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August 30, 2017 v-xplore Android App Development, Android App Development,

Mobile application for any business is fun and effective destination for online sales and marketing. It not only helps to retain the relationship with the users but also to bring revenue to the business. After you launch your app after a good planning, it eases communication between the potential users and the business. But afterwards, you may find reviewers complaining about the bugs and the inconveniences, thus requesting for new features in your mobile application. But, when you work with a committed Android App Development , apart from development they also focus on upgrading the app for the betterment of your business. The developers at www.v-xplore.com continuously work upon the released app with a lot of innovations and thus add to your app’s features.

Being one of the most powerful marketing tools of today, the mobile applications need regular updates that can help an app to get more traffic relative to other apps on a device. You cannot change the name of the app with each upgrade, thus the Android App Development team assigns version numbers to the updated applications. A regular update even helps in ranking in the app stores. The loyal users love upgrades and thus it also assists you in brand retention and creates an appropriate impression for those potential users. The android developing professionals with much experience update the app based on the qualitative feedback, quantitative data and the market need. Thus research plays a key role in upgrading the mobile application for any kind of business. Thus, always make sure that your launched application gets updates at least once in a month. Whenever you hire Best Android App Developer for your business application talk about your need of monthly updates and design the plan accordingly.

Another crucial reason behind mobile app updates is bug fixing. Entrepreneurs hire Best Android App Developer as they fix every single bugs and errors of the previous version of the application, with every new upgrade. Users will always expect error free, technologically advanced application. Fixing the bugs and errors result in highly functional and secured application that retain users to others will the same old versions. The mobile applications need to be revised according to the new android versions too. The dedicated Android App Development team following the requirement update the app every now and then with the latest features to compete for the digital market successfully. When the application is coming with a new look and new features, never forget to promote the same to get the attention of the potential audience. Send notification the users about the new updated versions and make them realize their importance to your business.

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