The Trends of Search Engine Optimization in 2018

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There are many things happened in the digital world. The rules of search engine optimization keep changing to make ways for new ones, which are far more effective and essential for business. Some fields will never change in SEO, no matter how advanced you go. You need to pay attention to content marketing and link building along with new trends and strategies. Companies offering the search engine optimization service must include new options to offer more satisfying result to their clients.

Voice Search:

Voice search has been a talking point these days. As Google is relying more on the voice search result, companies have no choice other than making their website friendly to the trend. With the use of voice command, users can get information easily on Google. Since its inception, the feature gets a wide acceptance from users.

Companies must make their website voice search friendly in order to survive in the competitive market. Since the aim is to offer a better user experience, companies must focus on the voice search feature.

Ensure that your mobile site has a complete access to important resources like CSS files, videos, images, and more. Avoid flash and make your mobile site faster to load. The content of your page should be something that solves the general queries of your audience. Add high-quality images to your content and make your website perfect for voice search. If you are hiring a search engine optimization service, make sure that your chosen company provide you with all these trendiest features.

Accelerated Mobile Pages:

A page that loads poorly will not receive as much traffic as needed. Google has already pointed out the importance of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). Google rank those sites early that has AMP. So, it boosts users’ experience.

You need to make sure that your website has AMP option, for which consider three important things – AMP HTML, AMP JS (Javascript), and AMP CDN (Content Delivery Network).

Content Marketing:

No matter how far you go, content remains to be one of the important factors of search engine optimization service. Search engines read your text and rank your pages according to relevancy. So, you must include quality content using the right keyword.

If you are hiring a search engine optimization service, you will get content marketing along with other features. Professional bloggers will take care of your text content and will use the right keyword strategy also. Do not forget to add the link building tactics.

Search engine optimization is a vast chapter to study and implement strategies properly. Vxplore Technologies will definitely help you find out the right path for you. Contact us to get a free SEO consultation and we analyze your present SEO to decide which areas need to be improved.

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