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    TSNMI – Case Studies

    TSNMI is a fashion store offering trendy clothes and fashion accessories for both men and women.

    TSNMI is a fashion store offering trendy clothes and fashion accessories for both men and women. With exclusive collections and unique fashion choices, the company has become the most visited destination for designer dresses and accessories.


    • Brand Strategy & Research
    • Shopify Custom Design
    • E-commerce store development
    • User experience

    Being a fashion store, TSNMI is focusing on a highly competitive market and our challenge was to make the website different, unique, attractive, and user-friendly so that users could easily distinguish the difference between TSNMI and other fashion brands. Website Designs and presentation of the products were the big factors for a company. Along with everything, we also focused on the high secure website where customers can share details safely for completing their purchase.

    Our challenge was to design an e-store that is unique and attractive and meets the fashion demands of the target customer group satisfyingly. We employed some exceptional strategies for the brand and they prove to be the reason for their success.

    • We changed the entire look of the e-store by adopting a completely different design for the product display. We didn’t follow the conventional e-store designing rules and replaced the header and footer position uniquely to simplify the design and to help users get product details and additional information without scrolling the page.
    • We focused more attention on the product images to divert the attention of customers directly on the selling factor.
    • We developed a well-structured e-store with minimal categorizing
    • Our team stressed more importance on using colors, text fonts, and graphical presentation which turn the collection charming and attractive.
    • We employed a high-security code to make the e-store secure for customers.
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