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Times of India, a prominent name in the media and distribution industry, turned to us for digital solutions to revolutionize paper distribution and billing. Our mission was to bridge the traditional and the modern, resulting in apps that ensure the newspaper reaches every doorstep. Leveraging Jetpack Compose for Android and CodeIgniter in the backend, we’ve developed a suite of applications and web tools to streamline paper distribution and billing operations.



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In summary, our mission to modernize Times of India’s paper distribution and billing processes by embracing digital solutions not only streamlined operations but also enhanced customer experiences and revenue growth. The transition allowed Times of India to maintain its trusted position in the media and distribution industry while embracing the opportunities of the digital age.

Our digital solutions successfully bridged the gap between tradition and modernity for Times of India:


The distribution management system reduced delays, improved route optimization, and decreased operational costs.

Revenue Growth

Billing automation streamlined financial transactions and enabled data-driven decision-making for targeted marketing efforts.

Enhanced Customer Experience

The digital portal and mobile app increased subscriber engagement and opened new advertising opportunities.


The move to digital solutions also aligned with environmental sustainability efforts by reducing paper usage.

Our Approach

Our Approach

Our team embarked on a mission to bridge the gap between tradition and modernity by implementing digital solutions that could revolutionize paper distribution and billing for Times of India.

Digital Transformation

We initiated a comprehensive digital transformation of Times of India’s distribution and billing processes. This involved transitioning from manual and paper-based systems to digital platforms and automation.

Distribution Management

  • We developed a robust digital distribution management system that enabled precise tracking and management of newspapers and magazines from the printing press to the end customers.
  • This system provided real-time insights into distribution routes, optimizing delivery schedules, and reducing delays.

Billing Automation

  • We automated the billing process, allowing subscribers and vendors to receive invoices and make payments online, streamlining financial transactions.
  • The billing system also provided detailed reports and analytics, enabling Times of India to gain insights into customer preferences and behaviors.

Customer Engagement

  • To enhance customer engagement, we introduced a digital portal and a mobile app for subscribers, providing them with convenient access to digital content, personalized news, and interactive features.
  • This not only increased subscriber satisfaction but also opened new channels for advertising and revenue generation.


Our journey with Times of India was not without its challenges:

  • Transitioning from traditional paper-based processes to digital solutions required meticulous planning and change management to ensure a smooth adoption by employees.
  • Ensuring data security and privacy were paramount, particularly with the digitization of customer and financial information.

The Challenge

Times of India, a leading and well-respected name in the media and distribution industry, faced the challenge of transforming its traditional paper distribution and billing processes into a digital and more efficient system. They approached us with a mission to modernize their operations while maintaining the trust and reliability they had built over the years.

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