How To Reserve An App’s Name?

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How To Reserve An App’s Name?

Reserving an app’s name is a very crucial decision. If you want to ensure a safe journey for app development, you can start the development process by reserving your app’s name. Here, you will learn more about the process of an app’s name reservation. If you run a business and want to take a step ahead, please consult with us. You can contact any mobile app builder near you

Apple allows you to serve the name, which helps you to protect your app’s name from stealing.

Follow these steps to complete the process with Apple:

  1. Login to account.
  2. My Apps in the right corner
  3. Add new app
  4. Fill in the info regarding the app. You must have an app bundle to complete it
  5. Press “create”

When it comes to Android, the process is even simple. You can reserve multiple apps on the same name. So, the app reservation does not require. Now, the question is whether you want the same name for your application or not.

Besides reserving the app names, you can also concentrate on other factors, including:

  1. Domain name
  2. Facebook page name
  3. Twitter page name
  4. Other social Media page names

How to choose the right name for your mobile application:

Short Name:

When it comes to choosing the right app name, it has to be short. Since the space for your app name is limited, you must concentrate on naming your app short and simple. Although you have 256 characters for your app name, the too-long name cannot get complete visibility on an app’s store. A mobile app development company takes care of everything. Contact the Best Android App Development Company for designing your application. They will take all responsibility for designing your app.

Distinctive Name:

Distinctive names reduced the confusion between your app and other applications. So, create a distinctive name for your application. 

Don’t use names trademarked by others:

Get the right of your app name that you reserve for applications. If the name is trademarked by others, there is a chance of infringement, and you no longer use that name. 

Don’t use differentiating info at the end of the name: 

A long name or differentiating information will not be visible by companies if you add it at the end of the name. 

Avoid Emojis in your name:

You cannot reserve a name that has emojis or unsupported characters. 

Manage additional app names:

You can manage app names in the app management section. In some cases, you may use multiple names for the same application. A Mobile App Development Company will be the best place for designing your application. Find the best app development company and design your application.

If you want a smooth journey for your app development, you can contact Vxplore Technologies for designing or building your application. If you want to know more details, please connect with us. 

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