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    Online business is exploring every day with new thoughts and developments. Unknown names are becoming known in the online sector and they are making a place in the heart of the audience. All of these are possible for the e-commerce business. One of the main players in this ever-growing field is BigCommerce. It is a platform that helps people to open their business online and sell their products. If you are going to plan for a new business, hire BigCommerce Designer who will help you get a well-organized store.

    There are many reasons for choosing BigCommerce. Every marketer wants to have a high-traffic and website conversion. The features of BigCommerce meet the expectation of people. They have tools that converse visitors into buyers. If you are still not aware of the benefits of BigCommerce, here are some facts to consider.

    You can recover 15% of abandoned carts:

    The abandoned cart is one of the major issues that e-commerce service experiences these days. Online shopper abandoned the items in their cart. BigCommerce has a special tool to remind your shoppers that they have products in their cart. The tool sends them a series of emails to request them to complete their purchase. BigCommerce employs the best practices that help you recover abandoned cart problems. They know when to send emails and which discounts and offers prompt buyers to take an active step.

    Single page checkout:

    BigCommerce stresses the prevailing problems and solves them with the right features and tools. E-commerce industry relies on the easy navigation option. If customers find a product and complete their purchase at minimum clicks, your web stores get noticed by all. It offers a single page checkout which improves the conversion rate by 12%.

    The filter options:

    When your customers find products on your store easily, you will also gain success in the business. Add the filtering options with size, colors, brand, and custom attributes.

    Win the trust of consumers with buyers’ review:

    Reviews make your site trustworthy. When you display what your audiences say about your products, it improves the customers and sellers bonding. As it is said that product reviews can increase your sale by 18%, it is a must to have an option for your website.

    Customize coupons for buyers:

    Surprise your loyal customers by offering them coupons. BigCommerce discounting tools are for both new and existing customers. It allows you to maintain different kinds of discounts with options like flash sells, percentage discounts, product bundling, shipping discounts, and more from one place. So, you will get everything with BigCommerce that spreads your business.

    If you need expert support for your store building and optimization, Vxplore Technologies will help you in the best way. We have a team of experts who take care of your business very well. If you have a new business idea and want to build a store that utilizes the complete potential of the products, we are there for you.

    Everyone is dreaming of a great business website that serves consumers’ need perfectly. A well-designed site with all upgraded feature pleases visitors. E-commerce industry came up with a bright future and new business ideas make it a successful field. Starting a business has become easier now, but attracting the attention is one of the important things you need to maintain as a marketer.

    As the demand grows, e-commerce development companies are making their presence felt with some lucrative details and choices. Look at successful companies that have made a strong name in the e-commerce business. They have an attractive design, clear product segments, and well-defined product pages. They concentrate on users’ behavior and design everything that lead a visitor to buy a product.

    Even a creative idea with great potential in the market can fail if you don’t have a proper website to represent this. So, choosing the best e-commerce development company is a major thing for a business. From designs to details and from features to the product display, your e-commerce site is more like your shop from where you can sell your product.

    Here are some factors that you need to keep in mind while hiring the best name.


    The portfolio holds the working history of a company, so you should not skip them. It is a great way to learn about a company and understand their efficiency. You can also get the idea of whether the company has prior knowledge of working on similar business niches like yours.


    Experience makes a company knowledgeable. It is not that a new name cannot serve your needs, but it may lack the precision of works. An experienced company has already faced so many challenges and they know how to solve a problem. They can properly use their skills without wasting time. So your project will be ready in the minimum time and you can start your business as early as possible.

    Development Process:

    The development process of an e-commerce development company depends on your needs and demands. But, you need to ensure that the company must maintain a specific time frame and they can deliver your work within the given time. Technologies and trends are also crucial and your project must include them. The company should follow a transparent process so that you will aware of every step taken for your e-commerce website.

    Payment structure:

    Payment structure is another important thing and you must have a clear knowledge about it. Know how your company charges for e-commerce development. Understand the hidden clauses and agreements first. Take the right decision for your business and ensure success.

    At Vxplore Technologies, we understand that the beginning must be correct in order to keep everything on track for your online business. Developing an e-commerce website is the starting point that gives business ideas for your future. We have an excellent team that takes care of your business pretty well. If you have any query regarding your online store development, we will be happy to help you.

    The e-commerce industry is growing swiftly. There is a change in the mindset of people and they are showing more interest in having a business instead of working for others. The internet creates a global village, and with that, people are getting a chance to show their product to the global audience. As an E-commerce Development Company, we have received so many requests for designing and developing e-commerce sites for many innovative businesses. Our marketing team has gone through a deep research and come up with the plan that helps start-ups set their business well. If you are planning to start an e-commerce business, make sure you cover all of these points.

    1. Understand the market opportunity and place your product:

    If you are a new player in the field, you must understand the market opportunity first. There are many ways to do this. Use the advantages the internet gives you. There are some tools that make your task easier.

    • Keyword planner: keyword planner helps you find the right keywords for your business. Keywords are a word or word phrases used by your consumers. Knowing them helps you stay ahead of others. You can use the most effective keyword planner tool and analyzes your keyword for free.
    • Facebook Ads manager: This tool makes you understand your audience for specific products or services.
    • Google Trends: It presents information regarding the trend of using keywords. You can easily analyze how the preferences of customers have changed over times.
    • Industry Reports: Industry reports make you aware of the product demand. This helps you plan your products in the right way.
    • Know About Your Competitors: Having knowledge of competitors’ move enriches your business in many ways. Understand their marketing ideas and then pick the best option for you which are effective yet not ventured before.


    1. Customer service:

    A good customer service defines your business flawlessly. Every big name always keeps this point top in their list. Set up a great customer service that allows you to reply quickly to their queries. Before launching your e-commerce business, make sure that you establish a live chat option for your customer in order to help them in a satisfying way.

    1. Logistics issue:

    If you want to flourish in the e-commerce business, you have to manage your logistics issue creatively. This is probably the toughest part of your business, and it has to be handled by experts. There are some questions that need to be answered. Where is your warehouse? How to store products? Who will manage the inventory? How will the shipping be done? You need to choose the right shipping career as per your need. Sometimes, the shipping charges exceed the product value. Make a proper plan to handle the problem.

    1. Inventory management and order processing:

    The inventory management and order processing are crucial things and they have to be supervised by experts. There are some issues that you have to take care of such as advanced product stocking, product quantities, box sizes, shipping service providers, and the shipping cost.

    Before considering anything, you must resolve the issues like free shipping option, cost-effective way of international and local shipping, and more. Some companies even hire an order fulfillment entity to look after the matter in a more accurate way.

    1. Price your product:

    Deciding the right price for your product is really a tough option. Keeping the price too low will not bring any benefits for you, whereas a costly price does not attract the buyers. The best way to set the right price is considering the production cost of a product and analyzing competitors’ offers. Fix a price which is lucrative for your business.

    If you are new in the e-commerce business, you must consider these factors. At Vxplore Technologies, we value your dreams and come up with such solutions which are unique and effective for you.  As an E-commerce Development Company, we assure you that your presentation of products remains unique and attractive. Step up in the world of e-commerce with us and earn achievements.


    The e-commerce industry is growing and it incorporates new ideas every day. People find an easy way to start their business by opening an e-store that works similarly as their brick and mortar shop. The only difference between the two is that you can keep your e-store open always and encourage profit goal. Much has already been said and done by e-business men. But, the real success in this widespread industry relies on the updates. You cannot run a business in the same way as you did a few years back. Strategies are changing, and so are the methods. Here, we talk about the secrets of success in the e-commerce industry. Choose the right e-commerce platform that meets your demand and incorporates all needed ideas that lead you to your goal. BigCommerce customization has found a huge growth in this regard. The features are well-defined and the services are easy to use.

    Those who earn success in the field of e-commerce follow a few rules which are very essential for the business. They are strict in their plans and know which are good for their business. If you want to achieve the expected success, you have to incorporate those rules into your strategy.

    Know your customers’ perspective first:

    You have to think like a customer if you want to design your store attractive and profitable. No matter which platform you choose, your strategies must be innovative and resonate with your consumers’ view. Renowned companies invest time in analyzing their target group first and then concentrate on e-commerce development.

    Use email and social media for the business:

    Email and social media are two important tools for increasing the conversion rate for your business. While e-store keeps the door open to your consumers, email and social media engagements drive them towards your business. So, along with your e-store management, you must give importance to other goals also.

    Don’t launch your store in a hurry:

    It is important to launch your business before others to grab the market. But, that does not mean you rush your launch. Take your time and design your website perfectly with all essential features and options that make you different from others. To engage in a flawless launch, you can choose BigCommerce customization or Shopify e-commerce development.

    Test everything of your website:

    If you don’t want your consumers to get a bad experience from your site, test everything of your site. Understand the areas that need modification and come up with the right plan for your business.

    Pay attention to search engine optimization:

    Make your site search engine friendly with the help of SEO. Hire an SEO company that gives their best to increase the ranking of your site. BigCommerce SEO has earned respect for its result-oriented goal. You can use their strategies for a better understanding.

    There are a few tips that will definitely bring a change in your e-commerce business. If you want a professional support for designing and developing your online store, you can contact Vxplore Technologies. The expert developers have every solution to your problem.

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