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A search engine is an answering machine as it answers your all queries with informative pages that meet your demands.

A search engine is an answering machine as it answers your all queries with informative pages that meet your demands. Behind this, search engines run a complex process that is divided into three main steps – crawling, indexing, and ranking. If you are a beginner in the search engine optimization field, you must start your training with learning about search engines. When you get the idea clearly, it helps you to employ the best strategies to rank a website. If you are a businessperson, we recommend you hire a professional search engine optimization team for this job.

Vxplore Technologies is a renowned name for offering digital marketing support to businesses. If you are not satisfied with the rank of your website, you can trust us. We have branches in India and France, and we offer you the most needed support for your websites. Apart from the digital marketing service, you will also get support for mobile app development, website development, and more. Visit our service pages online and pick the service that you require.

If you want to get a rank for your website, ensure that search engines can see your sites. If it is not visible to search engines, it is as good as invisible. No matter how well your content is, your website will not give you views and traffic.

Search engines will get the idea about your website through these three processes – crawling, Indexing, and ranking.


Crawling is the first step where search engines release some robots that search content in any form such as text, videos, images, and PDFs, and this content is discovered by links. When the pages are discovered, the next process of indexing starts. To get a position, your web pages must be crawled by search engines.


Indexing is a big database where discovered content has been stored so that it serves the right answers to the searchers. It can be a big library of information.

Search engine ranking:

When you search a topic on the internet, the search engine checks the indexed content, and then it ranks the content as per the relevancy of the information to offer the most matched content on the top rank for the users.

If your website ranks higher on the search engines, it is considered to be a reliable site by the readers. You will get views and traffic, and your business will also get the best conversion.

Vxplore Technology is an experienced SEO company that offers the best way to rank your website. We have a creative team that designs content for your website that helps your readers, and our search engine optimizers also work hard to make your website understandable by search engines. We have branches in India and France. Contact us to promote your website digitally.

When your website loads quickly, it also improves the visibility of your page. To get a good rank, your website loading speed must remain below 3 seconds.

When your website loads quickly, it also improves the visibility of your page. To get a good rank, your website loading speed must remain below 3 seconds. If it takes longer than the mentioned time, you will get a bounce rate, as well as users, will never return to your page in the future. So, hire the best SEO Company that knows how to speed up your website by eliminating unnecessary codes and other things.  Vxplore Technology is one of the best digital marketing companies offering digital marketing packages that meet you business demands. Contact us and solve issues that make your website slow.

Page loading speed was not a ranking factor in the past and we didn’t mind waiting for five minutes to get a website. But, the situation has completely changed. You will lose your users if your page speed is slow. The data even shows that 1 second late can reduce the conversion rate by 7% that is an important thing for any business. Vxplore technologies will help you speed up your website by cleaning elements that are not needed.

Our experts know how to code your website properly so that your page can be read easily by search engines. The data also shows that if your page takes more than 3 seconds to load, around 40% of users will abandon your website and 80% of users will never visit your site in future.

If you are using a WordPress website, you must deactivate plug-ins that are not needed. The page loading time depends on the time required for downloading each element of your website, such as images, speed, and more. An HTTP request is made for each element of your page. If you are using Google Chrome, you can use Developer Tool to check how many requests your site makes. Reduce the request number to speed up your website.

If you are not a technical person, you can hire a search engine optimization and web development company. Vxplore Technologies will provide you with the right support. Our experienced web developer will easily delete the unnecessary things for your websites.

Hire developers to minify and combine files. Check the HTML, CSS, and Javascript files and let your developers minify and combine the files to improve your site’s speed. With this process, developers eliminate the unnecessary formatting, white space, and codes.

Vxplore Technology will help you improve your page’s visibility by making it a fast-loading website as per your request. Vxplore Technology is offering a complete digital solution to business by offering services, including web development, digital marketing, and mobile app development.

We have branches in France and in India and we are offering the best solution to your company. Call us to increase your visibility on digital platforms.

Digital marketing is a growing field, and the demand for the field is always high. It has everything that today’s generation is looking for. If you have a creative mind, use your unique ability in creating something different for the promotion of companies. The limit of digital marketing is extending, and companies are searching for different skills in digital marketers so that they can handle the job with responsibility. Gone are those days when digital marketing worked on social media platforms only. Now, they create content, they plan marketing strategies, they do SEO, and they participate in the active promotions. Vxplore Technologies has been in the industry and has trained many people to make more efficient digital marketers as the age demands.

Vxplore Technologies has a business presence in France and India. Contact the team if you want to add something extra to your marketing strategies.

We believe that digital marketing skills cover every needed strategy to promote your website. We come up with five important skills that you must learn if you want to build a career in the field of digital marketing, and they are – search engine optimization, social media marketing, content marketing, data analytics, and product and UX design.

Content marketing:

This skill is a must for all digital marketers. They must know how to create content to grab the attention of customers. From the keyword research to traffic forecast and competitors’ analysis, they handle everything dedicatedly. They have to be fluent in creating content of different formats, including written, video, audio, and more. This key skill is very much important for you.

Search engine optimization:

A digital marketer has enough idea about SEO or search engine optimization. Search engine optimization these days extend to the areas of schema mark-ups and other advanced areas. When you read SEO, try to include every detail of search engine optimization with the knowledge of local SEO, engaging content, on-page ranking, site backlink, UX designs, and more. Digital marketing is a vast area, and you will be a marketer when you engage with the best digital marketing practices.

Social media marketing:

You must have a creative mindset when you are planning for social media marketing. Know how to make different plans for organic and paid social channels. Data is the power of any planning any marketing strategy. Use the real data to track the conversion.

Data analytics:

A digital marketer must be a data analysis too. You need to properly structure and store data. Try to measure conversion goals by implementing cross-platform tracking tools. You must have a clear proficiency in data visualization tools.

Product-driven marketing and UX:

Understand users’ acquisition and retention from internal product purchases. Design an engaging landing page also. Think about the A/B testing. Your approach should be data-driven for your websites and marketing.

Digital marketing is a vast world and you can be a leader of all with your knowledge that can handle everything with unique strategies. Contact Vxplore Technologies and learn more about the strategies. Vxplore Technologies is one of the best digital marketing companies in India and France. Contact us to know more.  

In the age of digital living, a question on SEO seems a bit old as we all know the importance of SEO for business. Those who participate in online marketing recently know that SEO is the first step in their journey. Having a website will not give you anything until you invest in SEO. For the best result, you must hire an experienced team for your business. SEO has so many things to be done right from the structure of your website to promoting your content on the web. Contact Vxplore Technologies and let them handle your SEO. Enjoy traffic, views, and profit for your business.

The web has become a new friend who knows everything. Gone are the days when we ask friends for an address. We use the web to locate a location, and across the world, the unknown roads seem known to us because of the web. If you want to make a presence in this vast world, you have to be unique, your idea should be fresh, and it should correlate your audience. The job of SEO is to make you more comfortable with your users. They present you in a clearer way to your visitors.

If you are having an online business, SEO is the most important thing for your website. Vxplore Technologies will take care of your web presence by applying different rules for your SEO.

SEO improves the rank of your websites:

SEO improves the presence of your website. When you hold a rank on the search engine result page, people will see your page and will visit your page. The more visitors mean an increase in the lead generation.

Mobile makes SEO more important:

People use mobile phones for a search on the web than they use desktop for the purpose. They get information on time. So, you can use this opportunity for the betterment of your SEO. Invest in the field, and you will get the best rank for your website. Vxplore Technologies will help you in planning the right SEO for your business.

Though the keyword research, competitors’ analysis, and digital marketing plans, we gift you the best rank for your websites.

Rank high:

You need a higher rank to make a mark in the market. Many competitors are showing their creative parts like you. But, Google does not take too much time to judge the credibility of websites. With the help of best tools and technological improvements, Google filters websites easily. We apply only the updated rules so that you can get the best rank.

SEO is an ongoing process:

Having the number one position does not mean your SEO ends. Professionals work harder to maintain the rank of your website.

Vxplore Technologies will give you the best rank for your website within a few months. No matter you are a new player or an experienced name, we have different SEO strategies for you. Vxplore Technologies has establishments in France and India. Contact us for your SEO regardless of the places you belong to.  

Without your site’s proper search engine optimization, your content cannot rank on the search engine result page. So, optimize your website and make your content to be counted on the first page. Having a website is not everything. The rank on the search engine result page is everything. It increases your visitors, enhances your sales, and makes you popular. If you want to optimize your website, Vxplore technology will give you complete support. We have a business presence in India and France, but our clients spread across the world.

We keep the optimization strategy simple. We change our rules as per Google and we learn new things to keep us always updated for changing our strategies. Here, we discuss some important elements that you need for your website SEO. If things are too technical for you, contact us. Our experienced optimizers will do everything to rank your page.

Understand the Google algorithm:

It is a tough process because Google is always changing algorithms without announcing it. So, keeping your eyes on the change is difficult, but we use some authorized way to check the Google algorithm which allows us to do more with your website.

SSL encryption:

If your site is not SSL encrypted, you will get no visitor. So, encrypt your website with the SSL and offer a trusted and secured place to visit for your users. If you do not know anything about the SSL creation, you can watch a guide video or you can also call our SEO team for your website.

Structured data:

Structured data has become very popular for a website. If you write great content, you will get views above other pages on the rank ‘O’. it earns you more traffic for your website. Let us apply the structured data for your content. We have the best SEO team for your website. They check everything and fix all issues related to your website SEO.

Title tags:

Title tags are important for your website and you need to craft them rightly. A 55-character title is the best for your pages. The title will appear on the search engine result page and it is directly viewed by your users. So, try to design the title tags in the right way.

Meta description:

Your meta description, like title tags, also helps your visitors to know about the page. It shows 160 characters, so keep it simple and attractive. If you are successful in designing the right meta description, you can increase the click-through-rate of your website.

Contact Vxplore Technologies and learn about SEO. Design the best thing for your websites. The SEO team will help you in many ways. Hire our SEO team for your websites. We work from both India and France and we have clients worldwide.