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Corliss Bike

Corliss Bike and Supply was a trusted bike rental service provider in Fire Island offering brand new stock of bikes for riders.

Case Study

Corliss Bike and Supply was a trusted bike rental service provider in Fire Island offering brand new stock of bikes for riders.


  • Custom website design
  • User Interface design
  • Market research and branding
  • WooCommerce customize

Platforms built on

Live Site


The Challenge

The Problem

Corliss Bike and Supply was not offering bike rental services and that needed so many features for handling all the processes in a structured way. We were asked to make the process simple so that any user can register with them and get services maintaining the validation process.

The challenges were many because our developers needed to create a design that validates the users as well as offers ‘book a service’ choice, mentioning some of the important details. The website required a login/register page where users can share the details with our client.

There were many features to be added to the website for meeting our client requirements. But we could not make the design complex. So, the biggest challenge was simplifying the complex design. Problems that our developers experienced are:

  • The website displayed all available vehicle choices to users
  • The website allowed users to register with the company
  • The design remained simple
  • All details showcased in a clean manner

The Result

Corliss Bike and Supply is running a successful business and becomes one of the best online bike renting service providers. The website is recommended by the bikers and it gets many positive reviews for their works and for this simplified process of bike renting.

The Solution

We worked greatly on the system response for the login/register choices. We considered two different things to build the perfect performance for the website – one is user action and the other one is system response.

We created a logical structure for log in/register. We also created an alternative course of action in case of not matching the field. We also developed different programs for the vehicle reservation by mentioning some of the best categories, such as pick up date, return date, training wheels, and more.

We kept the design as well as features simple that helped users complete the process of bike renting option easily. We designed the cost calculating feature after determining pick up, return date, and quantity