantly.

Contact Vxplore Technologies to get the best services for your Shopify store. The team of developers updates their skills and offers you an efficient way to flourish your business.

Why Is Shopify the Best among all?

Shopify is considered to be one of the well-known platforms for designing your online store and start selling products through different ways. What Shopify does is widening the possibility of the online marketing by introducing an array of options. So, you must design your store attractively to gain consumers’ interest more. Hire Shopify developers who are well aware of different feature the e-commerce platform is giving to you. There are many reasons that explain why you need Shopify.

Shopify is the best among all available names because the features it offers are hardly given by others. The built-in options are tailored according to your need. If anything you do not find in the built-in option, you can install other features for free. So, Shopify is made for everyone and for every purpose. Besides this, the dashboard of this e-commerce platform is a complete one allowing you to manage and control your products in an effective way.

The interface and the designs of Shopify keep changing and it includes new themes for you. The review section of the platform welcomes improvements to make it more attractive for the users. The updates of the user profile give you more benefits than you think. It pushes you to adopt more transparency in business. Other than this, the top Shopify templates and themes make a way for the developers to design a user-friendly store.

The best and the most interesting feature is the Shopify section that allows you to change the outlook of the store and make it more dynamic. You can enjoy a story-telling appeal of your store. The large variety of content section has you add the options like a slideshow, product carousel, and more to the homepage. Merchants are going to enjoy these options which turn their online store into an interactive place to visit.

Hire Shopify experts who can simplify the complexity of your dream store. Though Shopify in itself is the easiest platform to work on, the experts will strike the right note while adding features to your online store. They know how to use Shopify to manage your product.

The companies who have Shopify experts on their sites will get most of the benefits offered by the platform. It has a section specially designed for the developers who have knowledge in coding. They test your store first before it goes to the public.

With a great inventory management option, Shopify is more than a place for opening your online store. It also assists you in your offline marketing as well. The opportunities with Shopify are many, and taking advantage of those options needs you to Hire Shopify Experts. Vxplore Technologies gives you the best option to handle your Shopify store. The team of experts will take every responsibility on their shoulder and offer you a store as brilliant as you want.

Shopify for Marketing and SEO

Though the main purpose of Shopify is to Create Your Online Store and to sell your products, this shopping cart platform does more than that. It includes marketing and SEO strategies to design a user-friendly online store. Apart from managing your product inventory and adding an attractive design, it also takes care of the optimization and the marketing segments. So, you can feel relaxed while Shopify developers handling all the burdens on your behalf.

It optimizes search engines:
Search engine optimization is an effective process as long as you sell your products online. It ensures that your visitors easily find you among many options. Shopify developers check the H1 tags, Metadata, title, and so on.

It generates sitemap.xml:
Sitemaps have always been an important factor for search engines. It provides a map of your store to search engines like Google. Shopify generates a sitemap of your store with different pages such as blogs, product pages, and web pages.

Offering discounts are easy:
You can design promotion codes on Shopify for your consumers. Choose the type of promotions you love to run for your products and get ready for increasing your sale. Promotions can be of different types such as dollars off or free shipping.

Shopify has the option to offer gift cards:
If you want to run your e-store successfully, some tricks will help you a lot. Gift card helps consumers buy cars for someone as gifts. They can purchase anything of their choice using this gift cards.

Promote your products on social media easily:
Create your online store on Shopify and promote products and brand images on social media. Shopify integrates your business with social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr. Shopify developers will look after this part and adapt the best ways for your business.

Include SEO-friendly product reviews:
No other platform will help you promote your products the way Shopify does. It takes care of your product inventory, manages your products pages, and helps you in maintaining SEO. Product reviews are important for any business. It improves the reliability of your brand. Shopify easily gives you an option that lets your consumers give reviews for your product.

Email marketing:
Email marketing is an effective marketing strategy for your business. It notifies your consumers about new arrivals, products details, discounts, and offers. Shopify developers enable this option for you so that you can improve your sale. Increase sale of your e-store with shopify using these tools Marketing and SEO are the two important factors for your e-store. Hire Shopify developers who are professionally trained to employ these features for your business. Contact Vxplore Technologies to get the best support for creating your store online.

7 Things Shopify Does for Managing Your Products

A product inventory management is always a hectic job for any store. But, Shopify eases this process by offering some simple options that will help you maintain a systematic inventory without much effort. Hire Shopify developers who will create your online store with all features your visitors want. Why Shopify is better than others lies in the way it deals with products and stores. Starting from the best Shopify themes to an attractive storefront, you will get everything to maintain a store. Here top 7 functions are mentioned below that Shopify can do for your store.

1. Inventory management:
For an e-store, tracking the product inventory needs many things to consider. It must have a complete track of stocks and the selling of the products. Shopify relaxes you by lifting the burden. It counts stock and stops selling when the inventory has no products to sell.

2. Include different product variations:
Shopify is definitely the better option than others. The features are unique and essential. You can easily manage your sale with these functions. Shopify is not only good for attractive themes and designs, but it is also an effective solution for adding products of different variations such as colors, sizes, and materials. If you want to add different SKU and price to the products, this feature will allow you to do so.

3. Organize your products:
Organizing products is a time-taking job. But with Shopify, it becomes easier. Organize your products by category, type, season, and sale. Help your visitor easily find out what they are looking for.

4. Multiple Images:
Besides top Shopify templates and device-friendly designs, Shopify keeps all the basic needs in count. Product images play a very important role to converse traffic into buyers. Add multiple images to show your products from different angles.

5. SEO-friendly product pages: Shopify is much more than just a shopping cart platform. Shopify Developers not only create your store online but also employ the best effort to enhance the product sale. Product pages are optimized with SEO-friendly Meta tags, titles and URL handles.

6. manage your digital products:
Shopify offers you an easy way with which customers can order your products and download them. They love to visit your online store for several times. Get Started with Shopify and enhance your business perspective.

7. Add products as many as you want: Shopify has no limitation of adding your products. You can add different categories and products as per your business goals. Use the best Shopify themes to make your attractive to your customers. Vxplore Technologies come up with the best solutions for creating your online store on Shopify. The professional Shopify developers will handle any pressure skillfully and design a store that promotes your sale.

5 Reasons Why You Need Shopify Developers

Shopify is probably the best name among all available shopping cart platforms. With so many features and options, it offers you an easy way to Create Your Online Store and start selling your products. From customizing your online store to selling products on different channels, Shopify ensures everything for you. Even though it comes up with all essential features, some businesses need unique design and unique features for their e-store. Shopify Developers being experts in this field offer you solutions that no one will give you. They know how to make your store attractive, how to customize your store and how to read your visitors. All these will help them design an attractive store.

1. Save your expenses:
If your budget is low for your store, shift to Shopify to start selling your product. This offers you a cost-effective package for designing your store and maintaining wit with all necessary features. Hire Shopify Developers to get the best benefit of the features. They are familiar with the features and know the better way to use them.

2. Customize store development:
You will get the best Shopify themes and top Shopify templates for free. But users always prefer uniqueness in store, and to get that USP, you need Shopify developers. Since they have professional knowledge, they include the best features to represent your business to your consumers. They maintain three basic issues for your store – quality, creativity and uniqueness.

3. Attractive designs:
Shopify developers ensure that the appeal of your store should be something that agrees visitors to shop your products. They make the designs attractive so that buyers stop at your store and explore products. They use the Best Shopify Themes and templates and customize them to include attractive designs.

4. Get your project done on time:
Shopify developers are professional and they use the smart approaches to build your store easily. They include your all requirement and create a store that increases the conversion rate. Hire expert developers to open a store that looks unique and offers unique products.

5. Use industry knowledge for your store:
When you get professional Shopify developers on your side, you can go deeper into the industrial needs. Since they have knowledge in working with other business, you can use their experience to design a store for the users. No matter you have experience or not, the expert developers will offer you a store which meets users’ demand satisfyingly. They help you create a user-friendly store with Shopify.

Hire Shopify developers from the reputed places like Vxplore Technologies and Create Your Online Store the way you want. Start selling products to different channels from a single store and count your success in business. Our developers will give you the best advice for your business. Consult with us for free.

Shopify Exchange for Buying and Selling Stores

E-commerce industry has opened up a new door to those who want to be a businessman. There are many platforms that offer an easy way to design and build stores online. But, nothing is as fast and better as Shopify. It offers an effective way to design and promote your products on various channels. Shopify Developers know every skill to turn a thought into a well-designed store that runs perfectly to attract buyer’s interest. Now a new offering will take the e-commerce industry to the next level. The Shopify Exchange, as the name says, will help you sell or buy a store easily. This new feature is not only one-of-a-first kind but also very helpful for business persons.

We all know that online stores are gaining more popularity than the physical outlets. The reach and access to these virtual stores are limitless and anyone can add or change the market plan instantly. Now the Shopify Exchange brings in features that give you a chance to sell your store to others. Though you need to fulfill certain terms, they are less complicated than selling a brick and mortar store. Shopify developers cut down the cost as well as the time needed for starting a business. If you are still skeptical about the use of the platform, read the reasons to use Shopify.

Shopify Exchange is basically an application which is available free in the app store and anyone can download the application. For selling your store, you need to provide a few details such as the name of the company, the product it sells, the description of the product, and more. Take screenshots of the store and mention a selling price. If any buyers show interest in your proposal, Shopify provides them the traffic and revenue data of your store. Everything is transparent as the source of the data will be the Shopify itself.

Shopify Developers listen to the clients attentively and bring out the designs that attract the interest of the buyers’ most. Professional Shopify themes work even better than those available easily in the store. If you want to sell a store or buy a new, use Shopify Exchange offering you the easiest way to make the process done.

When you want to buy a store, this application will help you the most. Buying a store gives you many benefits in terms of setting a business. You will own a consumer network of the store and have a brand for the product. Themes of the store may not match your interest. Get your theme changed by professional Shopify experts.

Vxplore Technologies is offering the best team for your work. Shopify developers here are brilliant in their designing tasks. They work according to the business needs of the clients. Hire Shopify experts and get your project ready.

How to Design an Attractive E-Store for Your Business

It is no denying that e-commerce industry is growing every day with welcoming new business entities. Those who are in the profit-making field know that digital presence ensures the best gain of the companies. With an organized e-store and an interactive user-interface, companies are reaching customers widely. As the visibility increases, traffic loads on your site get higher. If the online store is not designed rightly, it may crash resulting in a decrease in footfalls. Shopify is the software program which comes up with an ultimate solution of all existing problems. From checking the product inventories to ensuring a smooth navigation of a site, the software program does every job with ease. As compared to its contemporaries, Shopify scores higher than others.

The software program stays at the core of setting an online store for buying or selling products. Shopify Developers are working for your company and customize the storefront to attract your target customers’ interest. They know which theme suits your business interest and add features that are truly required for running your store smoothly. Generally, Shopify Developers is responsible for handling many things depending on your product and services. Some of them are included below.

  • They design attractive and easy-to-manage stores for your business.
  • They ensure that you can sell anything, both physical goods and services, from your stores.
  • They guide you to understand how to use Shopify for your business.

Many companies offer Shopify development services for their clients that include essential parts of managing an online store. Vxplore is employing the best ways to offer the expected results to the clients. The areas they are specialized in are:

  • Customizing templates
  • Redesigning store
  • Developing custom themes
  • Maintaining the store
  • Managing Shopify API Integration
  • Applying Responsive development
  • Designing Shopify themes and templates

Shopify provides a company with the best result as it checks everything your online store needs. But along with this, you need something extra that distinguishes you from others. Software application development has become another easy way to reach customers at large. Companies need an app developer now for building their business app from where buyers can purchase products easily. Vxplore has team enriched with best Shopify developers and app developers who offer the effective result for business.

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Reasons Why You Shift To Shopify For Online Outlets

Ecommerce industry is growing faster than others. A shift from brick and mortar stores to online outlets opens up new doors in business for the companies. Now they are handling a huge online traffic and an ever-changing product inventory to meet the demand of the consumers. But what if your site crashed in middle of the process of purchasing a product? It lowers the number of visitors and deteriorates your company’s reputation. Shopify is emerging as a relief of sigh for those who are experiencing problems in running a successful online store. Its features are designed in such a way that they offer a complete solution for your online store. Shopify experts are handing critical jobs to make your site unique and interesting. Though anyone can launch a store on Shopify, experts’ guidance makes things better.

Shopify, as compared to other similar programs, is the most-used name for designing a site. It involves a quick and easy process, avoiding the complexity of the self-hosted platforms like Magento. With a clean and logically structured admin interface, Shopify works better than others. To reduce the workload from companies, Shopify itself handles software and hosting part. This allows companies to give an undivided attention to the products only. But, the Shopify Themes Designer is increasing the job demand because every company wants a customized site that reflects their brand values clearly. Theme designers are offering the extended services and go beyond the basic designs. They are working for acquiring the customer-driven result.

E-commerce sites must be completely secure and reliable as they require sensitive data like credit or debit card details from the buyers to complete a purchase. Behind the success of an online store are the three factors – fast, secure and always active. Shopify experts do everything for you so that your client gets a complete satisfaction while visiting your store. They know how to design your site and use the security status of the software program to ensure the protection of confidential data.

Mobile ready websites are now in demand because people prefer having digital contents on their portable gadgets rather than on desktops. Shopify themes are designed mobile responsive that offers a better experience of buying to the users no matter where they are. Shopify experts earn experience in designing profit-inspired outlet with attractive designs and user-friendly features. Though the basic version is there, the customized ones are scoring higher. Vxplore technologies, a reputed firm for offering a complete digital marketing solution in India, is teamed with a group of Shopify Experts who are extraordinary in offering cutting-edge designs for the clients.

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Reasons Why You Need Shopify For Your Business

Sales perspective is continuously evolving and it makes ways to advance features like online stores, business applications and more. The transition from offline sales to the online business is interesting to witness. In this digital era, every step is taken for making the previous ways smoother and easier. Since people are spending more time with tablets, smartphones and other gadgets, a new era in business takes a glamorous entry. E-commerce industry has shaken the traditional marketing concept smartly and introduces advanced strategies to grow business and earn profits. As companies are bending more towards online stores, software platforms like Shopify are strengthening their roots. With this, Shopify developers are staying in demand to meet the market demand skillfully.

The popularity of online shopping changes customers’ behaviors as they grow an interest to easily place and get orders without visiting physical stores. This also fits well into our busy lives, and we get what we want with just a few clicks. The need for having an e-commerce site has been felt more prominently than ever. Shopify developers with the help of attractive themes and customizable features extend their hands to the companies who want to open their online stores.

Shopify has earned a top position when it comes to developing a user-friendly website with all essential features and required information. Physical outlets or conventional business never allows you to sell products in multiple places simultaneously. The shift has been introduced for the betterment of the industry as well as retailers. With more profits and productivity, online retailers successfully present their business perfective to the potential buyers. Shopify reduces the technical boundary by giving internet retailers a customized online store with new sales channels, product inventories, and order placing gateways. Shopify developers ensure that your online store has all features your buyers want to have.

Having an e-commerce site in this competitive age seems not enough as buyers are scattering across digital media. Building applications allow you to reach more customers and earn greater profits. Companies need an app developer now who can design and build applications with an aim to offer more satisfied visits to the buyers. Vxplore Technologies Pvt Ltd has earned a rich experience in the field of developing modern e-commerce sites and applications. Experts are working smartly to meet your target.

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