Quillink is an on-demand professional cleaning application designed for offering a clean and hygienic living to savvy homeowners and corporate. People can book an appointment for home cleaning and homecare services through this application. Quillink’s trained professionals are accustomed to different home environments and know how to manage an aesthetic environment inside. The application meets people with their daily requirements and gives them an easy solution to their untidiness.

Quillink Services For Android


Our objectives were to make an application that is user-friendly for both users and cleaners. With minimum clicks, a customer can choose a cleaning service and cleaners show their response. The application should offer an instant booking facility.


Our developers found themselves in a difficulty with some complex factors like high scalability, active slot timing, an immediate booking management, and one app for both consumers and cleaners. Finding a high scalability was an important factor since out clients target to include more and more people under development. Developers added API system without any complex logical code to show the scalability according to the demand. An active time slot is for cleaners.


We were asked to design a program that helped users to modify their time slots according to the chosen task, if necessary. When designed an immediate booking option, we initially faced a problem to make it effective. We used some logic for the acceptance and rejection that solved the issue.


We included features to offer a required option to both cleaners and customers. We designed this app to give them the best approach for their home care service.

For customers:

  • Easy registration
  • Cleaner’s information with experience and skills
  • Option for booking multiple cleaners in a day
  • Cancel/reschedule an appointment
  • Push notification
  • Secure payment option
  • Pin code for service availability
  • Cleaning time slot
  • Cleaning history
  • Review and rating

For cleaner

  • Accept/reject bookings
  • A list of job options
  • Notification on booking request
  • User information after the booking request
  • Update profile info
  • View order history


The client is happy having an application that serves both cleaners and customers’ need satisfyingly. The app has already become a hit on Play Store and has been downloaded by many. It performs smoothly on any Android devices and allows users to use Quillink for their regular needs.