Bikrimart is an e-commerce app offering a local online supermarket to buyers. With a unique thought of giving the fastest delivery to customers, it opened an online store with a wide-range of products including groceries, homecare essentials, beauty products, baby care items, fashion and accessories, and more. Bikrimart is operating with local shops to meet everyday requirements which need to be delivered in an hour. Bikrimart connects consumers with local stores from where they can buy anything and everything. Of course, the heavy bags will be carried by Bikrimart to their door. Bikrimart is not only an app for buyers, but it also an app for local shop owners who want to sell their products through an online platform.

Bikrimart For Android


The client came up with a unique idea to us and gave us a glimpse of the app in words. It is definitely one of a kind thought which our developers were expected to fulfill. The objectives were very clear to us and we added a list of requirements that helped us to design an application successfully.

  • Add local shops as per the pin code area so that a consumer will be served quickly by the nearest local shop available.
  • Create stores for different requirements such as groceries, vegetables, daily essential, and beauty and fashion accessories.
  • Provide a secure payment gateway.
  • Design a user-friendly interest to let buyers place an order easily.
  • Include a referral code system to increase the reach.
  • Create a My Store category so that buyers can choose their favorite shop.
  • Add Other Services option for booking an appointment for homecare services.
  • Design an interface for shop owners to join Bikrimart online.


Challenges were many since the idea was very innovative and no one had tried it before. We definitely stressed on the local market and the local area and how consumers will be connected with the online platform.

  • Need to design three separate categories for the application – Buy Online, My Store, and Other Services.
  • Track order arrival time.
  • Add items to cart and update it on the real-time basis.
  • Add different stores with their product ranges.
  • Set up a real-time communication with buyers and sellers both.
  • Notify shoppers and sellers both on different conditions such as new order request, successful payment, an addition of items to the order, and on chat message.


Our developers are experienced enough to find a suitable solution for every challenge arose. They used their skill to design a smooth application that meets consumers’ interest satisfyingly.

  • Consumers find three main categories Buy Online, My Store and Other Services on the dashboard of an application.
  • Bikrimart and sellers are given a notification on the arrival of a new order request.
  • Developers add codes that easily update orders on the cart on a real-time basis.
  • Developers create different categories for adding stores and their products to the inventory with an easy-to-use Admin panel.
  • They include the chat option for the real-time communication.


Bikrimart is based on the concept of the local online supermarket, so we have to give priority to the areas from where order requests are generated and products are dispatched. Our innovative features help Bikrimart choose the local shops sharing the same pin code of buyers. This has made them able to serve fastest.

  • Easy sign-up and sign-in.
  • Coupon and discounts.
  • Different Categories.
  • Related products
  • Shoppers’ reviews and ratings
  • Live chat option
  • Secure payment gateway
  • Order Management (Add, update, delete, and edit orders from admin panel)

Why Bikrimart?

For shoppers

  • I trust the local market completely.
  • I want my order to be delivered within an hour or on the same day.
  • I hate standing on the long queue for shopping.
  • I hate carrying shopping bags loaded with products.

For sellers

  • I can keep my store open 24*7.
  • I can target more customers and increase profits.
  • I can make people aware of my store and sell more.
  • I can deliver my products to buyers using Bikrimart and that mends a gap between buyers and sellers.

This part helps us to understand Bikrimart better and design application according to the requirements. All the previous phase helps us achieve what we target and offer an application that meets the goal for Bikrimart.


The client is happy having an application that serves both buyers and sellers’ need unquestionably. The app has already become a hit on Play Store and has been downloaded by many. It performs smoothly on any Android devices and allows buyers to use Bikrimart for regular shopping.