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    Embedded Programming

    Vxplore Embedded Technologies is a firm specialising in Embedded Programming. Besides Embedded Software Development, we also develop Embedded Hardware and Embedded Solutions for our clients across the globe.


    Our Vision

    To put it simply, Embedded Technology is the use of electronics to make an embedded system – a system that is hard-wired into another device. Embedded systems are used in any number of applications including industrial controllers, automotive electronics and games consoles. Embedded programming is the language used to program embedded systems.

    In today’s world, Embedded Technology has been slowly creeping into our everyday lives and this trend shows no signs of slowing down. Embedded Technology has been used in devices such as microwave ovens, pacemakers and airplanes.

    Embedded Programming Company

    The following example describes an Embedded System with Arduino using simple Embedded Programming. This Embedded system can be programmed to recognise hand gestures and process them digitally so that a response is produced on the LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes) of the Embedded System.

    Embedded Programming

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