Vxplore Technologies partnered with to revolutionize traditional desks into smart, connected workstations. Through a combination of IoT, AI/ML, and innovative software development, we successfully converted wired communication to touch-screen communication, launched the product on Kickstarter with significant sales, and delivered a cutting-edge solution capable of enhancing productivity and comfort in modern workplaces.



IoT Project


Smart Office Furniture

Tech Stack

NDK, Java, MySQL, Python, BLE Communication, Android


Successful conversion of wired communication to touch-screen communication

Launch on Kickstarter with 10K+ units sold

Delivery of Enterprise Level Software with online/offline capabilities and auto-update functionality

About the Client, a leading player in the smart office furniture industry, approached Vxplore Technologies with a vision to revolutionize traditional desks into smart, connected workstations. Their aim was to enhance user experience, productivity, and ergonomics in the modern workplace.

Product Vision

The client envisioned a line of intelligent desks that could seamlessly integrate with various office technologies. These desks would provide users with the ability to control their workspace with touch-screen interfaces and offer features like height adjustment, personalized settings, and data analytics.

Business Requirements

The primary business requirements were to:

  • Convert wired desk communication to wireless touch-screen communication
  • Create an IoT product with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) capabilities
  • Ensure online/offline functionality for remote usability
  • Implement auto-update software for hassle-free maintenance

Our Approach

To meet the client’s ambitious goals, Vxplore Technologies embarked on a comprehensive approach that included:

System Design

  • Collaborative design sessions with the client to refine the desk’s IoT features.
  • Integration of BLE communication for wireless connectivity.
  • Development of a responsive and user-friendly touch-screen interface.

Development Milestones

  • Extensive Research and Development over three years.
  • Reverse engineering to adapt existing desks for smart functionality.
  • Implementation of AI/ML algorithms for data analytics and user personalization.

Methodology Used

We adopted an Agile development methodology to ensure flexibility and adaptability throughout the project. Regular client meetings and iterative development allowed us to fine-tune the smart desk’s features.

Technical Architecture

  • Front-end Tech Stacks: Java-based Android application with a user-friendly touch-screen interface.
  • Key Tech Stacks: NDK, Java, MySQL, Python, BLE Communication.

Project Execution

Developed a touch-screen interface for controlling desk height, lighting, and user preferences.

  • Implemented BLE communication for wireless connectivity.
  • Incorporated AI/ML algorithms for personalized user experiences.
  • Ensured online/offline capabilities for remote desk control.
  • Implemented auto-update software to simplify maintenance.

Features Built

  • Height adjustment via touch-screen interface.
  • Personalized user settings.
  • Data analytics for user productivity and comfort.
  • Wireless connectivity with BLE communication.
  • Online/offline mode for remote control.
  • Auto-update functionality for seamless maintenance.

User Flow Created

We created a seamless user flow that allowed users to adjust desk settings, view productivity data, and personalize their workspace with ease.


While transforming traditional desks into smart, connected workstations, we encountered several challenges:

  • Adapting existing desk structures for IoT functionality.
  • Ensuring reliable BLE communication for a seamless user experience.
  • Developing AI/ML algorithms for personalized desk settings.
  • Implementing online/offline capabilities for remote usage.
  • Designing an auto-update system for easy maintenance.


Through our dedicated efforts and innovative solutions, we achieved remarkable results:

  • Successful conversion of wired desk communication to touch-screen communication.
  • A Kickstarter launch that garnered support and resulted in 10K+ units sold.
  • Delivery of an Enterprise Level Software capable of working in both online and offline modes.
  • Implementation of an auto-update software system for hassle-free maintenance.


Vxplore Technologies partnered with to revolutionize traditional desks into smart, connected workstations.

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