Vital Reasons To Choose Kotlin For Android App Development

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Vital Reasons To Choose Kotlin For Android App Development

Expert Android developers from leading Android App Development Company in Kolkata, like Vxplore Technologies, can use several languages to build robust sales-driven Android apps. They state that few languages are as effective and simple as Kotlin for anyone designing an Android app today. Java was the go-to language for creating Android apps before Kotlin came around. However, Google started including Kotlin in its Android Studio IDE in 2017, leading many developers to switch from Java to Kotlin. Kotlin has become Google’s recommended language for creating Android apps since 2019. Additionally, Kotlin has grown to be a well-liked programming language in its own right, despite the continued popularity of C++ and Java.

Many more factors are at play in Kotlin’s rise to prominence in Android programming. In this blog, Vxplore, Kolkata’s Best Android App Development Company, discusses why developers frequently use Kotlin to create native Android apps.

Let’s dive in:-

  1. Concise code
  2. Enterprise-ready technology
  3. Code safety
  4. Java interoperability
  5. Multiplatform development support
  6. Ease of use
  7. Lower development costs

Concise code:

Older programming languages like Java might produce repetitive code, and Java frequently needs to write numerous lines of code in a specific order to accomplish any task. Kotlin is more succinct; it uses fewer lines of code to achieve the same goals. It frees developers to work on more critical issues that have a greater bearing on the project’s success than developing boilerplate code.

Kotlin-written code has clear syntax and is expressive and simple to read, which enhances the code’s capacity to be maintained.

Are you searching for the best apps built using Koltin? Choose Vxplore, a leading Android App Development Company In India. Our developers have profound knowledge and expertise to build scalable and functional apps.

Enterprise-ready technology:

Kotlin is a mature technology created to address specific issues that other technologies could not. Kotlin is ideally suited for enterprise applications. Additionally, it has been tried and tested in a range of applications by numerous app development businesses.

It now offers great IDE and tooling support from Google and is integrated with Android Studio. It has made further chances of Kotlin’s adoption in the Android ecosystem. So, if you want Android apps built using Kotlin, call the Best Android App Development Company today.

Code safety:

Older programming languages like Java can have a high error rate. The Java NullPointerException (NPE)causes the majority of crashes in Android applications. It takes much time and money to fix and keep these problems from happening again. But it won’t be a problem when using Kotlin.

Common mistakes like NullPointerExceptions are avoided with Kotlin. Additionally, the Kotlin compiler runs many tests, enabling the app to fail so that bugs may be found and fixed. You can get higher code safety and more developer productivity from this.

Java interoperability:

You can use your Java code and Kotlin functions in your current Java project. You can easily call your Java code from a Kotlin programme or the other way around.

Creating Android apps with Kotlin is incredibly simple and convenient. Therefore, you may mix and match code as necessary without breaking your programme instead of completely rewriting your Java application in Kotlin. Developers can later convert the Java code to Kotlin code.

Multiplatform development support:

Kotlin Multiplatform includes everything you need to build multiplatform apps. You can reuse and share code between platforms to save time and effort during development. Writing platform-specific code doesn’t need introducing a second language at all because of Kotlin’s simple syntax and principles. Additionally, it makes application maintenance much simpler.

Ease of use:

JetBrains made sure it would be relatively simple for Java users to migrate to Kotlin when creating the language. As Kotlin is simple and resembles Java in many aspects, Java developers can learn it in a short time.

As a result, a significant adoption barrier is lowered, and it is relatively simple for mobile app developers to begin creating native Android apps using Kotlin. Additionally, it lowers the expense of moving enterprise applications to Kotlin.

Lower development costs:

Kotlin’s concision and increased code safety result in shorter development cycles and higher-quality code in Android apps. Developers can more readily adjust the code due to its improved readability. As a result, errors are discovered sooner in the development process, minimising crashes and failures.

That is why Kotlin-based Android app development helps businesses to speed up project timeframes and reduce development and maintenance expenses. Need to build apps in Koltin? Contact Vxplore, a top Android App Development Company in Kolkata.

Final words

Kotlin is currently the clear choice for businesses looking for a reliable, scalable, and secure Android app development solution to support their objectives. If you seek developers to build apps using Kotlin, please contact the best Android App Development Company In India, Vxplore.

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