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A search engine is an answering machine as it answers your all queries with informative pages that meet your demands.

A search engine is an answering machine as it answers your all queries with informative pages that meet your demands. Behind this, search engines run a complex process that is divided into three main steps – crawling, indexing, and ranking. If you are a beginner in the search engine optimization field, you must start your training with learning about search engines. When you get the idea clearly, it helps you to employ the best strategies to rank a website. If you are a businessperson, we recommend you hire a professional search engine optimization team for this job.

Vxplore Technologies is a renowned name for offering digital marketing support to businesses. If you are not satisfied with the rank of your website, you can trust us. We have branches in India and France, and we offer you the most needed support for your websites. Apart from the digital marketing service, you will also get support for mobile app development, website development, and more. Visit our service pages online and pick the service that you require.

If you want to get a rank for your website, ensure that search engines can see your sites. If it is not visible to search engines, it is as good as invisible. No matter how well your content is, your website will not give you views and traffic.

Search engines will get the idea about your website through these three processes – crawling, Indexing, and ranking.


Crawling is the first step where search engines release some robots that search content in any form such as text, videos, images, and PDFs, and this content is discovered by links. When the pages are discovered, the next process of indexing starts. To get a position, your web pages must be crawled by search engines.


Indexing is a big database where discovered content has been stored so that it serves the right answers to the searchers. It can be a big library of information.

Search engine ranking:

When you search a topic on the internet, the search engine checks the indexed content, and then it ranks the content as per the relevancy of the information to offer the most matched content on the top rank for the users.

If your website ranks higher on the search engines, it is considered to be a reliable site by the readers. You will get views and traffic, and your business will also get the best conversion.

Vxplore Technology is an experienced SEO company that offers the best way to rank your website. We have a creative team that designs content for your website that helps your readers, and our search engine optimizers also work hard to make your website understandable by search engines. We have branches in India and France. Contact us to promote your website digitally.

Don’t go for others’ opinion and visit your own site not as an owner but as a visitor. You will get so many areas that needed improvements. This is probably the best way of designing a user-friendly website. You added lucrative features and attractive designs. But does it count without the website traffic? No. if you are continuously getting a drop in traffic rate, your website needs serious attention from you. It lacks the user-friendliness leading to a poor the poor traffic.

Some website development companies make the point too hard to understand for business owners. It deals with simple things that your site needs. For example, just as an easy write-up grabs more readers, a simple design increases visitors. User interface design is basically the right term to define the user-friendliness of a website. Our aim is to make you knowledgeable about user-friendly factors of your websites.

Design a responsive website:

A responsive website is one that loads on any devices without lowering the visual quality. Since search engines give it a priority, you must consider a responsive website to please search engines as well as your visitors.

The website navigation should be simple:

It seems that creating simple things is the hardest challenge for developers. Multiple-level navigation can make your design complex. So, keep it to the minimum level. Define every page clearly with the right page names and details. On the web, we target consumers only. If your design meets their demand, it will be termed as successful.

Place your logo in the right position:

When it comes to brand identity, logo and company’s name first came into the mind. Don’t leave your users with difficulties to find your brand name. Place it in the right position, mostly at the upper left corner. Finding the right position for your logo helps visitors identify your brand easily. It is one of the important factors for designing user-friendly websites.

Website page speed:

The website page speed matters a lot. Search engines like Google consider the page speed as one of the ranking factors. The quicker your site loads, the better the attention it gets.

Include the search option for your site:

Users do not have much time to visit every page for their products. Keep the searching option within your site simple. You can also add Filter feature which helps visitors to pick the products what they are looking for.

User Clear Call To Action:

Call-To-Action is important for every website. It leads your visitors to the next step. Don’t use any ambiguous words that increase confusion. Here are some simple examples.

“Click Here to Order”, “Contact Us”, “Get a Quote”, “Buy Now”, “Get Your Coupon”, and more.

Make content easy to read:

Don’t use artistic words for your websites. Include the regular and simple definitions. Use those words your consumers can understand easily.

Make a balance between text and media:

Website designers are paying more attention to correct a design. It is true that images and videos attract attention more, but you need to use it strategically. A balance between text and images improves the visual appeal of your website.

Design a Shareable content:

A shareable content performs so many things for your business. When your customer finds it worth reading, they share the content that brings engagement. It is also a part of user-friendly website design.

So, these are the factors that help you develop a site for your users. Include all necessary details that your site needs and stay ahead in the competition. Vxplore Technologies is known for designing great websites that meet the standard as well as attract the attention of visitors. Our experienced developers‘ team help you reach your target group interestingly.