4 Best BigCommerce Apps for Increasing Sales

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4 best big commerce apps for increasing sales

When it comes to your sale, you may not leave a corner to try. You choose the best e-commerce hosted platform with BigCommerce and apply the BigCommerce customization theme for your store. But does it enough to get your target audience? Do you miss anything? BigCommerce, unlike other platforms, offer you add-on features to make the shopping more interesting and satisfying. The e-commerce platform comes up with the third-party applications that allow you to offer a convenient way for your consumers. Don’t take stress as we do your work of research. We come up with the best app for your store that increases your profit margin definitely.

Checkout Boost:

Checkout boost is particularly designed for the cart abandonment issue. Many buyers add things to carts but leave it without a purchase. This application prompts your users to complete the purchase by giving them a special offer or discount on that particular product. This app is must-have for you.

Boost Sale:

Boost Sale highlights up-selling and cross-selling option for your business. This application shows the products as per the individual interest of buyers and increases the sale amount. This tried and tested method proves very beneficial for your business. Product upselling showcases the product stayed in a cart at a higher price, and a cross-selling brings products in a combo offer for your customer.


Aftership is a very useful application with which you and your buyers can track a shipment and analyze the complete details. It makes the tracking easier by minimizing the processes in between. Your consumer can easily find the shipment status with one click. This app also sends customized notifications to your consumers about the shipment status, including in-transit, out for delivery, and failed attempt.  BigCommerce knows the consumers’ requirement and it brings applications that target a high-sale and the customer satisfaction.

Sweet tooth:

This application is based on rewarding your consumers on the basis of points. There are many loyalty based applications available in BigCommerce, but this one is probably the best one. It calculates and distributes points to your consumers in terms of their actions like purchases, referrals, and more. This proves to be a very effective method for increasing your sale.


This application helps you bring authentic product reviews for your company. It prompts your consumers to leave a feedback about their experience after purchase. Since 89% shoppers read reviews before taking action, you must not ignore the factor of consumer reviews. This app motivated buyers say a thing or two about their shopping. It also gives follow-up mail for giving reviews.

If you are using BigCommerce hosted service for your store, these apps prove to be very handy for you. It takes care of the complex things of your business and gives you an easy way to earn profits. If you need an expert help to design an e-store on BigCommerce, the expert team of Vxplore technologies will be there for you. They have years of experience in developing consumer-friendly e-store that not only increases the traffic but also improves the conversion also.


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