InstaDoc is an online doctor finding place that helps patients find doctors and book an easy appointment as per their convenience.

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The Results

InstaDoc is an online doctor finding place that helps patients find doctors and book an easy appointment as per their convenience.


  • Strategy & Research
  • Branding
  • UI Design
  • Responsive website
  • SEO
  • Digital marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Mobile App Development

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The Challenge

When InstaDoc came to us for web and app support, we appreciated the thought of our client and we got into the work with the understanding of the project. Our client revealed that they wanted to make InstaDoc the best place for finding doctors to help patients get medical help immediately. They told us to concentrate on local areas where a patient searches for doctors. They asked us to add features that helped patients get doctors near them so that they can make appointments easily. So, our challenges were to customize the location and to add details of doctors and clinics that joined InstaDoc. InstaDoc needed app support also to offer a more convenient way to patients to get connected with a doctor. We needed to establish a seamless connection between doctors and patients. InstaDoc also needed a doctor management feature that alerted doctors about appointment booking, how many appointments they get, and more. So, the project challenges were huge and our developers simplified them to help patients.

The Solution

  • Our app and web developers worked effortlessly to come up with the right solution to give the project a perfect structure. We aimed at designing a perfect solution for both doctors and patients.
  • We prepared two different applications for doctors and patients to meet their different requirements. Doctors who joined InstDoc get all updates regarding the appointments and they can also manage the appointment booking with some easy choices.
  • We developed an application for patients with which they can book appointment, consult with doctors, and pay fees online, and more.
  • We added high customized features for a location so that the application displays the right information about the doctor’s availability. Along with all things, we also developed websites for patients and doctors. With extensive support from them, we analyzed the areas we needed to cover to help patients easily find doctors. We considered the three most important factors – search doctors by specialty and area, availability of doctors, and book an appointment.
  • We encouraged smooth navigation of features by doctors and patients, our digital marketing team planned unique strategies to bring InstaDoc close to the people.