Why Do You Need SEO Strategies for Video Marketing?

The importance of video marketing is huge for getting more traffic to your business. Having a quality picture and good content is not enough if you want to rank your video to a good position. You need Search Engine Optimization strategy for your video marketing so that visitors will easily find your content out of many. Though companies point out the important facts of video marketing for their business, they forget to prepare a proper SEO plan to increase their traffic. While general SEO is important for a digital marketing campaign, the video SEO boosts the process.

What is SEO for Video? As search engines are unable to understand the spoken words of video, they rely on the text content such as the title and the description for ranking. SEO strategies for video describe that how well you represent your video content through the text to make it search-engine friendly. SEO describes different perspectives of your business. Recently, it states the need for local SEO to get more reliable consumer traffic. You can target your video locally to gain more attention.

When you add content to your video, you serve to both readers and viewers. If the market report is to be believed, YouTube is the second largest sear engines and the first one in video searching. So, you have to promote your video content to this platform for increasing the visibility of your business.

Search engine optimization strategies for Video are different from the general SEO.

How to Increase the Reach of your Video: Search engine optimization is a broad concept and covers areas of the digital marketing broadly. There are a few things that you need to consider to promote your website.

Stress on the text of the video content: When you are doing compiling transcripts, you need to include some important notes through captions, and scene descriptions beyond the simple tags. When you add more information to the video, the content, you can target the viewers for it. Since search engine understands the text only, the written information with the video helps you rank better and viewers will find you easily.

Off-page search engine optimization is as much beneficial for video as for the general content. Apart from publishing your video on YouTube and other hosted site, give your video reference to social media and include the links in your blogs.

A/B testing: A/B testing is essential to ensure whether the search engine optimization strategy works effectively for your business or not. Through such testing, you can compare two variants of a webpage. The page that attracts better traffic rules over other. You can use A/B testing for verifying different titles and thumbnails.

Add long content:

A shorter video is no longer effective keeping the fast-changing rules of SEO in mind. The more you describe your information thoroughly, the better the engagement will be. So make your video long but precise.

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Key SEO Strategies Of Bigcommerce For Ecommerce Sites

Having a Bigcommerce store is not enough to glide the ladder of success. To hit the market with your ecommerce store, you should concern about the SEO of your website as it is the most important tool that can bring you a lot of traffic and make you visible at the top of the Google’s search board. Ecommerce stores based on Bigcommerce now can improve their traffic by following these amazing SEO tips of Bigcommerce: Bigcommerce Feature 1: Bigcommerce on-page optimization is a vital SEO feature, which is mostly found in maximum ecommerce platforms. This feature mainly helps in putting the keywords that the search engine can find out your website as a search result. In this feature, the experts develop the HTML of your web page on the usage of the keywords. In this feature,, making SEO set-up in every page is the main strategy but Bigcommerce apply the best key, which involves SEO engagement in 20% pages that can bring out 80% result. But before you start working on it, having had a clear idea of applying keywords is necessary. Bigcommerce Feature 2: HTML development of a site helps the search engine to figure out the title of the web page text, which helps the search engine to find out the website. But it doesn’t work every time. Clear idea of internal content helps in an accurate search result delivery. Search engines have their own standard of micro data analysis. This standard comes inbuilt with the Bigcommerce website, which indulges it to get a better rank. Bigcommerce Feature 3: Google choose those websites for best ranking, which do not take much time to get loaded. Bigcommerce has its own content delivery network, which helps your website to get visible on the search result and get buffered quickly. This one of the vital Bigcommerce search engine optimization strategies. Client’s role to boost up the SEO ranking:
  • Good keyword research can boost up the efficiency of your website.
  • proper usage of all the given SEO tools by the eCommerce platform is necessary.
  • Opt SEO based templates available in Bigcommerce to score more on the search board.
  • Having the product page only, is not enough. Having a great blog support is necessary to build up a successful eCommerce website.

How important is it for your Bigcommerce website to get loaded fast on devices?

People, who study well about the improvement of websites know that the fast loading of a site is so important. It directly affects the conversion rate optimization and search engine optimization of a site, which takes time to get loaded. After all, user experience matters. Not only that, the speed of page loading can be considered as one of the vital ingredients of Google’s recipes to examine the quality of a site and it also includes the responsiveness of your eCommerce store. Here enters the Bigcommerce store design. Among several reasons of quick page loading, this is the one which can change the dimension of online business. That’s why the eCommerce platform users are always suggested to try out the Bigcommerce store design services if they really want to experience a real good difference in their businesses. Misconception about page loading: Every eCommerce Site owner expects that people will see their products, check out content and know about their philosophy behind these awesome creations. But to do so, one must need to get into your website first. Too much delay in web page loading makes the viewers impatient and leads them to other websites, which is certainly a disadvantage for you. According to the sources, even seconds of delay in loading might decrease the view up to 7%. In addition, if the bounce rate is high your website starts getting poor ranks on the Google search result. Nobody thinks about this problem and keep on putting anything on their sites, which causes a big loss. Honestly, none of the viewers think that they would like to wait until the page is loaded. Bigcommerce websites are now faster than before: According to a report, prior to 2010 people were ready to wait for 8 seconds until the page gets loaded. But now, a maximum number of viewers will shift on other sites. This problem is closely observed by the BigCommerce experts and they have sort out the problem with Bigcommerce store design. Now the Bigcommerce stores with the best conversion rate even take maximum 2 seconds to get loaded. It calculates the difference of each second and decreases the rate of conversion up to 7%. The Bigcommerce engineers have also reduced the time of average network response by 30%. This development has been done by the Bigcommerce professionals that site owners can get maximum customers before the season goes off. To make every moment equally successfully, a team of Bigcommerce engineers does certain measurements in various ways. They have limited the conversion rate in every case and reduced server time rate up to 50%. But it will then even take more time if the server time of clients’ browser is maximum. The statistical view of the visited crowd on websites are monitored over graphs in every five minutes to maintain a level of success on the daily basis. Bigcommerce status page is a part of Bigcommerce store design services that has made the process of monitoring business growth easier and faster. These graphs also show the variation network response time to measure the delay from both the ends of clients and owners. Though the server response figure is important to figure out the condition of the network carrying the data but not an ultimate measurement to find out the growth of an eCommerce business. Bigcommerce has improved the speed of site loading up to 30% and upgraded Bigcommerce store design including the developments in CDN providers, network tuning settings, hardware and software settings of the serve and much more. According to the figure of last year, the blended response time has improved up to 369 milliseconds in average