How To Choose The Best – Codeigniter Vs Laravel?

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How To Choose The Best - Codeigniter Vs Laravel?

It is a difficult choice when it comes to which PHP Framework to choose between the two best-in-the-class options – Codeigniter and Laravel. Both are excellent frameworks and are popularly used by the Best Website Development Company In India.

Vxplore Technologies is the Best Website Development Company In Kolkata. They also take advantage of several benefits of both Codeigniter and Laravel. The team at Vxplore Technologies, despite being professional, often finds themselves in an argument as to which of the two is better. Below is the company with the Best Website Development Packages.

We have discussed the two in further detail:

What is Laravel?

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework. It is one of the more popular PHP frameworks that is used worldwide. Its source code is open for public use on Github as it falls under the MIT license. It was created with the purpose of developing web applications on the MVC architectural pattern.

What is Codeigniter?

A PHP framework that doesn’t use the MVC architectural pattern is Codeigniter. It is also a feature-rich as well as powerful PHP framework. Best Website Developer at Vxplore Technologies widely uses Codeigniter when developing any dynamic website. It also offers the option to implement third-party plugins, which adds to its functionality. The highlight of this platform is its encryption process.

Difference Between Laravel and CodeIgniter:

Factor Laravel CodeIgniter
Support of different DBMSORACLE, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, MYSQL, PostgreSQL orientdb, and JDBC compatible.MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft BI, and MongoDB. But CodeIgniter additionally supports other popular databases like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, and others.
PopularityLaravel offers an expressive coding environment, this is the reasons behind its popularity among the experienced developersCodeigniter is preferred both by knowledgeable developers as well as rookies as it is an easy to use platform
Structure and UpdatesLaravel follows the MVC structure of filing. Artisan is its command line toolAs Codeigniter focuses on object oriented programming and easy usability, it also uses the Model View Control pattern
Built-in ModulesIt has integrated modularity option which allows developers to divide the code into small modulesThere’s no integrated modularity feature, however one can create modules through the use of extensions
Support for RESTful APIIt is easy to create REST APIs and also efficient with the help of RESTful Controllers.REST APIs are not facilitated with streamlined development options in Codeigniter.
Template Engine and API BuildingIt uses the Blade template engine, that allows PHP programmers to enhance views in return optimizing the performance of the web application.Codeigniter does not have any inbuilt template engine, however third party template engine can be used to increase the performance of the web application
Online help and LibrariesLaravel has both online documentation on its website and inbuilt information, which can be of big helpCodigniter also has an informative library on their website along with plenty of functionality
Data Base ModelRelational Object-OrientedObject Oriented
Template LanguageBlade Template EnginePHP proprietary
Programming ParadigmComponent OrientedObject-Oriented Event Driven Functional
HTTP SupportLaravel allows programmers at Best Website Development Company In India to define custom HTTPs routes. They can also create customized URLs for every route.CodeIgniter does not support HTTPS. Therefore, developers at Best Website Development Company In India have to use URL to secure the datatransmission
AuthenticationIt is easier to establish authentication and its rules due to Laravel’s Authentication Class FeatureCodeIgniter doesn’t have any in-built authentication feature as such. Users have to write custom CodeIgniter extension in order to authorize and authenticate
Unit TestingPHPUnit in Laravel assists the Best Website Developer to perform unit testingCodeIgniter doesn’t have any inbuilt unit testing tools. This forces developers to use third party tools
Learning CurveLaravel is difficult to learn for beginners as it offers wide functionalityCodeigniter is easy to learn for beginners


As mentioned before, it is definitely a hard choice for even the Best Website Developer at Vxplore Technologies to choose a suitable PHP Framework between the best-in-class options like Laravel and Codeigniter.

It can be summarized as:

If you need a relational object-oriented PHP framework that offers extreme functionality like in-built authentication and unit testing features, then you can go with Laravel. You will also need prior expertise in PHP Framework Development to ensure you can use Laravel with ease.

If you are a beginner to PHP Framework Development and want an object-oriented platform that has loads of widgets for customization and is easy to use, then you can go with Codeigniter.

Final Words

Vxplore Technologies, the Best Website Development Company In Kolkata, can assist you in developing a feature-rich website application if you require one. Therefore reach out to them for further information.

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