MedHouseCalll is an on-demand doctor house call app offering a convenient way of getting a ……

MedHouseCalll is an on-demand doctor house call app offering a convenient way of getting a doctor’s appointment for visiting a patient’s house.


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There were challenges for creating such an application where so many features were needed to meet the demand. Our developers put their best effort to design an app that seamlessly made a connection between doctors and patients. Since it needed a real-time communication and tracking, we faced some significant challenges.

  • Timeslot management was one of the first things that we experienced. Our clients needed dynamic management of timeslots that showed the available doctors based on the location of patients and their convenient timeslot.
  • Fetching an address route on a map was another difficult thing to achieve. A doctor needed an entire direction to a patient’s address and that should be opened on a different screen. It was indeed a difficult task to get success in.
  • Language support was another crucial thing that needed to be solved first so that patients and doctors could find a way to communicate with each other.

Our clients got an expected service with their MedHouseCall applications. Our developers turned their every requirement true through this app and it was a successful venture for both of us. The application got good reviews and ratings from the users.

Our expert mobile app developers introduced solutions for every problem and designed an application with which both patients and doctors easily found what they were looking for.

  • Developers applied the custom logic to solve the problem regarding the timeslot management.
  • Our native Android and iOS app developers integrated Google Map with the app to avoid the difficulty of showing the address route on the application.
  • Developers came up with an amazing solution for the language support that fetched the device’s language to show the application.