BigCommerce is the cloud-based shopping cart platform that helps companies design an online store easily. It provides them with all features which play an important role in increasing sales of the companies. When a site has options like attractive design, secure payment gateways, and sales increasing channels, it attracts higher traffic. The reason why you switch to BigCommerce is the security it offers. Having secure and reliable payment gateways wins the consumers’ trust and improves your brand image eventually. Read on to know more.

The payment method for any E-commerce Website Design is very crucial and needs to handle carefully. BigCommerce accepts different payment options that allow shoppers to make transactions globally. Such a wide offering is helpful for partners because it gives them a freedom to choose a suitable payment mood.

BigCommerce design avoids one solution for all options when it comes to offering you the best payment mood. Rather, it works with an array of payment gateways and helps you choose the best one according to your buyers’ need. It is integrated with the popular and trustworthy industries such as PayPal.

Custom BigCommerce design adds the best approach by accepting PayPal which is considered to be the most sophisticated payment platform in the market. The industries that deal with high-volume traffic use this payment platform for their business. Through PayPal and primary credit card options like Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, BigCommerce enhances sales by 17%. When the payment process is backed by such giant names, you keep your site protected from the fraud features.

BigCommerce offers you such an option that enhances your sale generally. With the features like consumer financing, you are giving your consumer an option to pay for a product as per their convenient. Through financing, invoicing and installment payment option, you can retain the consumers’ trust and help them purchase their product.

If your business requires a global transaction, you have a very good reason to switch to BigCommerce. Its integration with PayPal and Adyen allows your shoppers to pay from any location. The security of payment gateway is one of the most popular features of BigCommerce. Multiple security layers protect the purchase and keep your site away from lost revenues, chargeback fees, and more.

The additional feature like a digital wallet is one of the convenient options for any business. It lets users an access to their wallet stored in PayPal, Amazon Pay, and Apple Pay while purchasing a product. The E-commerce Website Design for this platform offers you the availability of digital wallet. This influences the mobile conversion greatly.

Using all the features needs an expert who can handle these essential jobs carefully. Contact Vxplore Technologies to boost your products’ sale. We have experiences to use and employ every feature rightly. Your business will grow faster when you put the right method in the right place.

Conversion is the main thing for any e-commerce site. It counts how a general visitor converts into a loyal buyer. Many factors are responsible for offering you a high-conversion rate, including page loading speed, user experience, search filtering and many more. Why do you switch to BigCommerce? The answer is definitely the conversion. The advanced tools of BigCommerce help companies to target their buyers and earn the sales.

BigCommerce offers you a way with which you can recover at least 15% of the abandoned cart. Leaving a cart without making a purchase has raised many topics for the marketers. To bring back the lost visitors, companies are planning so many strategies. But if you are using BigCommerce, you can easily gain your visitors. It uses a conversion tool that sends a series of emails and information to shoppers so that they can turn their mind to purchase the product.

A custom BigCommerce design also brings to you conversion growth. You can increase purchase rate by 12%. The platform gives you some of the popular options, including mobile optimization, an easy account creation, guest checkout and dedicated SSL to ensure a secure purchase for the shoppers.

A website that has every feature arranged in a right way will score well on the user experience. Your website must have the filter options for size, color, brand, and other fields related to your product. This helps shoppers easily get access to the product they are looking for. It will definitely improve the conversion rate of your company.

BiGcommerce website design comes up with a review segment. Reviews are an effective option when it comes to shopping online. With adding authentic reviews, you boost the confidence of the buyers about a product. They take less time to decide whether this product will serve the needs or not. Even the market shows that reviews can enhance the conversion by 18%. The E-commerce Website Design offered by this shopping cart platform will help you improve your product sale.

BigCommerce has an inbuilt feature with which you can earn new buyers and make your existing shoppers happy. These are the built-in coupons and discount option. You can manage percentage discounts, flash sales, promotional offers like buying one and get one from a single location of your control panel. It makes everything easier for you. These options are made to reward your buyers so that they can choose you over other names to purchase a product.

At Vxplore Technologies, We use the right tool that serves your needs timely. According to the market analysis of your company, we suggest you with some options and assist you in taking the correct decision. Our expert teams are knowledgeable enough to use every feature for your profits.

There are many shopping cart platforms that help companies build a store and improve their sales. But BigCommerce holds a unique position among the names, and companies are showcasing their interest to switch to BigCommerce. It has already proven that renowned companies are migrating from other platforms to BigCommerce due to several reasons. The platform ensures a higher conversion rate, a simpler order processing feature, and an ultimate user experience. These benefits are worth considering as long as you desire to grow fast.

The store that meets your all requirement and has every feature stays popular with the buyers. BigCommerce is such a platform where you can give your store the look you want. The attractive designs and features are truly outstanding. A custom BigCommerce design is for those who want to have extra features specifically catered to their individual needs.

Reliability and advanced security options keep the Bigcommerce ahead of others. These two features dominate on the E-commerce Website Design, and companies are largely giving importance to them. BigCommerce allows you to handle huge traffic easily and that improves your rank and brand image. Security is what visitors want when they reach a store. With BigCommerce advanced feature, you can secure every visit and confidential data of consumers.

A higher customer conversion is another factor that helps companies switch to BigCommerce. There are many success stories of using this shopping cart. It is no doubt to say that this shopping cart helps you grow faster than others in a cost-effective way. The marketing and conversion tools always hold a true value for your business. When you get a higher exposure, the selling of products will be higher too.

An e-commerce Website Design gets more popularity because companies are up for launching their online store. The cloud-based shopping cart platform has the best built-in features designed for offering you the effective options to grow your sale. Not only does it make your store attractive, but it also brings you some amazing options, including selling on marketplaces, secure hosting, and ultimate storage. These are also essential when you are planning to launch an e-store.

If you still don’t know where to start from, contact Vxplore Technologies. We have a team of experts that listen to your demands carefully and comes up with the best plan. The master designers design your store in a way that it promotes your products and services.

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