Puppy Gang Fresh Foods offers healthy and nutritious recipes to all dog lovers for feeding their dogs…

Puppy Gang Fresh Foods offers healthy and nutritious recipes to all dog lovers for feeding their dogs to ensure good health. The company has planted a strong foothold by delivering quality products that are prepared with the consultation of veterinarians.


  • Shopify Custom E-commerce Store
  • UI Design
  • Secure E-Store Design
  • Market Research

Through their e-store, Puppy Gang Fresh Food wanted to help all dog lovers in choosing the right meal with the right quantity for their puppies. Our developers and designers were asked to come up with the solution for describing and presenting meals for puppies in a way that buyers feel satisfied with the details.

Our client wanted to design a meal plan calculator that helped visitors get a complete idea about how many calories a dog needs and nutritional values. So, our developers took a challenge to prepare a meal calculator that offers diet requirements as per the weight of a pet.

Our developers were also given the responsibility to develop features that help our clients sell their products across the world and it came up with the challenge to accept multiple currency details to complete the purchase.

Puppy Gang Fresh Food has successfully established its name and is serving across the world with its quality products. They become a trusted name for those who are looking for the right nutrition diet for dogs. Our client is happy with our services and their smile is important for us.

We worked hard to carve out the right design for presenting their products to all dog lovers. We undertook some unique strategies to pass the challenges thrown to us.

  • We ensured that recipes must be shown with quality images along with the descriptions that help buyers know what ingredients the product has and how it is prepared.
  • We kept the design simple so that everyone can get a clear view of the products and categories and this is why the company also earned the achievement in this field.
  • For the product categorization, we stuck to minimal rule and let users easily choose their products without any confusion.
  • We focused on the opportunities of the market and design their pages and web existence accordingly.
  • We added multiple currencies so that our client can accept orders from different corners of the world.
  • We developed a highly customized meal plan calculator that calculates calories as well as cost per day, package per day, and package for months according to the current weight of your puppy.