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JaduRide is a cab booking app. With a tech stack boasting Flutter, PHP CodeIgniter, Node.js, and powered by AWS services like EC2, RDS, and WebSocket, we bring the streets to life in this seamless mobile app. Our innovative approach includes custom packages for Flutter in Android, ensuring real-time communication and notifications for a truly magical ride.



Cab Aggregator Application Development



Tech Stack

Flutter, CodeIgniter, MySQL, Node.js, MongoDB, AWS, Load Balancer, Auto Scaling, jQuery, Google Map, Places API, Direction API, Swift

Key Results

Added 25,000+ customers

Successful operation in Guwahati, Assam

Onboarded 8,000 drivers in just 3 months

About the Client


A dynamic player in the transportation industry, approached us with a vision to transform traditional cab services into a modern, efficient, and user-friendly cab aggregator platform. Their goal was to provide residents of Guwahati, Assam, with a seamless and innovative transportation solution.

Product Vision

The client’s vision was to create a comprehensive cab aggregation platform that offered unique features such as “scan and go,” on-call booking, cab and car booking, and pick and drop services. The goal was to simplify transportation for both customers and drivers while ensuring safety, convenience, and affordability.

Business Requirements

The primary business requirements included:

  • Development of a cab aggregator application from scratch.
  • Integration of unique features like “scan and go,” on-call booking, and pick and drop services.
  • Rapid expansion of the customer and driver base.
  • Ensuring a user-friendly and intuitive interface.


Our Approach

To meet the client’s ambitious goals, we adopted a strategic approach that included:

System Design

  • Collaborative design sessions with the client to define the user experience and feature set.
  • Integration of Google Maps, Places API, and Direction API for accurate navigation.
  • Implementation of “scan and go” and on-call booking features for convenience.

Development Milestones

  • An 8-month development timeline to ensure comprehensive testing and feature implementation.
  • Development of the application from scratch using Flutter for cross-platform compatibility.
  • Integration of AWS services like Load Balancer and Auto Scaling for scalability.

Methodology Used

We followed an Agile development methodology to ensure flexibility and adaptability throughout the project. Regular client feedback and iterative development allowed us to refine the application’s features.

Technical Architecture

  • Front-end Tech Stacks: Flutter for cross-platform mobile app development, Swift for iOS.
  • Key Tech Stacks: CodeIgniter for the backend, MySQL and MongoDB for data storage, Node.js for server-side logic.

Project Execution

  • Development of a user-friendly and intuitive mobile application for both Android and iOS platforms.
  • Integration of Google Maps and location-based services for accurate navigation.
  • Implementation of unique features, including “scan and go,” on-call booking, and pick and drop services.
  • Utilization of AWS services for load balancing and auto-scaling to ensure seamless performance even during peak usage.

Features Built

  • “Scan and go” for quick booking and payment.
  • On-call booking for immediate ride requests.
  • Cab and car booking options for user flexibility.
  • Pick and drop services for convenience.
  • Integration with Google Maps for accurate route information.
  • Utilization of AWS services for seamless scalability.

User Flow Created

We designed a seamless user flow that allowed customers to book rides quickly and efficiently while providing drivers with a straightforward platform for managing bookings.


During the development process, we faced several challenges:

  • Ensuring real-time synchronization of driver and customer data for accurate ride matching.
  • Implementing “scan and go” and on-call booking features while maintaining app stability.
  • Managing rapid customer and driver onboarding during the initial launch phase.


Through our dedicated efforts and innovative solutions, Jaduride.com achieved remarkable results:

  • Onboarding of 25,000+ customers and 8,000 drivers within just 3 months of operation.
  • Successful launch and operation in Guwahati, Assam, providing a convenient and affordable transportation solution to residents.


In summary, Vxplore Technologies partnered with Jaduride.com to create a cutting-edge cab aggregator application from scratch. Through innovative features and robust development, we transformed traditional cab services into a modern and user-friendly platform, resulting in rapid customer and driver onboarding and successful operation in Guwahati, Assam.

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