HealthProMatch is an online dating site designed for people belonging to the healthcare industry. It offers the most logical suggestions to users so that they can instantly feel a connection and start a conversation with. All member of HealthProMatch are verified and the connections are made in a very secure environment. It offers a convenient way for doctors, nurses, and others who are looking for a perfect match.

HealthProMatch For Android and iPhone


Dating applications are no new. There are many companies that invested in designing a dating app for people. So, when we started work, we got into the field that had a huge competition. Now, the challenge was to make it unique from others. Clients had already given us a clear brief about the application and we were given a responsibility of making online dating app only for people from the healthcare industry.

  • Verified registration
  • Location of members
  • Personal qualities
  • Preferences in matches
  • Family information
  • Occupation
  • A proper profile
  • Modify profile option
  • Easy to find a date
  • A secure environment
  • User-friendly interface


Challenges were there for this project. Our app developers spent quite a lot of time investigating how to make such an app different from others. The first challenge was showing a right preference according to the interest. Creating a user-friendly interface was another tough thing because users toggle between two screens sometimes, which made them annoyed. We integrated a verification process for users to offer a secure option to our members. Challenges were there in designing an attractive home page, displaying location, and showing the right matches.


Our expert developers designed applications that meet the interest of users completely. They integrated IBM’s Watson into the application to find out the right matches for users. It was a tested method that showed a logical result according to the profile information and the behavior of users on the dating application.


We incorporated the features that were essential to know a partner’s interest before messaging or starting a conversation.

  • User details
  • Instant messaging
  • Professional information display
  • Location confirmation
  • Display match list
  • Choose match option
  • Profile Display
  • Like/skip option
  • Match notification alert
  • Message page display



HeathProMatch was a successful venture and users are happy with this application for finding the right match. Our clients experienced a higher download rate and it improves their profit goals.