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Embedded Programming, Reverse Engineering, Bluetooth BLE Device Controlling with Artificial Intelligence for Next Generation Standing Desks.

NextErgo is a coveted US-based manufacturer of smart standing desk that offers a better working environment for employees. The smart standing desk is built with advanced technologies like posture correction, desk exercises, AI fitness alerts, and more that allows users to sit or stand and take care of their health needs during their work.

The brand collaborated with us to flourish their identity in their targeted fields. Our client bestowed an enormous trust on us for this project, and our whole team delivered the best work to enhance the product quality and promote the brand in the market.

With NextErgo, we also explored different fields and experimented with things to determine the best choices for the company. Our client was very clear about the mission, and they wanted us to be a part of this journey.

Our engineers and developers spent many years researching office ergonomics to add the unique touch that makes our product different from others. We were in the product development task to introduce features in the standing desks that no company offers to date. Our engineers and software developers worked together to introduce features that enhance the working comfort of the desk. We got complete support from our client, and they encouraged us to the innovations.

We also helped our client digitally with a unique website and a completely customized digital marketing plan.

Our research brings satisfying results as we offer software and product development support to ensure that every part of the smart standing desk works seamlessly to meet users’ experience. Our digital marketing team also enhances views and generate leads for the client with customized strategies and extraordinary digital marketing plans.

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