Branded Checkout for Webstore

Use bigcommerce Webstore to sell your products and services. If you would create your store with bigcommerce Webstore then from the moment a customer would enter your store, he would get an awesome experience. Also, it gives branded checkout for Webstore. This means that while customer have confirmed procurement and are about to make the payment, then the checkout section would be such that it will truly reflect your brand, ideas and promotion. Also it has the below features. The ones are:

• Through the power of bigcommerce, you will be creating your own site which will have the look and feel of your company.
• You can choose from built-in-templates while you will be creating your store. Also, you can refrain doing so if you have better designs and ideas.
• You have access to CSS and JavaScript files. This means that modification of your site, even the checkout will be as per your requirements.
• It will generate the customizable and customer specific emails and as soon as checkout happens and order gets confirmed, mail and notifications get forwarded.

So, for a branded checkout for Webstore and for enjoying other features, allow Vxplore technologies create an awesome store for you. Believe on power of bigcommerce for increasing your sales.