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SEO Packages

In the beginning 1st month of the project , our team at Vxplore technologies put their 75% focus on on-page works such as detailed analysis of keywordwebsite contentnavigation, website structure & design  and remaining 25% on off-site works such as quality blog posting & link building.  If your website is complete mess or has tones of pages in an irrational way, one-by-one page recreation will be carried out in the initial phase of the project. Off-page task will be executed in full swing from 2nd month.

For effective webpage creation, you need to share your business videos, PDFs, Images & requirements in order to enliven your contents & make it goal oriented.

Methodology of SEO at Vxplore technologies

Step 1:- Documentation of Discussion:- Our experienced professionals will interact with you face to face and elaborately ask open &closed ended questions for exact SEO requirement. You must reply clearly with your best possible knowledge. Even we urge you to share your expectations, website related problems, requirements & ideas for long run SEO optimization. Meanwhile we note down the important points of conversation for doing on-page work & relevant content creation in an efficient way.

Step 2:- Discover right Keywords:-  At Vxplore technologies, we have got excellence in right word creation. Our experienced team of experts performs deep down analysis of the documented information to bestow right & long relevant keywords upon you to cover maximum target market. This finally provides you better ranking in search engine & an edge over your competitors.

Step 3:- Planned Meta Changes:- After getting right keyword, our brilliant experts work for unique meta tag creation so that your webpage can get easily described to the search engine like Google; Yahoo; Bing.  Indeed Meta tag creation or adjustment is the base of aggressive SEO strategy.

At Vxplore technologies, our experts practice LSI based Meta Tags & integrate them to your website for optimized ranking across all prominent search engines.

Step 4:- Content Creation: –   We at Vxplore technologies collect, refine, enhance & consolidate relevant data from sources such as Google webmaster & majestic SEO and integrate the data influenced with modern technologies like site analytics & backlink trackers. We always develop your content with right keyboards relevant to your business & intended objectives.

Step 5:- Inbound Link: – We develop good inbound links as well as proper link & inter link matrix in many reputed websites. More inbound link means more diversion of prospective visitors at your webpage. It ultimately adds to your better search engine ranking.

Because of our innovative technique of content development, you get massive traffic flow with improved ranking in search engine.

Step 6:- Monthly calculation of Ranking, link Building, Social media activities & Traffic:- At the end of every month, we will submit you entire SEO progress report including the update of your improvement in ranking, organic traffic, social media & link building activities.

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