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    App development is a complex job. You as a client want to get the best design and features for your applications. Your work starts with hunting an app development company and making them understand what you want. If you do so, you will miss one of the important stages of having a successful app development – research. To plan a budget, you need to go through a little study over the internet. Know the factors that determine the price of an app. Take into consideration the app complexity and prepare a budget for your application. The Native Android App Development in India is increasing its space and the demand is overwhelming. If you want to pick the right plan, read on to know more.

    App development budget depends on different, essential things. One of them is App complexity that is nothing but the features of applications. It is definitely one of the crucial things for determining your budget. The more fetures you want to include, the higher the budget will be. According to your business demands, the features are carved and added. In India, the app industry is running speedily. The Mobile App Development in Kolkata catches everyone’s attention and needs. There are many companies offering the app development service. Pick the best name for you.

    There are mainly five types of features offered by an app development company. These are mentioned below.

    Deployment Architecture Model: The backend systems help businesses accept the user information and transform them into a solution. You have two types of backend development – Custom and BaaS.

    Admin Panel Development: As the name suggests, it completely manages the applications with tracking activities, viewing stats, and updating the content.

    Third-party integration: these days, applications need a third party integration to make your experience better.

    In-app purchase: In-app purchase is another demanding thing and many companies prefer the feature. It is designed to boost the sale of products and services.

    The use of hardware of a device: Many applications offer a smooth functioning by using the device’s hardware and software system.

    The Native Android App Development in India tastes success with designing extraordinary applications. They are excellent at proving the best support to companies. When the budget is concerned, they even bring out the helpful strategies for clients. Here are the types of applications categorized by features.

    Simple Apps: They are designed without any added benefits. You will get some basic features and the needed UI options.

    Mid Level Apps: Mid-level Apps have some interesting things to offer, such as integration with API, custom UI, and the real-time messaging.

    Complex Apps:  The high-functioned applications come under this category. You will get the advanced features such as media processing, real-time sync, custom animation, and more with this app.

    So, you have to determine which type of applications you want and what the features will be. This is an important step for planning your budget. There are many companies offering mobile app development in Kolkata and other metro cities of India. You can consult with Vxplore Technologies and can get the best support from the experienced team in the mobile app development.


    App development industry earns huge profit and many companies show their interest in it. The high is expected, and it will grow in future also. Today a business idea needs a digital platform. A mobile application helps them to reach out to more and more consumers in a convenient way. An app is a digital version of your brick and mortar shop, but it remains open always to your consumers. So, the benefits these applications bring to you are numerous. A company needs to go through many steps to have a successful application. The first thing is to decide a budget. The prices vary as per features and the regions where it is made. Native Android APP Development in India gains momentum since experienced developers show their creative skill to make an application.

    Deciding budget is a complex job that a company needs to resolve first and carefully. Remember that an application represents your business to your consumers. So, it has to be designed in a right way. There are many factors contributed to the price of an application. If you have confusions to plan a budget, the information will be helpful.

    Choose the best app development company:

    In India, Android applications are more popular than iOS and other platforms. Native Android app developers are projecting their best skill to design an application of your choice. When you consider the development cost, choosing the best mobile app development company comes first. Though many firms have in-house app development, companies offering mobile app services are also enjoying a high demand. You will get an affordable option for the Mobile App Development in Kolkata. Since the demand is too high, they also offer the best price.

    For the right platform:

    Picking the right platform for your mobile app also has a connection with its success. Understand your audience and get zeroed on a choice that serves you the best of interest. You have the options like Android OS, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry. The first two hold the big business, though. Go for the Native Android App Development in India if you want to get a satisfying outcome.

    Native or Hybrid app:

    The budget of your app depends on the type of development you choose. Two major classifications – native and hybrid – capture the app market. Both have their share of pros and cons. Native applications function smoothly with getting the support of devices’ hardware and software system. It is an operating-system specific app. Hybrid apps are cross-platform applications that run on any devices but it does not have a smooth performance as a native application.

    Feature implementation:

    When you are planning for an app budget, app features are one of the deciding factors. You must design features that define the requirement of your target audience. Cost can be different according to the places an app is designed from. Native iOS APP Development in the USA includes different values from an app development in India holds.

    App maintenance and updates:

    Designing an app is not enough if you achieve success. You need to maintain your application after the launch. You should include the budget for adding updates to your app.

    App security:

    A secured application is a key to a trusted business. If your app provides security completely to your audience, the move is appreciated by your target group also. Protect confidential data and information strictly from the incidents of hacking and cyber attacks.

    Licensing or copyright your app:

    Include licensing or copyright issue in the budget for a mobile app development. You need to get a copyright term for your application to stop the illegal stealing of your app idea.

    So, these are a few factors that definitely reduce or increase your budget. Go for the best option. Contact Vxplore Technologies for designing your business app. They recommend the best way that your business needs. You will get an on-time project delivery with a satisfying result also.

    BigCommerce is one of the leading platforms coming up with the hosted e-commerce service. The feature and functionalities are great and that drives attention of marketers to get easily started with BigCommerce.  If you have an online store from other places, you can easily shift to BigCommerce and start your online sales. In India, the demand for BigCommerce is so huge that companies are opting for a BigCommerce Store Customization in Kolkata with a big number. There are many reasons why you should choose BigCommerce to run your business.

    Create a Store Easily:

    Creating your e-store on BigCommerce is also very easy. The features will help you throughout. Choose a theme for your store and then customize it by adding your company’s logo and social media links. The homepage carousel option allows you to promote your products and highlight the uniqueness of your company to your consumers. BigCommerce has come up with options more than other platforms offer you. There are many companies offering BigCommerce Store Customization in Kolkata and choosing the right one truly needs your knowledge.

    Inventory management:

    When you are doing an online business, inventory management is one of the toughest jobs you need to take care of. With BigCommerce, you no need to cross many hurdles. You can update your stocks when an order is placed and a shipment is confirmed. You will get e-mail notifications when you have a low stock level. If your inventory gets out-of-stock, BigCommerce has an array of tools that protect you from losing your reliable consumer groups. The smart approaches of BigCommerce are really commendable. You can hide products entirely or keep the page live for a direct link. E-commerce development in the UK, India and the USA brings some noticeable changes. As stories are increasing in number, the demand for BigCommerce grows higher.

    Comment System:

    BigCommerce also considers the consumers’ engagement factor seriously. The comment system of BigCommerce allows consumers to review your products and to make a direct connection with your company through live chat features.

    A return System:

    BigCommerce takes care of consumers’ preferences with a high importance. It offers marketers to enable a return system with which buyers can easily return their products in case of dissatisfaction.

    Third-party services:

    If the existed features may not meet your requirement and if you need something more for your customized store, you can use third-party services for performing different functions like payments, shipping, marketing, merchandising, accounting and more.

    So, start with BigCommerce and encourage your profit-making goal. When the features and functions are easy to build your store, why do you choose other platforms? For an expert guide, visit Vxplore Technologies. The experienced team will guide you rightly to achieve your goal.

    Shopify is a known e-commerce platform with all features you need to build and run your store easily. Though the competition is very strict in the e-commerce industry, Shopify has a unique position in the market which cannot be taken by others. With distinctive features and amazing functions, Shopify helps many businesses achieve their goal. You can design your store flawlessly and start selling products before others. Since the e-commerce industry is growing, the demand for Shopify store customization in Canada, India and in all over the USA has been felt more prominently.

    The first step of Shopify dashboard is adding products to your store. A hundred of attractive themes give you the freedom of choosing a creative storefront. When you are adding products to a store, you can also add essential details like product description, images, linked videos, product classifications, variants, pricing, and more. These all essential details are helpful for your buyers. Shopify is facing a tough challenge from the companies sharing the same business niche. Many comparisons are made comparisons between BigCommerce and Shopify. It continues to change its features to meet buyers’ requirement more prominently.

    Shopify helps companies import product catalogs from other platforms. This is another important feature that allows old companies to shift to Shopify in order to get the better features and to promote their sales.

    Shopify has been designed keeping the buyer’s interest in mind. It comes up with an array of features that give your store a quick start. Shipping support of the system is better than others. You can also maintain a single shipping zone for managing the shipment to the rest of the world. You can also manage domestic shipping rates for your home country.

    Most e-commerce platforms fail because they show a poor approach to payment providers. But this is not the same with Shopify. It changes its system with the trend and welcomes new and popular providers that buyers are familiar with. It has PayPal express checkouts, Stripe-powder Shopify payment system, and Amazon Pay for the payment transaction.

    Running your store on Shopify is easier than on other platforms. The most effective option you will have is a mobile application supported by both Android and iOS. These applications will do all essential functions of the e-commerce, such as taking orders, processing them, contacting consumers, and more. So, Shopify is probably the best platform that gives your business every essential thing. The functionalities are truly great for your business.

    If you need an expert support to build up your store, get a free consultation from Vxplore Technologies. Experts team come up with the best solutions for your any kind of issues related to your business.

    BigCommerce is the cloud-based shopping cart platform that helps companies design an online store easily. It provides them with all features which play an important role in increasing sales of the companies. When a site has options like attractive design, secure payment gateways, and sales increasing channels, it attracts higher traffic. The reason why you switch to BigCommerce is the security it offers. Having secure and reliable payment gateways wins the consumers’ trust and improves your brand image eventually. Read on to know more.

    The payment method for any Ecommerce Website Design is very crucial and needs to handle carefully. BigCommerce accepts different payment options that allow shoppers to make transactions globally. Such a wide offering is helpful for partners because it gives them a freedom to choose a suitable payment mood.

    BigCommerce design avoids one solution for all options when it comes to offering you the best payment mood. Rather, it works with an array of payment gateways and helps you choose the best one according to your buyers’ need. It is integrated with the popular and trustworthy industries such as PayPal.

    Custom BigCommerce design adds the best approach by accepting PayPal which is considered to be the most sophisticated payment platform in the market. The industries that deal with high-volume traffic use this payment platform for their business. Through PayPal and primary credit card options like Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, BigCommerce enhances sales by 17%. When the payment process is backed by such giant names, you keep your site protected from the fraud features.

    BigCommerce offers you such an option that enhances your sale generally. With the features like consumer financing, you are giving your consumer an option to pay for a product as per their convenient. Through financing, invoicing and installment payment option, you can retain the consumers’ trust and help them purchase their product.

    If your business requires a global transaction, you have a very good reason to switch to BigCommerce. Its integration with PayPal and Adyen allows your shoppers to pay from any location. The security of payment gateway is one of the most popular features of BigCommerce. Multiple security layers protect the purchase and keep your site away from lost revenues, chargeback fees, and more.

    The additional feature like a digital wallet is one of the convenient options for any business. It lets users an access to their wallet stored in PayPal, Amazon Pay, and Apple Pay while purchasing a product. The E-commerce Website Design for this platform offers you the availability of digital wallet. This influences the mobile conversion greatly.

    Using all the features needs an expert who can handle these essential jobs carefully. Contact Vxplore Technologies to boost your products’ sale. We have experiences to use and employ every feature rightly. Your business will grow faster when you put the right method in the right place.



    Social media offers a large opportunity to business and keeps everything reachable and simple to companies. Along with being a platform for social communication, it is a place where companies display and promote their products in an entertaining way. No matter how long you are in the business, it offers you similar opportunities. But, strategies bring different results. There are many companies that are expert in offering social media marketing in the USA, India and the UK. They have earned experiences in serving different niches. Remember that a right plan will take you ahead while the wrong analysis dumps you far behind the competition.
    Only search engine optimization is not enough to get a good rank on the web. When you are running a business campaign, some factors come essentially to your list, such as brand identity, brand images, and more. Social media offers you the best of options with which anyone can get a wide network of business. There are many companies that claim to offer the best social media marketing for organic traffic. Here are some key factors that you need to keep in mind.

    Decide your social media marketing goals:
    Why do you need social media for your business? Understand your goal first and then plan a marketing strategy. If you have an expert company by your side, they will analyze everything for you. But, if you are handling your own marketing plan, you have to concentrate on some important issues like brand awareness, quality sales, ROI, and a loyal fan base. These are key factors of social media marketing.

    Research your social audience:
    Almost everyone is using social media. But, not all social visitors are your audience. You have to research on why visitors stop and pause on you. There are a few things that make your social media marketing campaign successful. Target the income segment, age group and the likes and dislikes of your audience. Key platforms are offering you ways to analyze these data so that you can manage your own campaign rightly.

    Facebook is the most common platform where you can launch your marketing plan. Some companies even specifically offer Facebook Marketing in India, the USA, and The UK. Clients will also spend a lot in making their marketing campaign right. The leading platforms LinkedIn Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter offer you options to get demographic data from your audience. This will help you grow further. You can also search on the Internet to get a result.

    Social media metrics:
    Creating social media metrics is another important thing for digital marketing. It means beyond the follower and like counts. There are many things related to social media metrics, each of which ensures your profit. Companies that are serving professional social media marketing include points like reach, clicks, engagement, and hashtag performance in consideration.

    It is true that every post you make for social media should be engaging. This is the place where people come to relax. So, do not make them bored with some serious content. The more people relate to your store, the better the brand image will be.

    Vxplore Technologies is one of the best search engine optimizing companies and it is operating across India, the USA, and the UK.

    Facebook marketing is an important thing for your digital presence. Since every company goes online, you have to plan strategies differently. Concentrating on social media will not only help you increase consumer network but also improve your brand image. The competition gets stricter every day. This is why companies feel a need for separate Facebook marketing. Facebook ranks the top among social media in terms of counting active users. It offers you a broader market where you can promote your products easily. You can also take help from companies offering Facebook marketing in India, the USA, and the UK.

    Reasons for Facebook marketing are huge. If you want to make your foothold strong on the web, you must plan creative strategy different from others. Companies offering Facebook Marketing in India come up with some of the best logic that leads you to your goal.

    Increase in Sales:
    When you earn quality sales, it means that you target you consumers rightly. Facebook helps business with an easy targeting option for their campaign. You can prepare a well-planned strategy using the tool of this social media itself. You can also improve your reach and serve a wide network of the audience through social media.

    Add values to your organization:
    Through Facebook, you can easily communicate your audience and know their opinion regarding your services. You need to use right opportunities to improve your business awareness. Post some engaging contents and your audience will love to follow you.

    Stay always active on social media:
    Your competitors can be stronger than you. They may follow even more effective plans. Social media will help you to stay ahead of others. Since Facebook is the most engaging platform, you can target consumers and convince them to purchase. Make a great copy for your add and use witty things to catch the attention. Use social media monitoring tools to know the performance of your marketing campaign as well as that of your competitors. There are many companies offering Facebook marketing in India. You can pick the best one for your business.

    Increase your profit-making goal:
    Use Facebook demographic data to understand what type of audience is active on the platform. It helps you target your audience at the right time. Carve a message that instantly relates to your audience. Make the best use of information like income, gender, location, and more to promote your brands. Facebook marketing is an affordable and most effective option for you. A right plan will lead you to your dream.

    Contact Vxplore Technologies if you want to run a successful Facebook marketing campaign. Expert marketers offer you the best plan for your business. Engage consumers in the best possible way and widen your consumer network.

    Social media play a very crucial role in promoting your brand. So, you should not overlook the importance of different social media platforms for your business. If you want to reach out a wide network of the audience, increase a communication level on such interactive stages. Run a social media marketing campaign and grow your business opportunities. Not everyone is master in this field. So, hire a company that is offering an effective social media marketing in the USA, UK, and India. No matter where your business is from, you must have a strong campaign that boosts your business.

    There are a few strategies that every marketer uses to gain a right exposure and to encourage their profit level. If you are a newbie, you can learn the secrets of the successful social media marketing. Here are some of the options you need to consider.

    Use Chatbots:
    Chatbots have increased their usage in these days as many companies are using chatbots for communicating with their consumers. It is a digital tool introduced for resolving your consumers’ problem without any human intervention. Consumers also feel comfortable with chatbots that are designed with many interactive works like answering consumers’ questions, taking orders from Facebook messenger and comments, and supporting different payment system.

    Concentrate on the content marketing strategy:
    Content marketing is the best strategy when it comes to SMM. Though companies successfully identify the need for content, they sometimes fail to generate leads from their plans. This is because they mess up with some key factors like right posting schedules, quality content, and frequency of posts. Know how to plan social media marketing for traffic before implementing the best strategy.

    Make a social community:
    Social media is for socializing, even though it is recognized as a rising marketplace. So, you need to make your post interesting that can easily relate to your audience. Repeating posts will make them bored and you will lose your valuable consumers. You need to concentrate on a few varieties such as asking questions, encouraging them to share their opinion and more.

    Create profiles on different relevant channels:
    Experienced companies are offering social media marketing in the USA, the UK, and India. They have a wide client service and know how to get the best result. They believe that having presence more than one platform will be helpful for any business. Target the most active and busiest one.

    Use the benefit of Going ‘live’:
    Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and others give you a going live option that allows you to share your stories in real time. It is truly beneficial for those who follow you. It is a very interactive way that engages your consumers and improves your brand image.

    There are many modern methods with which you can generate leads through a social media marketing plan. If you cater your theme rightly, it brings you the best of benefits. Vxplore Technologies offers you the best plan for social media marketing in the USA, India, and the UK. We hold a long client-serving experience for your business.

    Facebook marketing is an interesting job to perform and it needs your creative brain. It is a great marketplace where you can create business pages and share products with your target audience. Facebook marketing can truly bring benefits if you handle strategies rightly. There are many companies offering Facebook marketing in India to grow your business opportunities socially. Through this marketing plan, you can develop a strong brand identity and introduce new business plans.
    Here are a few easy and simple options that bring you the best benefits. If you are a start-up, these tips are beneficial for you.

    Use Facebook Business Page:
    The Facebook business page is a free marketing tool with which you can perform so many essential jobs. Apart from listing products or services, you can share links, images, and posts. Develop your brand identity and encourage consumers’ participation in a very creative way. Post something that your target audience can enjoy with. Don’t be too serious in your post. Rather, show your funny and interesting sides. Hire a company that offers the best Facebook marketing in India and encourage your business goal.

    Facebook classified ads:
    Facebook offers you its own form of classified ads that appear in the side column of your page. It contains a headline, an image, a copy, and a click-through link to your page or to your website. With this kind of Facebook ad, you can control so many things including target audience, your budget, ad testing, and performance. Facebook ads bring you a great benefit to your business. To get the best result, you need an expert’s help that guides you target the right audience and set a correct budget.

    Facebook contests:
    Facebook contests are great options to engage your consumers. Come up with a creative plan that relates to your business well and entertain your consumers. Facebook can host your contest itself, or you can use third party application for this plan. There are many paid and free tools to get this job done.

    Facebook Promoted Post:
    A business owner can promote a particular post to increase its view, reach, and impressions. You need promoted posts to enhance the chances of a higher view. It is true that your followers will likely to see your post when you publish them on their news feed. Since huge posts crowd their news feed, your important business gets lost. A promoted post helps you reach more and more audience.
    There are other options also such as sponsored stories, open graph, and more. Facebook marketing is not a simple process, and you need an experts’ guide for this. Contact Vxplore Technologies as it offers a great Facebook marketing in India, the USA, and the UK. Expert digital marketers assist you in improving brand image and brand values.

    Android app development holds comparably a higher market than iOS and other platforms. This is simply because of the growth and reach of Android is indisputably better than others. E-commerce sector even boosts up the market and puts pressure on the developers to design more and more applications. Native Android app development in India, the USA, and the UK contribute immensely to the economic development. So, Android app development is a lucrative job profile for those who want to enjoy outstanding career option. The demand will never be low and you do not need to worry about the shortage of works.

    Here is why you need to opt for an android app development job.

    Android has a great market share:

    Though the market share of Android in 2010 was not up to the market, the growth gradually rises high. As per the data revealed by the study, the Android platform has 87.7% global market share, which is undoubtedly huge for any app developer.

    iOS app development also grabs the attention of developers because of it lucrative designs and flawless software and hardware performance. But it stays far behind in the race when it comes to targeting a wide network of the audience.

    Profit earning goal:

    It is true that iOS app developers can earn a lot of money because consumers are more likely to purchase these applications. But Android app developers with the help of a right monetization plan can also earn money through ads and in-app purchases.

    In India, the industry of mobile apps is large. New companies continue to join the e-commerce platform and they invest in the mobile applications for reaching a wider network of the audience. There are many companies that offer Mobile App Development in Kolkata. You can hire one that meets your requirement.

    To flourish in this field, you need to upgrade your skill with the trend of the Android app development. Clients want the modern strategies in their applications. Your knowledge and skill should make them satisfy.

    Enjoy the freedom of app development:

    iOS applications follow a strict guideline for your application. You need to submit a high-quality application in the app store. Even a small issue with your codes rings delays in the app approval.

    Android app development is a relief. The approval of application follows a simple rule. You will know whether your application gets approved or not even within an hour of a submission.

    Less costly for designing an app:

    Developers have the opportunity to design an application in a cost-effective way. You will get SDK tools for free. When your application does not cost you much, you can use the excess amount in marketing purpose for your business. It is a great option for both an Android app developer and a business. Besides this, new development options are happening to the Android world fast. Developers are now enjoying the android instant app to offer a better user experience.

    Vxplore Technologies is a place where skilled android app developers are busy meeting clients requirements. We have a great client portfolio and all our clients are our happy partners. We develop Android applications for different business niches. Contact us to get a free consultation for your app.

    BigCommerce is a very effective platform for e-commerce store development. Though there are many options laid before you, BigCommerce has made a unique name because of its features and user-friendly tools. It also keeps updated its service in order to tap the right market. Always remember that a customized store will add uniqueness to your business and attract consumers’ interest. So, always opt for the best option when it comes to staying ahead of others. BigCommerce Store Customization in Kolkata and in other metro cities of India is growing exceptionally. Companies offering this service add the best features to their plan so that clients get benefits before their competitors.

    Developers and marketers work together to bring out some effective plans for the business. Both concentrate on customer reviews. BigCommerce experts are planning new ways to get consumer reviews to make their store a trusted one. They believe that reviews help a business grow, no matter whether it is a newbie or an established one.

    It is a common scenario in the e-commerce field that buyers think twice before purchasing a thing, even though they trust the brand completely. There are many things associated with a purchase beyond the trust factor, including usage, wear and tear, and more. Good reviews are essential to generate leads and conversions.

    BigCommerce experts recommend you creating a product review system for your business. As consumers forget to give reviews after their purchase, it is the responsibility of marketers to remind them to give their feedback. It proves really beneficial for your business. The e-commerce industry is growing all over the world. The data revealed that BigCommerce is the most preferred name for the e-commerce Development in the UK.

    Store customization is necessary to maintain the individuality of your business. There are many tools and features that give you benefits to promote your products in a different way. As long as the conversion is concerned, join an e-mail marketing platform and connect it with your store. There is the best option you have to earn consumers’ feedback. Save email addresses of your consumers on the list and make them aware of different offers and deals. Request them to leave a review after purchase.

    Plan a proper review system to earn the taste. Send the link for review soon after the purchase. It is attached to a buyer’s psychological factor. If you send review emails too late, it loses its value. When products are new, buyers are excited to share their experience with others. So, make the best use of

    Vxplore Technologies will offer you the best solution for your e-commerce stores. The experts of BigCommerce will take care of your all demand. From designing and building your store to customizing the storefront, they come up with the best strategies for you.

    It is no doubt to say that the mobile market is growing at a faster pace. Many new names are entering the field and make the business even more competitive. Having applications has become a necessity for every company. As the data revealed that users are spending most of the time on an application, no business wants to miss this opportunity to reach a wider network of consumers. While native applications  still have a large stake in the total demand, places are also made for hybrid and progressive web apps.

    If you measure the benefits of different app development process, the most effective is the progressive web application. It cuts down your budget and helps you start your mobile journey easily and faster than others. Many companies are still unaware of the benefits of these applications and they prefer native apps. These days, India shows its fastest economic development and Indian market remains wide open for new companies and business ideas. Native Android app development in India has a huge demand. But these progressive and hybrid apps are also making their ways to the mobile app development field.

    What is a progressive web application?

    A progressive web application is nothing but a website that works like a mobile application. It showcases an advanced process of an app development where you no need to think about the cross-platform applications.

    PWA has mainly three components that make these applications user-friendly and profitable for any business. It has an app shell that is made of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The second component is the service workers that are mainly the background JavaScript files for taking care of push notification and offline usage. The third component is an app manifest that allows you to install an app from browsers.

    These applications come up with the best benefits for users. People sometimes are reluctant to download an application due to the storage problem. If you design your application on the progressive web app, you can help your audience to visit your store without downloading anything.

    These applications are browser-based and this is why you no need to design cross-platform apps for your business. One app can serve you all demands. As compared to the performance, these apps may not overshadow the native applications. Native apps perform smoothly and they need times to build.

    Native applications require different app developers for different platforms, whereas progressive web apps do not need different developers. You can spend less when you opt for these applications. Though alternative options are spreading in the app development, native apps do not lose their strong position.

    Companies who are well aware of the market and audience target one or two platforms and they make applications on native app developments. Companies are choosing Native Android App Development in India because they give priority to consumer satisfaction.

    If your audience spreads across different platform, you can choose progressive web apps. They give your consumers a similar experience on every device they use. Like everything, this app development has some drawbacks also. Apple is not fully prepared for embracing progressive application, although it promises to offer an effective environment for this app soon.

    Vxplore Technologies is the place where you can meet your expectation rightly. Experienced app developers help you with the right suggestion. Contact us to catch the right track.


    Innovations are taking place swiftly in the mobile app development industry. Many new applications change the way we think and plan. They push the boundary further and welcome fresh ideas to surprise us. Mobile app development industry has been playing a major role in a country’s economy. While Native Android App Development in India is grabbing the attention of people, iOS applications get a better place in the UK and the USA. The app store gets many new applications every second. Here, we are talking about the trend the app development industry is witnessing in 2018.

    The Internet of Things:

    The Internet of Things is a network that connects physical devices, vehicles, and home appliances with electronic and sensors. This technology helps these devices exchange data with each other. The demand for this advancement is growing and companies are also shifting their interest to more advanced solutions. Companies are also hiring skilled people for designing sensors and web apps for this job.

    Cloud-based apps:

    Cloud-based applications are designed as an alternative to a native application. These applications can run on different platforms that have a good internet connection. This is indeed a true benefit for marketers who can afford to design an application for each platform.

    Mobile payments:

    Applications for mobile payment are increasing in number. The more people become mobile friendly, the bigger the demand grows. The mobile banking segment gets widened every day. Native app developers are truly working hard to meet the expectation.


    AI stands for Artificial Intelligence and comes up with an array of benefits. Companies are using AI added technologies for verification, validity, security, and control purposes. Companies are showing their interest in having AI apps in future. This trend has already introduced a new age of app development.

    Wearable Apps:

    Wearable applications are synchronized with smartphones and let users get important notifications and details easily on their wearable devices. Companies are focusing on developing smart watches, glasses, and health trackers. The industry is growing to add more new devices for you.

    Native Android app development in India and in other places finds a new pace with these trends. To give a better consumer experience, app developers are extending their skills to fit in this demand.

    Android Instant App:

    Android Instant Apps are awesome and they are designed in keeping users’ need in mind. Consumers can use an application without installing them. The concept was first introduced in 2016, and companies grabbed the theme to offer a better user experience.

    Android Instant applications are designed differently, so it needs different skills from developers. Native Android APP Development in India is showing a steady growth in this field. App developers are aware of the trend and they use their skills accordingly.

    If you are finding the best place for your app development, contact Vxplore Technologies. The developer’s team is open to new changes. So, you will always get an advanced service for this.

    Social Media Marketing has become an essential strategy for every business. If you want to go big, you have to make a creative plan for social media platforms. Companies come up with their innovative ideas to engage consumers. They very strategically promote brands while delivering quality content. Unlike conventional marketing strategies, they directly target consumers and offer entertaining content to them. You can hire social media marketing in the USA, the UK, and in India. They know the best ways to make your social presence likable to all.

    There are a few effective plans that not only boost your profits but also increase your consumer network. Remember that companies dealing with the social media marketing are huge. But only a few names taste the success. Here are key things that you need to remember to get the expected result.

    Choose the right platform:

    Not all social media platforms suit your business. Depending upon the type of the business you are dealing with, you can pick the right one. For example, if you have a jewelry shop and want to promote your business through social media, pick Instagram. It is the best place where you can post an attractive image of your product, which easily caught the attention of visitors. On the other side, Twitter finds success in posting engaging texts. If you are planning on Linkedin, content must contain a professional tone. If you are planning for Facebook marketing, keep it simple but engaging.

    Stay Active As Much As Possible:

    Social media algorithm gives priority to those profiles that stay active always. Post often and keep posting if you want to achieve big from social media. Compared to different marketing strategy, social media is truly different. You need to give a strong effort to earn more. Rather, play strategically and earn what you expect.

    Creative Content:

    Rely on creative content. Avoid creating a dead post and make ways for consumers to interact with you by like, comment, and share. You can invest time in making videos and thought-provoking images. Use different types of post to keep your consumers busy. Remember that you should not make them bored with similar themes. Designing creative content truly needs your grave attention. You can hire Social Media Marketing in the USA, the UK, and India. Companies dealing with professional works know how to promote your company better than others.

    Use paid service:

    If you are targeting something big, free features are not enough. Pay a small amount in boosting your post or running an ad campaign. If you are a newbie, a paid advertisement will be a great idea to get audience sharing the same business niche. Correct your targeting and make a positive approach to your plan.

    There are a few other things that you need to concentrate on. Ask Vxplore Technologies if you are not aware of the recent trend of social media marketing. Our expert team analyze your position and offer you the best plan that you need.

    There are many things happened in the digital world. The rules of search engine optimization keep changing to make ways for new ones, which are far more effective and essential for business. Some fields will never change in SEO, no matter how advanced you go. You need to pay attention to content marketing and link building along with new trends and strategies. Companies offering the search engine optimization service must include new options to offer more satisfying result to their clients.

    Voice Search:

    Voice search has been a talking point these days. As Google is relying more on the voice search result, companies have no choice other than making their website friendly to the trend. With the use of voice command, users can get information easily on Google. Since its inception, the feature gets a wide acceptance from users.

    Companies must make their website voice search friendly in order to survive in the competitive market. Since the aim is to offer a better user experience, companies must focus on the voice search feature.

    Ensure that your mobile site has a complete access to important resources like CSS files, videos, images, and more. Avoid flash and make your mobile site faster to load. The content of your page should be something that solves the general queries of your audience. Add high-quality images to your content and make your website perfect for voice search. If you are hiring a search engine optimization service, make sure that your chosen company provide you with all these trendiest features.

    Accelerated Mobile Pages:

    A page that loads poorly will not receive as much traffic as needed. Google has already pointed out the importance of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). Google rank those sites early that has AMP. So, it boosts users’ experience.

    You need to make sure that your website has AMP option, for which consider three important things – AMP HTML, AMP JS (Javascript), and AMP CDN (Content Delivery Network).

    Content Marketing:

    No matter how far you go, content remains to be one of the important factors of search engine optimization service. Search engines read your text and rank your pages according to relevancy. So, you must include quality content using the right keyword.

    If you are hiring a search engine optimization service, you will get content marketing along with other features. Professional bloggers will take care of your text content and will use the right keyword strategy also. Do not forget to add the link building tactics.

    Search engine optimization is a vast chapter to study and implement strategies properly. Vxplore Technologies will definitely help you find out the right path for you. Contact us to get a free SEO consultation and we analyze your present SEO to decide which areas need to be improved.

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