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A search engine is an answering machine as it answers your all queries with informative pages that meet your demands.

A search engine is an answering machine as it answers your all queries with informative pages that meet your demands. Behind this, search engines run a complex process that is divided into three main steps – crawling, indexing, and ranking. If you are a beginner in the search engine optimization field, you must start your training with learning about search engines. When you get the idea clearly, it helps you to employ the best strategies to rank a website. If you are a businessperson, we recommend you hire a professional search engine optimization team for this job.

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If you want to get a rank for your website, ensure that search engines can see your sites. If it is not visible to search engines, it is as good as invisible. No matter how well your content is, your website will not give you views and traffic.

Search engines will get the idea about your website through these three processes – crawling, Indexing, and ranking.


Crawling is the first step where search engines release some robots that search content in any form such as text, videos, images, and PDFs, and this content is discovered by links. When the pages are discovered, the next process of indexing starts. To get a position, your web pages must be crawled by search engines.


Indexing is a big database where discovered content has been stored so that it serves the right answers to the searchers. It can be a big library of information.

Search engine ranking:

When you search a topic on the internet, the search engine checks the indexed content, and then it ranks the content as per the relevancy of the information to offer the most matched content on the top rank for the users.

If your website ranks higher on the search engines, it is considered to be a reliable site by the readers. You will get views and traffic, and your business will also get the best conversion.

Vxplore Technology is an experienced SEO company that offers the best way to rank your website. We have a creative team that designs content for your website that helps your readers, and our search engine optimizers also work hard to make your website understandable by search engines. We have branches in India and France. Contact us to promote your website digitally.