Few Tips From Professional SEO Company Kolkata

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Few Tips From Professional SEO Company Kolkata

Search Engine Optimization is a widely used digital marketing technique, aimed to rank a website at the top of organic search results. It is one of the best methods to raise visibility of a website by targeting the appropriate keywords. There has been an increase in the demand of SEO Services from businesses big or small. These demands can be fulfilled by Professional SEO Company India.

Tips for SEO.

If you are looking for a Professional SEO Company Near Me then your search will surely end if you reach out to Vxplore Technologies a Professional SEO Company Kolkata, India. They have been delivering SEO Expertise throughout India. Their services are on demand for many reasons. One simple reason is their professionalism. They are a dedicated bunch of specialists who work tirelessly to provide results to their clients. Their reviews shout in bold “Best Professional SEO Company India.”

Search Engine Optimization is a broad field and has been innovating since forever. There is still a lot of scope for Search Engine Optimization as a career in the near future. Still there’s one problem for rookies, trying out SEO for the first time. The problem is absence of guidance. Vxplore Technologies and its team of experts have accepted this burden and providing justice to the title “Best Professional SEO Company Kolkata, India” they have mentioned few tips to improve your SEO game :-

  1. Stop Keyword Bombarding your website
  2. Upgrade speed of your website
  3. Add text to informative images and videos
  4. Get rid of Zombie Pages
  5. Update your old blogs

Stop Keyword Bombarding your website:

If you listen to experts from a Professional SEO Company Kolkata named Vxplore Technologies then they say to use Keywords only in the right spots. First of all your keywords should be appropriate and related to your content. It’s better to use keywords with a high search rate. Using long strings of keywords is beneficial as you can put many keywords in a string.

Now coming to the part of Keyword Bombarding. It is a phenomenon when unrelated keywords or related keywords are used everywhere in the content, even where it doesn’t fit or makes sense. This should be avoided and SEO experts should be consulted to decide on which keywords to put where.

Upgrade speed of your website:

If you are asking why your website isn’t popular, the reason might be the speed of your website. It might be that your website is slow while loading or worse, it is unresponsive. It is recommended you search for Professional SEO Company Near Me or simply contact Vxplore Technologies and ask them the reason behind your website’s slow speed.

Add text to informative images and videos:

You have a great website with very informative content having infographics and videos which provide knowledge about the topic. But those infographics and videos make no sense to Google. Google only reads the text and ranks on the basis of that. That’s why it’s recommended to use a mix of both text and media content throughout your website. This will keep both Google and Public hooked to your website.

Get rid of Zombie Pages:

As the name suggests, Zombie Pages are Dead Pages. Let’s rephrase this; Zombie Pages are pages that don’t perform well and drive no traffic; basically, they have dead reach. Those pages should be deleted, says SEO experts from Vxplore Technologies.

Update your old blogs:

Talking about pages that don’t perform well. You can also update the content on those pages with better keyword targeting and rectification to resurrect them.

Final Words

If you are still searching for a  Professional SEO Company Near Me, then stop and see experts from Vxplore Technologies the Best Professional SEO Company India.

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