SOS Doctor App is designed for offering a healthcare assistance to patients who want to be treated in their home environment. The application has made it easier to connect with doctors and ask them to visit patients’ convenient places for a medical aid. It is a solution to those critical situations when patients are unable to move to their bed or in an emergency condition. It offers a real-time connection between patients and doctors along with a tracking feature.

SOS Doctors For Android and iPhone


When clients came up with the idea of designing and developing SOS doctors app, we had so many perspectives to fill up. We needed two interfaces for patients and doctors and both required different features working together. So, we planned our objectives according to our goal.

  • Two interfaces for doctors and patients
  • Appointment booking option and notification activation
  • Real-time alert to be sent to doctors and patients based on the appointment’s request
  • Doctors’ availability trackers
  • One-to-one chat between doctors and patients
  • Feature with a list of doctors’ appointments
  • Secure payment


Our developers face many a challenge while developing an application. Since the app needed updates every minute, the design and development required to be light. Time slot management was another issue that should be solved first. A dynamic management should be integrated into the application for showing the list of available doctors according to patients’ location and their convenient time slot.

Challenges were also there in fetching the address from a map that helped doctors to identify patients’ address. Real-time location identification is also required for patients to know the location of doctors.


Our expert developers are experienced enough to apply the right solution to this problem. They integrated a custom logic to solve the timeslot management problems. For fetching the local on the real-time basis, they applied Google Map function. Both iOS and Android developers worked extensively for the project to make it a successful one. They analyzed every corner and included features which were responsible for a smooth functioning of this app.


User friendliness was the first thing for developing an application. So, developers concentrated on an easy-to-use appeal of the application without adding loaded features.

The features for the patient app:

  • Easy Sign-Up with basic details
  • Provincial health care benefits
  • Create/ edit profile
  • Map integration
  • Show the list of available doctors
  • Appointment booking
  • One-to-one chat
  • Notification request on booking or canceling an appointment
  • Payment management

Features for Doctors:

  • Login
  • Notification and pop-up for an appointment booking
  • Update availability status
  • Doctor’s location tracking
  • Patient’s medical and pharmacy details
  • View monthly earning
  • Ratings given by patients

Other Features on Admin Panel:

  • Dashboard management
  • View, edit or delete services
  • Notification module
  • Doctors and patients management


Clients gave a positive feedback after using the application which made us successful. Our developers tested the app many a time so that it didn’t have any drawbacks when patients or doctors use it. The app had a good download rate in the Play Store.