What Are The Responsibilities Of An SEO Agency?

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What Are The Responsibilities Of An SEO Agency?

In earlier days, Search Engine Optimization aimed to make your website visible among the organic results on the SERP and thus generate traffic. But today, getting visible is insufficient; SEO has to target different audience personas using several devices and influence them to make a purchase on the site. That’s how high the competition is in the market today. This has also raised the need to search to search for Professional SEO Agency Near Me, Top SEO Agency Near Me, or Best SEO Agency Near Me. There has been a spike in the number of SEO Agencies as well.

Among the many SEO Agencies in India, Vxplore Technologies has a growing reputation in Kolkata. They are regarded as the Best SEO Agency Near Me in many client feedbacks. This has made them a trustworthy and reliable SEO service provider. Their clients are satisfied as they fulfill their duties excellently.

Let’s discuss some of the responsibilities that an SEO Agency carries:-

  1. Research Keywords on your behalf
  2. Optimize the content on your website
  3. Build links on your and other websites
  4. Communicate with you all along the process
  5. Report to you at the end of the campaign

Research Keywords on your behalf:

Keywords, a fundamental part of many aspects that boost your SEO ranking, should be prioritized. An SEO Agency like Vxplore Technologies research the keywords to be used throughout your website on your behalf. How do they do it? They are experts at figuring out what your potential customer searches for if they want to come in touch with a similar business as yours. This search query carries a bunch of keywords that, if targeted effectively, will give positive results. They consider the buyer’s intent when researching these keywords, thus making you visible in front of potential customers.

Optimize the content on your website:

Content is the SEO tool that adds the most points to your ranking. The content of your website generally refers to blog posts. Businesses mistake stuffing their blogs with as many keywords as possible. However, that won’t work in their favor. The aim should be to create quality content that provides enough value to the readers. Google awards valuable content with positive points that boost the website’s ranking. SEO Agencies serve all these goals with their expert content writing team.

Build links on yours and other websites:

SEO Agencies focus on both internal and external linking of your website. They include links to your old content with relevant tags in your latest content to add to its value, and this is called internal linking. They also aim to gain as many backlinks that are links to your website on other relevant websites. This signals to Google that your content is valuable and trustworthy.

Communicate with you all along the process:

SEO Agencies’ most vital duty is to maintain communication from the start until the end of the campaign. The client should be aware of all the progressions in the campaign. At the same time, the agency should have info about the client’s goals, past SEO experience, other active Digital Marketing campaigns, and other elements from the start of the campaign itself. This eliminates any worries of miscommunication or lack of information for both parties.

Report to you at the end of the campaign:

Vxplore Technologies is regarded as the Best SEO Agency Near Me by their clients because they deliver detailed reports about the campaign. This gives the customer a clear idea of SEO’s growth or fall impact on their business.

Here are the metrics that should be clear in a report:-

  1. The increase or decrease in traffic is the number of visitors to the website
  2. The ranking of the website on the Search Engine Results Page
  3. The number of leads is the number of people interested in the brand and who have a chance of a conversion.
  4. The number of people that converted into customers and the Conversion Rate.
  5. The Return on Investment from the campaign and the revenue generated.

Bottom Line

You do not need to look up Professional SEO Agency Near Me or Top SEO Agency Near Me on the internet; you can save your time by contacting Vxplore Technologies, the best SEO Agency in Kolkata, India.

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