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E-commerce makes easy for businessmen to start their company. They can easily sell their products to consumers online without any requirement of a brick and mortar store. So, if you are planning for having an online market, you no need to go for a hefty process. You must have your business application designed and upload products of your interest. But, the question is which app will be the best for you – native Android app development or web-based application?

Web Application Vs. Native Apps:

Companies are using web applications more because of their platform friendliness and their cost-effective design. It is no doubt to say that web applications are the easiest option if you are a newbie in the market and want to make a position first. But when your company proceeds to the success, you should concentrate on designing a native application . The native Android app development in India reveals a trend that denotes a shift from a web application to native apps.

Why Native Apps?

Advanced technologies and HTML5 have made the web-based application look and run like native apps. But when it comes to performance, they are not as flawless as native ones. Web applications are a browser-based application that can run on chrome or safari. Users no need to install this application. So, in terms of user-friendliness, this type of application overpowers others. Marketers still believe that companies should develop a native application for offering the best option to users.

Personalized Offers and Discounts:

Users’ satisfaction comes foremost when it is about the online business. Web applications, though is the best solution to reach consumers in a wide network, fail to serve individual needs of users. But, you can definitely start with web applications. When you start making a consumer pool and loyal buyers, shift to native apps. This is probably the best way if you are planning to venture into the e-commerce field.

In native applications, you can choose your platform – Android or iOS. Native iOS APP Development in the USA is overwhelmed with responses. Companies are targeting iOS platforms because their business relates to iOS users more than Android ones. But in India, the statistic is different. Android users outnumber other platforms and companies are also showing interest in Native Android App Development.

Personalized Offers and Discounts:

You should not overlook the factor of – personalized services. If you fail to understand the demands of your users, your offers will not get a success. Native applications collect data that help you identify the demand in the market. Using the algorithm, you can use data to design offers, discounts, and coupons that attract the best of consumers’ interest. Native applications for e-commerce are more than your online store.

So, if you want to move ahead of others, you must design a native application. Choose the right platform for your app and start promoting your products on the global level. Vxplore Technologies has a team of experts that understand the market and know how to improve your brand image. They have a rich experience in the field of designing and development. If you are interested in Native Android App Development in India, we are waiting to have a friendly discussion with you.

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