Our Gurantee

VxPLORE has been providing its clients with one-roof design solution that is guaranteed to be of superior quality. No matter what your job might be, if it is meant to enhance your corporate identity, VxPLORE is the place for you. When you choose us, you actually put in your faith in us. It becomes our prior duty to ensure that this belief remains intact and is strengthened with each passing day. Nothing is as important to us as the satisfaction of our clients and whatever we do is aimed towards this objective only. VxPLORE guarantees upfront satisfaction in each service that it offers.

Your Complete Satisfaction
VxPLORE offers a straightforward and fair Money Back Guarantee. Just in case, you are not excited with the initial logo concepts, you can ask for the refund before the revision round. We will refund your complete amount without any service charges deductions. In other case, if you want to go with the same initial concepts, but want to have some amendments, the room for modification will be always open. We will make amendments in the logo concepts as per your feedback until your complete satisfaction.

Originality in Design
The design team at VxPLORE contributes its wealth of experience and creativity to provide our clients with unique and diversified designs that can make their business soar. We ensure that each design that we create should not match with other designs in color or style etc. It is our pursuit to give you designs which could give your business a very strong and outstanding identity. Be it a small and simple logo or multi-leafed website or something bigger than that, each design for your company or business will be created on the same lines as to represent philosophy, missions and values that make your company.

Fastest Turnaround Time
When a job arrives at VxPLORE, the entire team comes in action. Each player contributes in his or her own capacity to ensure that you get your job before the given deadline. We work only and exactly according to the preferences provided by our clients. However, there might be times when you would find discrepancy in the design. In such a case, you can always contact us. VxPLORE has a well-defined amendment procedure to check and make amendments in your design to the perfection in the quickest manner. Modification in design does not mean that the delivery of your design would be affected.

Reasonable Packages
VxPLORE offers variety of reasonable packages to choose from. Each package has different attributes to suit the requirements of our clients. Our pocket-friendly packages are especially designed to make it easier for everyone- both small companies and big businesses- to utilize our services with similar convenience. You can choose the package that is most suitable for you and start working with us right away.

Seasoned and Professional Designers
Our team of designers consists of the finest names from the field of designing with a fulfilling experience of working on the best brands and designing projects. They add their intelligence, proficiency, perfection and creativity to the job they work on. Each designer has his own expertise and gets an assignment on the basis of that only. For each category, we have separate teams who work on multiple options to provide you with most outstanding designs that you will love.

Unmatched Quality
It is the quality that sets your design apart from your competitors at the end of the day. VxPLORE ensures that each job that is being created within its premises should be high in quality. The main reason behind our success is the ability to provide immaculate designs within the specified deadline. To provide quality work is not just a practice that we have gained through the experience over the years; it is a habit that guides us through. From a small job to the big one, quality is an important ingredient added to each assignment that is being created at VxPLORE.

24×7 Available Support
VxPLORE guarantees complete assistance throughout your tenure with us and even after that. Our customer care service agents remain on their toes 24×7 listen to your complaints and queries and solving your problems. We have a very transparent procedure. At any point of time, if you have anything pertaining to the design that you might want to discuss with us, feel free to contact. You will get a reply to all your queries and concern.