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May 15, 2018 v-xplore Hybrid applications, Hybrid mobile applications,

Hybrid mobile applications are designed for working on cross platforms. They are completely different from native apps, but they work like native ones on your devices. Due to the excessive costs and maintenance issue, companies choose hybrid applications to grab better opportunities within the budget. When a single code base works well on multiple devices, a business automatically grows with fewer obstacles. The shift to hybrid app development is everywhere. Even companies that have chosen Native Android App Development in India are on their way to launch their hybrid applications.

Hybrid Vs Native Apps:

The conversation is still going on about Native Application Vs Hybrid Application. As per the market record, hybrid applications outshine other apps because of their innovative, beneficial approaches. They are like native applications and access native features such as GPS, camera, contacts, and sensors. There is a difference between these two app platforms. While a native application requires platform-specific languages such as Swift, Objective-C, and Java, hybrid apps use web technologies such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

The Benefits of Hybrid Apps:

The hybrid application employs webview wrapper such as Electron or Apache Cordova to call native functions. Mobile app developers are extending their skills to serve the greater demand. Web applications have already been famous, and now they are going to use the same codebase for designing the application. Hybrid applications provide an array of benefits to users and to companies. If you have already a web application and want to turn it into an app, hybrid applications prove to be the best option. In India, Kolkata has shown an impressive result of the demand for hybrid app development. You will get some of the best names in Mobile App Development in Kolkata. Three different mobile app development platforms are – Native, Cross-platform, and Hybrid.

Web App to Hybrid App:

Turning a web app into a hybrid application needs a few simple changes. Since codebase of a web app is similar to that of hybrid applications, developers include easy tweaks in their development process. When you choose a native application for your business, you need to build different codebase for each platform. Maintenance issues bring in more difficulties than you imagine. You need to take care of updates and other details.

These are not in the case of hybrid applications. They are easier to maintain for companies.  Vxplore Technologies and its app development team concentrate on the demand of companies. They suggest the right way for your business. Contact vxplore Technologies for more information.

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