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Information Architecture & User Experience

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Information Architecture & User Experience

An idiom – “Customer is the king” is still relevant for V-xplore. Hence as far as website information content & the web user’s experience is concerned, we offers a seamless online navigation experience to all our current & prospective target customers.

Web User’s Personality

A web user is very similar to your offline customer who walks through your store entrance and is initially reluctant to shop freely. The customer needs and very deservingly requires an escort to navigate the wares of your store. So you need to understand the buyer’s personality and their intuitive buying steps before you create the wireframe for your website.

Designing The Web Wireframe

Simply, “web wireframe” designing is similar to the convenient and appealing display of all your wares in the brick-n-mortar shop. V-xplore meticulously designs easy to navigate web page, layer by layer, ste by step, so that your online customer walk- in and walk-out as your registered consumer.

Streamlining The Webpage Navigation Experience

One of the paramount factor in designing the web wireframe is to keep the “sign-in & sign-out navigation” as simple, as engaging and as clear as possible. Keep your website cluttered, cumbersome or peppered with irrelevant options and you risk losing chunks of your current and prospective customers to your rivals.

Writing Web Content Like A Story

V-xplore understands the story of interesting copy writing & page layouts. Pitching the saleable information in sequences maximize the changes that your web user follows you content like the interesting episodes of bed time stories. At the same time too much of unnecessary talks & suspense kills the end of the story. Hence the moral of the story is to minimize the clicks & time which leads the web visitor to achieve the desired need; after all, time is money. Isn’t it?