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    The world has moved online, and so have businesses. It has become crucial for a business to open an online store in such a time. These online stores can be set up on Shopify’s websites. Shopify is a huge marketplace with millions of shops earning online by selling their products for whatever price they want. Shopify is solving problems for many people and allowing them to do business through the internet. An online store created by a Shopify Agency has many operations behind it, like its set-up, marketing, and promotion.

    Here comes the advantage of hiring Shopify Experts and Shopify Agency.

    Let’s understand this:

    1. Who’s a Shopify Expert?
    2. What’s a Shopify Agency?

    Who’s a Shopify Expert?

    As the name suggests, they carry expertise and experience of years with the Shopify marketplace. They provide set-up, development, branding, and promotion services to people who want to start a shop on Shopify.

    What’s a Shopify Agency?

    Shopify Agency is a group of Shopify Experts and Shopify Web Designer. They provide the same services for the set-up and management of larger online shops.

    Vxplore Technologies is a Shopify Agency based in Kolkata, India. It has a group of highly efficient Shopify Experts and Shopify Web Designer aiming to help their clients. They can grow on Shopify through their services.

    Now let’s understand when one should hire a Shopify Agency and take their services:

    1. If you lack time and are too busy to work on maintenance of the online store, you should reach out to a Shopify Agency. This must be understood that, like any other offline, physical store, an online store also needs the owner’s time, attention, and a lot of work. It’s not just about launching a website.
    2. If you are not familiar with Shopify or if this is your first time setting up an online store. Then you will benefit significantly from the expertise of Shopify Agency and their Shopify Web Designer.
    3. Shopify Experts also act as consultants, which can be crucial in needing some guidance. Shopify Agency provides consultation services that help the shop owner grow and manage their shop online. They share the knowledge to help the shop owner squeeze through a tight spot if he gets stuck on Shopify.
    4. Managing an online store is a hassle when it’s new, starting from set-up until its marketing and promotion to attract new customers and generation store footfall. This can be too much for a first-timer; a Shopify Agency like Vxplore Technologies can help with all the operations related to online stores.
    5. If you already have an online store and want to customize its design and integrate new features, then Shopify Web Designer can help you.
    6. Every newcomer to online business faces challenges in the allocation of funds. Spending money on unnecessary additions can be a big problem, and Shopify Experts can guide you in budgeting to ensure you don’t overspend and have a good time.
    7. Suppose you want to save up through outsourcing to a Shopify Agency instead of setting up an in-house team of Shopify Experts to handle all the operations. Setting up an in-house team will be expensive due to office expenses, the individual salary of employees, and office equipment costs. On the other hand, Shopify Agencies like Vxplore Technologies have everything ready at reasonably priced packages.

    Final Words:

    Reach out to Vxplore Technologies today to get the best Shopify Agency in India to guide you with expertise to open your online store.

    During and after the pandemic, people increasingly shifted to an ecommerce platform for their shopping needs, allowing businesses and young entrepreneurs to establish a towering presence in the field of ecommerce. Many businesses choose Shopify as their go-to company for setting up their online store to fulfill this need. This also called for Shopify Expert or Shopify Developer In India. Vxplore Technologies, based in Kolkata, India, is the best organization that offers Shopify Expert In Kolkata. They have specialists from this domain who have assisted many business owners in setting up their online stores on Shopify.

    Let’s first understand how Shopify Expert can help your business :

    1. It saves you time and efforts
    2. High-quality work
    3. Expertise in providing the customer experience
    4. Supports your business as consultants

    Saves you time and effort:

    Owning a physical business is no easy challenge in itself, and then expanding an online store will need you to devote more of your precious time. You might face the problem in allocating your time likewise, and then Shopify Expert from Vxplore Technologies can invest their time on your behalf. They can take care of all the processes related to Shopify Store development, saving you time and effort.

    High-quality work:

    Work speaks on behalf of a man. Justifying this, the skilled employees at Vxplore Technologies are accustomed to working tirelessly and efficiently to provide your business with the best growth charts from your large online story venture at Shopify. We don’t call them the best Shopify Expert In India for nothing; they have repeatedly proven themselves.

    Expertise in providing customer experience:

    Numerous startups start every year, and most of them fail. Do you know why? Because they fail to provide their customers with the best experience in the market. Customer Experience is the total of everything you deliver to your customers. Shopify Expert at Vxplore Technologies understands this very well and is determined to provide the best customer experience to you, their customer, and your clients.

    Supports your business as consultants:

    Vxplore Technologies firmly believes that new startups and also experienced businesses will need a holding hand once in a while to help them cross a hurdle on their way to success. The best Shopify Developer In India is always there to ensure that their customers face no problems during their reign in the world of ecommerce. They are there to assist you with all their expertise and skills and deliver the kind of service that gives the utmost value to your investment.

    Things you should pay attention to while you pick the perfect Shopify Expert for your business:

    1. Analyzing the skills of the Shopify Developer
    2. Checking for their communication skills
    3. Listening to what their other clients have to say
    4. Transparency about your business plans and letting them know what you are expecting

    Bottom Line:

    Vxplore Technologies can provide you with the best Shopify Expert In Kolkata, India, eliminating the need for you to look elsewhere.

    If you are reading this, you are already familiar with Shopify as a fast-growing marketplace and might be wondering how you can be a Shopify Expert in India. With the recent growth of emerging startups, being a Shopify Expert will help you gain a headstart over your competition. A team of people sharing the same aim can benefit you. We at Vxplore Technologies, based in Kolkata, India, share that dream of becoming a successful Shopify Developer and are here to make it a reality.

    Let’s understand this in a detailed manner:

    1. Who’s a Shopify Expert?
    2. How to become a Shopify Expert in India?
    3. How can becoming a Shopify Expert be an advantage for your business?

    Who’s a Shopify Expert?

    A Shopify Expert, as the name suggests, is not only familiar with Shopify as an e-commerce marketplace but is also a trusted community member who actively assists fellow merchants grow their business online at Shopify. A Shopify Developer must have mastered skills such as Sales and Marketing, Store Setup and Development on Shopify and Content Management.

    Shopify Expert might be one of the following :

    1. Individuals from Shopify who are web designers and app developers
    2. Freelancing Individuals
    3. Agencies like Vxplore Technologies who excel at the usage of Shopify

    How to become a Shopify Expert in India?

     Experts at Vxplore Technologies have decoded the path to becoming a Shopify Expert in India and are willing to share the secret with the readers :

    Gaining Knowledge and Sharpening relevant skills:

    The word Expert implies that you must be excellent at your task, and when it comes to becoming a successful Shopify Developer, mastery of skills like Sales and Marketing, Design and Development is what separates you from the crowd. Grasping a hold over the following skills can be achieved by gaining as much knowledge as possible.

    Stay aware of your competitor’s moves:

    The battlefield of Shopify Experts is filled with the competition; to avoid being prey, one has to be the predator. Experts at Vxplore Technologies opine that keeping a keen eye on the functionality of your competitors will help you learn, take inspiration, and not make the same mistakes.

    Focus on your Target Audience and Help the Merchants:

    Your intricacies with the audience help you succeed, and you have to focus. Shopify Experts at Vxplore believe that their main aim is to help the merchants at Shopify develop their shops on the marketplace and grow their business. To achieve this, they try to share their knowledge however they can.

    How can becoming a Shopify Expert be an advantage for your business?

    This question needs to be answered to help you decide if you want to go through the hustle of becoming a Shopify Expert in India. You being a Shopify Developer can help you to gain trust from the Shopify Community; your Shopify Expert landing page will gain you more potential clients, place you higher in the marketplace and show you to the bigger Shopify Plus clients scoring your bigger projects.

    Final Thoughts

    We at Vxplore Technologies, based in Kolkata, India, hope this article will provide value to you and your business. You are welcome to reach us anytime for further queries.

    Given how volatile the market condition has become today, it is rather difficult to sustain in the long run. With relatively new startups joining the market fray, it is increasingly difficult amid the rat race. The major target or aim of these startups is how to be the Shopify Expert in every sense of the term. For that to happen eventually, they need to hire the best Shopify Developer In India

    At Vxplore Technologies, we have simply got your bases covered in the right earnestness. Primarily based in Kolkata, India, we continue to deliver impeccable service in terms of Shopify Development. Our workers are not simply workers – they are able experts who make us rank as the Shopify Expert In Kolkata. Our experts at Vxplore opine that there are certain strategies which you need to follow to stay ahead of others. 

    Let us now see the different factors that could be of immense help:  

    1. Make it a point to opt for the right keywords
    2. Opt for such keywords that sell 
    3. Create backlinks to your Shopify store
    4. Deliberately encourage customer reviews 

    Make it a point to opt for the right keywords:  

    When you basically opt for the right set of keywords, it always helps your business to rank higher. Moreover, this has a huge benefit, as when you pick the perfect keywords, Google can find you in a seamless manner. Therefore, it acts as a huge boost. Our set of experts at Vxplore opine that every single time you opt for the right keywords, it only strengthens your business.

    Opt for such keywords that sell:

    Opting for the right set of keywords and phrases always works in favour of you. However, you must opt for such keywords that actually sell. If your keywords are in otherwise condition, it could play a spoilsport. Therefore, ensure that every single time you are using keywords or phrases, they have got everything to do with the selling process. So that the business scenario could be increased.

    Create backlinks to your Shopify store:  

    Backlinks invariably play a pretty important role. Backlinks are often important as they exhibit some kind of a record while ‘linking’ one site to another. Backlinks are important for Shopify Development as they signal to Google that users actually find your content valuable enough to link it to their own content. Needless to say, in terms of Shopify Development, backlinks have a major role to play. 

    Deliberately encourage customer reviews:  

    When you end up encouraging users or customers to come up with reviews and feedback, it will eventually help you succeed. No matter what, customer reviews are a great way to boost the success story of your business. More and more users will learn about the lavish store you have created on a platform like Shopify. However, you must ensure that the store is marketed in a proper way. When more and more potential clients will go through the customer reviews, they will feel the urge to connect with you.

    The Bottom Line  

    If you have been somewhat tired of looking for results such as Shopify Expert In India or Shopify Expert or Shopify Expert In Kolkata, we simply urge you to connect with us at Vxplore Technologies, based in Kolkata, India. We have the right set of experts who will undoubtedly guide you and help your business to rank higher in terms of Shopify Development. Contact us today!

    Given the amount of stiff competition on the digital front, it is increasingly becoming rather difficult to sustain in the long run! But, then, do not worry. If you are aware of the market dynamics, you are bound to stand out as the ultimate winner.

     Planning to take your business forward on Shopify? Not sure how it works? Well, get in touch with our experts at Vxplore Technologies. Based in Kolkata, India, we stand out as the best Shopify Expert in Kolkata.

    For a more overwhelming experience let us look at further possible scenarios:

    1. Spread the good word
    2. Positive reviews help
    3. You could join social communities
    4. Believe in the power of social media

    Spread the good word:

    At Vxplore, we certainly have a team of experts who believe that you need to make the first move in order to gain from this. Be it a matter of your friends or family members, or colleagues at the workplace, you must be able to spread the good word! It is as simple as that. You can share among them, adding that you own a Shopify store. In order to get your first sales on Shopify, you must reach out to your inner circle of friends, family and even co-workers. This is what the Shopify Expert of Vxplore feels. 

    Positive reviews help:

    Without a tinge of doubt, Vxplore Technologies, based in Kolkata, India, is considered to be one of the best in the business. For reasons such as this, we are the best Shopify Expert in India. With the best Shopify Developer working with us, we deliver impeccable service at an affordable rate.

    Our team of experts feel that even if someone from your inner circle buys a product, they must leave a positive review about that product. This will allow other prospective buyers to read through the review. If things work in your favour, they might just want to buy the product after having gone through the product review. Thus, this helps in the long run.  

    You could join social communities:

    Believe it or not, social communities today work in myriad ways. To gain maximum profit out of it, you must be able to spend and devote a reasonable amount of time to social communities on social media platforms. Here you will be able to interact with prospective customers and other business entrepreneurs. Our Shopify Expert feels this to be one of the right ways to go about it.

    Believe in the power of social media:

    Last but certainly not the least, you must believe in the power of social media. Our Shopify Developer feels that if you are able to post stories and content every single day, you are likely to create a customer base for your brand. Moreover, you can respond to comments posted by users. This way you could gain attention by interacting with them.

    The End Note

    Like every other thing, you need to take the first call. The moment you are ready to take the plunge and follow the initiative, you are bound to taste success when it comes to the topic of taking your business forward on Shopify. For a more rewarding experience, get in touch with us at Vxplore Technologies. Based in Kolkata, India, we continue to deliver top-notch service at a reasonable price.

    Vxplore Technologies is a Shopify expert in India who talks about improving customer loyalty on Shopify. Contact our Shopify developer in Kolkata now for more.

    What does customer loyalty mean for your brand?

    You should always try to establish a positive relationship between your brand and your customers, says the experts of Vxplore technologies, a reputed Shopify expert in India. That way, with an increase in brand loyalty, your customers become more willing to buy your products more than your competitors’. This does not just result in the increase of sales, but also helps in a variety more ways. It is one of the most important aspects of your business, and increases the profits of your business.

    The more you have repeat customers, the lesser you have to pay on customer retention. In fact, repeat customers tend to buy more from you. They also improve your word of mouth advertising and help in more customer acquisition. So, as per our Shopify developer in Kolkata, brand loyalty will always help your brand to always stand out.

    How can you improve your brand loyalty using Shopify?

    In this blog, the Shopify expert of Vxplore Technologies explains to you how to make your customer loyalty better using Shopify. Read the following to know more.

    1. Wish them on their special days
    2. Use coupon codes
    3. Get repeat customers from social media
    4. Create a personalized communication system
    5. Give them a great shopping experience

    Wish them on their special days:

    As our Shopify expert has noticed, wishing your customers on their special days like birthdays, can build a deep rooted connection. This will make them more willing to spend money on your store. Sending personalized wishes to them on their birthdays or anniversaries will make them believe that they are special to you.

    Use coupon codes:

    When you offer your customers competitive prices, it increases their loyalty towards your brand. You can also share some coupon codes with your repeat customers. With the best discounts and freebies, our company of Shopify expert in India believes that you will improve your customer loyalty.

    Get repeat customers from social media:

    You can get great repeat customers from social media. With social media, you can address the problems faced by your customers. This makes them to rely on you more. The more engagement you build with your customers using social media, you will get a better community.

    Create a personalized communication system:

    If you use a personalized home page, chatbots, shopping cart, etc, your communication system can be automated with personalization. As our Shopify developer in Kolkata says, this makes your brand loyalty more.

    Give them a great shopping experience:

    A great shopping experience is one of the most important aspects you can consider if you want more customer retention. Nowadays, customers have become extremely particular about the service they receive from where they shop. So, according to our Shopify expert, this is something you must consider.


    If your target is to improve your customer loyalty using Shopify, contact Vxplore technologies right now. Our Shopify developer in Kolkata, India will provide you the best advice regarding your Shopify online store.

    Vxplore Technologies is a reputed Shopify developer company in Kolkata, India. Our Shopify expert gives you tips about eCommerce trends of Shopify.

    Have complete knowledge about ecommerce trends:

    The expert Shopify developer of Vxplore Technologies in Kolkata, India believes that you need to know the recent trends in Shopify ecommerce to be able to communicate well with your clients. The world is changing fast and we should keep up with its speed.

    So, our Shopify expert in India has written this blog to give you an idea about what you should focus on for your Shopify online store. With the customers changing their shopping patterns, every business should pay good attention to the greatest trends in online shopping, says our Shopify developer in Kolkata.

    The ecommerce trends you should know about:

    As studied by our Shopify expert, here are some trends you need to take note of.

    1. The importance of brand
    2. Growth of mCommerce or mobile commerce
    3. Shopping through live media
    4. Environmental sustainability
    5. Loyalty programs
    6. The connection with social commerce

    The importance of brand:

    Our Shopify expert says that if you are not allocating enough budget to build your brand name, you are not going in the right direction. You should never sacrifice on building your brand and give it enough value.

    Vxplore Technologies, a reputed Shopify developer in Kolkata, believes that customers think about the brand while making a purchase. So, your brand should have good recognition online as your target audience may be researching the web while making a decision.

    Growth of mCommerce or mobile commerce:

    The commercial activities that go on while using mobile devices is collectively called mCommerce or mobile commerce. It is one of the leading trends that you should know about.

    The trends show that most customers purchase using mobile. So, you must take necessary actions regarding this. You can also contact our Shopify developer to make your Shopify online store mCommerce friendly.

    Shopping through live media:

    On social media channels, you may have seen that many sellers show their products online and buyers make their orders at the same time. This is shopping through live stream.

    With this, buyers can ask questions and get the answers instantly. This helps them make well-informed decisions. They can also understand the reputability of the product.

    Environmental sustainability:

    People today are becoming more and more environmentally conscious. So, your business must offer the customers eco-friendly products. In fact, you can also build your brand expressing your sustainability by taking part in activities that are beneficial for nature. To know more about this, you may contact our expert Shopify developer in Kolkata.

    Loyalty programs:

    Instead of spending money on customer acquisition, many businesses are focusing on loyalty programs. This builds a long term relationship based on trust between your customers and you.

    This helps in customer retention and also prompts word of mouth marketing. You can introduce free shipping, discounts, free gifts, etc. to build loyalty in your customers.

    The connection with social commerce:

    Selling on well known social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, is a growing trend now. Many businesses customize their social media pages to reach out to a bigger customer base. In fact, social commerce helps you to get discovered.


    Becoming a successful online business is not a joke. You need to know about many recent trends. So, you can contact Vxplore Technologies, a reputed Shopify developer in Kolkata, India to make the best decisions.

    Vxplore Technologies is a Shopify expert in India with an expert Shopify developer team. We give you the benefits you can get if you use Shopify. Contact us now.

    Is Shopify worth it?

    We will surely answer this question in the blog! In short, the answer is – yes! With changing times, eCommerce trends are also changing. The Shopify expert in India of Vxplore Technologies says that with the easy and flexible platform of Shopify, you must set up your online store there. Also, to help you in the process, you must hire a reputed Shopify developer to help your online store in the platform.

    Reasons you must choose Shopify for your business:

    Our Shopify expert has listed down the certain reasons you should select Shopify to grow your online store. Read the rest of the blog to find out the reasons.

    1. Flexibility of the platform
    2. Great collection of templates and themes
    3. Reliable and secured
    4. A fast loading speed
    5. Great customer support
    6. Friendly for SEO
    7. Responsive to mobile devices

    Flexibility of the platform:

    Our Shopify expert says that with the diverse nature of this platform, your site will become more functional. In fact, it gives you access to a variety of tools that will help you in so many ways. If you hire a Shopify expert in India, they will help to make your business a success with these tools.

    Great collection of templates and themes:

    The Shopify platform is quite easy to use and also has many different designs. With the variety of templates and themes, it makes your online store very attractive. So, if you want your own Shopify store to be really attractive, contact our Shopify developer in Kolkata, India now.

    Reliable and secured:

    One thing that your audience will always notice in your online store, is the level of security it provides. Your store should be such that customers can rely on you with their personal details and financial details. You can get this advantage with Shopify.

    A fast loading speed:

    Due to its name and fame, Shopify provides you with the benefit of a fast speed. Your customers don’t need to wait in line for opening your website. To get a good speed of your online store with Shopify, contact our Shopify expert in Kolkata.

    Great customer support:

    If you face problems while using Shopify, you will always get instant customer support from Shopify. The Shopify expert is always ready to help you, that too round the clock!

    Friendly for SEO:

    Being SEO friendly is one of the important features you should check in your website. This helps to bring in more audience to your online store. When they search for your products, they should be able to find out with a high rank. If you want to achieve this, contact our Shopify developer.

    Responsive to mobile devices:

    Mobile responsiveness is one of the major factors you should consider when having your online store. Most online shoppers use their smartphones to shop. So, to gain a high audience, your website should be mobile responsive. Shopify will always help you with that.


    The diverse platform of Shopify provides benefits for your online store in more ways than can be mentioned. If you want a perfect online store in Shopify, contact Vxplore Technologies. We are the best Shopify expert in India who will help you to build an awesome Shopify store!

    Vxplore Technologies is a Shopify expert in India. We explain the reasons why you must hire a Shopify developer to build your online store. Contact us now.

    You must have a Shopify store for your business:

    When you set up your online store with Shopify, it becomes quick and easy to use for your customers. So, if you contact Vxplore Technologies for your business growth, the Shopify expert in India will suggest you to begin your eCommerce store with Shopify since it is secure and reliable. The secured payment gateway will help your customers to trust you more. In addition, if you give this responsibility to our Shopify developer, you won’t have to worry about technology issues.

    Shopify is a platform that many large businesses use. So, if you use it too, you will gain a good exposure. It has mobile friendly websites, since most customers use their mobile devices to reach you. The Shopify expert of Vxplore Technologies in Kolkata, India says that you will also receive round the clock customer support for all your problems.

    Why should you hire a Shopify developer company?

    We have shown you the reasons for why you should give this duty to our Shopify expert in Kolkata. Make note of the following for your benefit.

    1. A customized website
    2. Provides great user experience
    3. Saves your time
    4. Improved quality of work
    5. A go to for all your problems

    A customized website:

    Someone who is not an expert in Shopify will make an online store that looks really obvious. But, if you hire a Shopify expert, they will add special designs to your store. It will be customized as per your choices and will look more professional. You can add the product brands, sellers, etc. to your website.

    Provides great user experience:

    A proper design and development of your website offers great customer experience. With the help of a Shopify expert in India, it will offer a great on-site and post-purchase experience to your customers. This will aid in customer retention and satisfaction. A good Shopify developer company like Vxplore Technologies will come up with an innovative way to improve customer experience.

    Saves your time:

    If you own a business, you have a lot more to do than building an online store. When you give these responsibilities to a Shopify expert, you can focus on more important stuff.

    Improved quality of work:

    It is obvious that a specialized Shopify developer will offer a better quality of work. They know how Shopify works and develop your store according to it. Your website will improve based on payment gateways, applications, inventory management systems, etc.

    A go to for all your problems:

    If you are not someone with much technical expertise, you would need professional help in the early steps. If you connect with a Shopify expert in India like Vxplore Technologies, you will be able to reach out to them when you face doubts. This will make your business more efficient. You will need much less time to resolve all your problems related to Shopify.


    Are you thinking about getting your own Shopify online store? If you are thinking of taking your business online, Vxplore Technologies in Kolkata, India is here to help you! Contact our Shopify expert for more information.

    Vxplore Technologies is a Shopify expert in India who gives you the facts about how you can grow your Shopify store. Contact our Shopify developer.

    What you need to know about Shopify:

    There is no better time to take your business online than now. The world is progressing fast – specially in the digital field. New trends are coming and you need to be updated with them in order to make your business famous. Shopify is an extraordinary eCommerce platform that helps you to grow your online business. To set up the perfect online store, you must hire a Shopify expert like Vxplore Technologies. To know what Shopify is and how you can grow, read till the end. Contact our Shopify developer if you want more information.

    Shopify is one of the leading eCommerce platforms that helps you sell your products and services online. It’s been over a decade since it has started, and it has won the hearts of many online businesses of various sizes. You can sell physical products like handmade jewelry, clothes, etc., digital products, your classes, and much more on this platform. But to have the best experience out of this platform, you must hire a professional Shopify developer. Vxplore technologies is a Shopify expert in Kolkata who will guide you in this. We will create the best Shopify site for you and design it according to your plans. Our Shopify expert will also improvise in every step of the development process as necessary.

    How can you grow your business on Shopify?

    The Shopify expert of Vxplore Technologies has given us information in this blog that will help you grow on this platform. Get ready to take your organization to the next level with Vxplore Technologies, a reputed Shopify expert in Kolkata.

    1. Collect more mails
    2. Share educational content
    3. Collaborate with influencers
    4. Create an awesome ‘about us’ page
    5. Promote your brand on social media platforms

    Collect more mails:

    Vxplore Technologies is a Shopify expert in Kolkata who suggests that you should collect more email addresses. To make your customer purchase your products, you have to advertise to them through emails. You need to build trust and increase their engagement with your brand.

    Share educational content:

    Publish regular blogs that inform your audience about the products and the industry you work in. Let your readers know that you want to support them more than selling your products. Design content that will add value to your business. You can also take the suggestion of a reputed Shopify expert in India.

    Collaborate with influencers:

    Commit to finding influencers who can create engaging ways to promote your brand. Investing in influencers can make you trustworthy in the eyes of their fans.

    Create an awesome ‘about us’ page:

    The audience will first wish to know who you are as a brand. They may first head to your ‘about us’ page. So, you need to make this page stand out. For this, you can contact Vxplore Technologies, a reputed Shopify developer.

    Promote your brand on social media platforms:

    One of the best tips to advertise today is on social media. Use top-quality photos of Instagram advertising. Also, post on other platforms which are relevant to your brand. For a good advertising strategy, contact a Shopify expert.


    If you’re thinking forward to building your Shopify store, contact our experts now. Vxplore Technologies is a well-known Shopify expert in India who will live upto your expectations and create an awesome experience for you!

    Shopify is an eCommerce platform that allows merchants to sell their products and services worldwide. More than 1.58 million users are running their businesses on Shopify Platforms.

    Shopify has become one of the most demanding aspects of the e-commerce business. Whether it small, medium or large company, every business uses Shopify to promote its services.

    Having a Shopify store helps you grow, organize and manage your business most effectively.

    Vxplore Technologies provides the finest services in Shopify Development from Kolkata, India. Our Shopify experts have many years of experience in developing the best eCommerce Website for your online store.

    What is Shopify?

    Shopify is an eCommerce site that helps you promote your product or services worldwide. It was started in 2006, and now it has become one of the largest selling platforms for all merchants.

    No matter what type of service you have, whether it’s a Clothes store, Food shop or Jewelry shop, you are free to sell your service anytime. Now, let us get into detail about how exactly the Shopify store works?

    Features of Shopify:

    1. Fully customized website
    2. Easy to operate
    3. Start your store at minimum cost
    4. Increase your sales in a short time
    5. Shopify POS

    Let us take a tour of the following discussed points:

    Fully Customized Website:

    Shopify provides you with an almost ready site for your online store. If you want to start your Shopify business, all you need is a Shopify developer to complete your store in a short time. Vxplore Technologies offer the best Shopify expert in India. Need an expert? contact us now.

    Easy to operate:

    The main reason for the increasing demand for Shopify is that it lets you manage your business with ease, and its user-friendly nature helps you run your business smoothly. If you want to establish your own online store, then Vxplore Technologies is here to assist you. Our Shopify developers will help you to operate your store more effectively.

    Start your store at minimum cost:

    When you are a start-up company and want to expand your brand, Shopify is the best selling platform. As it is very easy to manage and gives you various options to run your business with a minimum subscription package. Promote your brand on Shopify with excellent guidance from Vxplore Technologies.

    Increase your sales in a short time:

    With the right Shopify development services, you can boost your sales rate in a short period. Vxplore Technologies offers the best Shopify services for your business. If you need a Shopify expert, we are right at your doorstep.

    Shopify POS:

    Shopify POS, also known as Point of Sale, allow you to run your business in person. This feature of Shopify let you sell your products person-to-person. It is very beneficial for local merchants who want to expand their business nearby.

    If you also want to enable these exciting features of Shopify, then let our Shopify Experts help you with that.


    Vxplore Technologies is widely known for providing the best Shopify development Services from Kolkata, India. We have professional Shopify Developers who will help you with the complete development of the Shopify platform. Our services will help you get more loyal customers for your eCommerce store by increasing the sales in the shortest possible time. Contact us and we will help you boost your eCommerce sales at an affordable price.

    Vxplore Technologies is a Shopify Expert In India who discusses with you about growing sales on Shopify. We will assist you reach the right audience.

    Importance of a Shopify store:

    According to Vxplore Technologies, if you want to establish a profitable eCommerce business, your first step should be creating your Shopify store. If you can improve your online sales, you have the chance to get popular in no time! A Shopify store is easy to create and quick. It has round the clock customer support and good security. Also, it has its own bunch of payment gateways, and you can customize it according to your choice.

    Vxplore Technologies is a reputed Shopify expert who is a one-stop provider of all the Shopify needs you have. We will guide you to setup your store and customize it according to your business plan. Our expert Shopify developer will set up your site’s structure, navigation and homepage. We will make your online store seem exceptionally attractive and professional.

    How can you increase the sales?

    Vxplore Technologies, an esteemed Shopify developer in India, has the primary motive of increasing your Shopify sales. Our professional Shopify developer team will make you catch your customers’ eyes.

    We have pointed out a few techniques that will help you grow your sales on Shopify.

    Have a neat call-to-action button:

    If you don’t know what it is, don’t worry! The CTA can be a link or button that stimulates the audience to take an action. For example, a ‘buy now’ button prompts them to buy the product. This button should be clear and attractive. The best Shopify developer will create this button in a way that awakens a sense of urgency among the audience.

    Use interesting images in the product gallery:

    Today, there are quite a few ways you can promote your products apart from just regular photos. A small video or gif makes the audience interested. Our Shopify expert team even uses 360 degree spin images that makes customers more attracted. This also helps the audience to make a well informed buying decision.

    Create a mobile-friendly site:

    More people use smartphones for online shopping than computers. So, you need to make sure that your site is mobile-friendly. This step can be hard for you specially if you don’t have a technical background. So, if you contact Vxplore Technologies, a well known Shopify developer in India, our Shopify expert team will take care of these issues.

    Create an email marketing campaign:

    As a business, you surely want your customers to remember you. Reaching them with an email list is a great way to convert. Even if you can’t work on so many things alone, hire a reputed Shopify developer in India that will create a campaign on your behalf. With their help, you will be able to convince your audience more than ever.


    For any small business, it is huge work to deal with so many aspects. We believe that you should share your responsibilities with Vxplore Technologies. We are a Shopify expert in Kolkata who will help solve all your digital marketing problems. Contact our Shopify developer if you want your business to grow steadily!

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