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    IoT Developers

    We are hiring for experienced IoT developers

    IoT Developers

    Job Description

    ⦁ Should be passionate on Electronics & Communication
    ⦁ Knowledge about Arduino/NodeMCU/Raspberry PI
    ⦁ Knowledge of C++
    ⦁ Knowledge about how sensors work
    ⦁ Mobile Hardware Environment
    ⦁ Basic Knowledge of JavaScript & Python
    ⦁ Should be Quick Learner
    ⦁ Knowledge about Creating and developing devices, sensors and software
    ⦁ Researching, creating, testing and documenting IoT solutions
    ⦁ Designing, coding, and testing features of IoT devices
    ⦁ Providing solutions to issues related to the connection of networks and platforms
    ⦁ Developing software that monitors and executes processes
    ⦁ Designing platform solutions that are cloud-compatible and work with IoT applications
    ⦁ Developing software that allows IoT devices to function and connect to other devices
    ⦁ Knowledge of MQTT protocol and ESP8266
    ⦁ Knowledge of using a 3D printer
    ⦁ Knowledge of Various IC, Boards, Sensors, Components, Modules, Communication Protocol, Soldering, etc. is required
    ⦁ Candidates must be from ECE/EIE/EE/AEIE/ME background
    ⦁ Experience in Automation, IoT, AI, Robotics, and Embedded system(preferable)
    ⦁ Knowledge of various instruments like Multimeter, Oscilloscope, Logic Analyzer (preferable)
    Experience: 1-3 years (preferred)
    Must be willing to join immediately

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