Star Ergonomics

Star Ergonomics

We focused on using quality images, right product descriptions, excellent floor planning to make Star Ergonomics attractive.

Star Ergonomics introduced an innovative approach for improving the workplace environment by designing quality products that ensure better productivity and good health for employees. It is a global manufacturer of advanced, flexible workplace technologies. The company believed that an office is a second home and this is why it must promote a healthier working culture. Offices across the world are struggling to give equal attention to work productivity and health challenges. Star Ergonomics understood the existing problems and come up with affordable and high-quality products that are as good for employees as for employers.

With an aim to upgrade the office structure, Star Ergonomics offered products that are specially designed for avoiding health issues caused by prolonged sitting. This business niche is new to us and our team of developers dedicatedly found out the opportunities the company had and used the business scopes for designing a website.

Since the products were new and innovative, our main aim was to give as much information as possible about the product by using quality images, right product descriptions, excellent floor planning, and more. We concentrated on designing an attractive storefront that kept the attention of customers on the products, not on anything.  The challenge was creating a style that is simple but unique. Designing a clean look of a website was necessary since it offered a clear view of products.

The association with Star Ergonomics is very interesting and knowledgeable. We ventured into the new field and added a new scope to our experience. We aim at offering a very deserving place to the company to build a brand name.